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International Test Cricket


What I think would make a great cricket game by Troy Vigors.

Well if the game’s producer would put squad updates on their website. This was suppose to happen with EA Cricket ’99 but it didn’t. This would be very popular to everyone and a big must. Editing kits would also be very good because a lot of people who have BLC/SWC would like to be able to make the kits for the world cup or better still how about this being updated on the producers site.

Also a built in editor so you can edit the players attributes and hair colour etc. Another thing that would be good is if we could have in the games editor a weight etc editor part, because not all cricketers are the same weight, height, same hair style etc. I for one know this being a tall guy I’m head and shoulders above all my cricket team and school friends.

Now down to game play etc:

A good cricket game should be realistic and hard but just the same not to hard. A good example of this is BLC/SWC, 1/105 in 6 overs I don’t think so. A good balance between realism and arcade style game play is what is needed. Also to be able to have lots of stats on your players or if you are playing a test series on every player that is playing.

In the game there should be Test matches, Friendlies, Test series, Seasons with the team, One Day series, World Cup and Classic Test and One Day matches. In the Seasons with the team option you should be able to play Tests and One Day matches from around 1992 to now(This would be very nice!!)

Also if we could play as or against one of the top county teams from, Australia, England, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Also there should be a form ratting in the selection panel, so if a player is out of form you can rest him from the squad. There should also be a injuries to the players during a match and during training. A good example of this was when I was playing against the West Indies Ambrose went for over 100 runs in a short period and in real cricket he might be dropped or it could mean that his form is slumping, it would be good if the computer could read the conditions and then decide what squad to play using the conditions, form and current performances.

Better and more commentary is a must and everyone would like this in a game. Good commentators is also a must and some that should be in a game are(the ones that come to mind there might be more) Richie Benaud, John Agnew, Geoff Boycott, Mr Bogalay (excuse the spelling I heard him on 2bL radio in Australia once and he was great-He is Indian), Michael Holding, Tony Greg, etc.

They could have breaks with two or three commentators commentating at once. E.g. Benaud, Agnew and Holding commentating during The Morning session and after Lunch and Bogalay, Greg and Boycott commentating for the rest of the day and during the next day. This IS A MUST AND WOULD BE GREAT!!!.

Also some players wear hats in stead of helmets and when a drinks break happens we should see the cart come out. There also should be better animations but game play is also very important.

In the stats department you should just be able to look at a players highest score etc in a game. Also there should be run graphs, wagon wheels etc.

Well that’s all I can think of at the moment but I’m sure there is more.


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