Mythical World Test Championships

Scoring System(same as used in Asian Test Championships, group winners and best 2nd place team advance to semi-finals)

Win Test= 12 points
Tied Test= 6 points
Lost or Drawn Test=0 points

Bonus Points:(based on 1st 100 overs of 1st innings)
350 +=4 points
300-349=3 points
225-299=2 points
150-224= 1 point

9-10 wickets=4 points
7-8 wickets= 3 points
5-6 wickets=2 points
3-4 wickets=1 point

Semi Finals consisted of the 3 group winners plus a "wild-card"(best second place team based on points).  The wild-card played host to the better of the 2 "other" group winners, while the 2 group winners left over played each other at the home of the better team(sounds much more complicated than it is).  The final is a 3-test series at the home of the higher remaining team. Oh and should a semi-final or final be drawn, the winner is determined to be the host team, since they would be the higher seeded team.

Groups were set up as follows:

 Group A
Asian Test Championship Teams
Sri Lanka

 Group B
Tri-Nations(If it's good enough for rugby, it's good enough for cricket :))
New Zealand
South Africa

 Group C
Well, these 3 are kinda mismatched but they were left over
West Indies

Group A Wins Draws Losses Bonus Total
x-India 2 0 0 10 34
Sri Lanka 0 1 1 15 15
Pakistan 0 1 1 10 10

x-denotes team advancing into semi-finals

 Pakistan v India
 Sri Lanka v Pakistan
 India v Sri Lanka

Group B Wins Draws Losses Bonus Total
x-South Africa 1 1 0 11 23
Australia 0 1 1 12 12
New Zealand 0 2 0 10 10

x-denotes team advancing into semi-finals

 South Africa v Australia
 New Zealand v South Africa
 Australia v New Zealand

Group C Wins Draws Losses Bonus Total
x-West Indies 2 0 0 12 36
x-England 1 0 1 12 24
Zimbabwe 0 0 2 13 13

x-denotes team advancing into semi-finals

 England v West Indies
 Zimbabwe v England
 West Indies v Zimbabwe


 Semi Final #1 India draws with England
(India advances based on better 1st round performance)

 Semi Final #2 West Indies turns South Africa into their little plaything
(West Indies advances to host 3-match final)
(Also note the 10th wicket partnership for the Windies)


 West Indies Wins Final 3-0 over India

(herein lies the difference between fantasy and reality)