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International Test Cricket


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Contents of the CD-ROM Release 013 - 16 July 2001

Every Shareware/Freeware/PD cricket game for the PC that I am aware of

bulletInternational Test Cricket (Written by me more details below)
bulletInternet Test Cricket (Written by me more details below)
bulletArcade Cricket
bulletArmchair Cricket
bulletBack Yard Cricket
bulletBeach Cricket 2000
bulletCalypso Cricket
bulletCrazy Cricketer
bulletCricket Player Manager [Freeware]
bulletCricket Player Manager [Shareware]
bulletCricket Quiz
bulletCricket Simulator
bulletCricket Supreme
bulletCrunchy Cricket
bulletCyber Cricketer
bulletDeep Fine Leg
bulletDenis Shine's One Day Cricket Simulator
bulletExcel Cricket
bulletFirst Class Cricket
bulletHowzat! One Day International
bulletHowzat?! The Test Cricket Manager
bulletInternational Cricket 1996
bulletJeff & Paul's Cricket II
bulletOne Day Cricket
bulletOne Day International Cricket
bulletRSC Cricket
bulletSim 1
bulletSticky Wicket
bulletSunday League Cricket
bulletSuper Cricket Simulator
bulletTest Cricket Simulator
bulletThe Cricket Simulator
bulletThe Great Indian Team
bulletTurbo Cricket
bulletVirtual Cricket
bulletWorld Cup Cricket
bulletWorld Cup Cricket (different from game above)
bulletWorld Cup Cricket '96

Every Shareware/Freeware/PD cricket utility for the PC that I am aware of

bullet1996 Cricket World Cup Tracker
bullet1999 Cricket World Cup Tracker
bulletAustralia Cricket Desktop Theme
bulletAustralia World Cup 99 Screen Saver
bulletBICS (Bill Irvine's Cricket Scoring computer program)
bulletClickCricket Screen Saver Collection
bulletCompu-Sport sports statistics system Screen Saver Collection
bulletCricket 97 Desktop Theme
bulletCricket 99 Souvenir Screen Saver
bulletCricket Analysis System
bulletCricket Calculator
bulletCricket Grounds Database
bulletCricket Master
bulletCricket Master Plus scoring database
bulletCricket Recorder
bulletCricket Records Keeper
bulletCricket ScoreBook
bulletCricket Scorer
bulletCricket Statistics for Windows v1.7
bulletCricket Statistics for Windows v4.00.04
bulletCricket Statistics Software
bulletCricket Statz v1.65
bulletCricket Statz v3.1a
bulletEddson Willow Scorebook v1.02.009c
bulletEddson Willow Scorebook v1.03.003b
bulletExcel Cricket Scorer
bulletFantasy League Manager v2.00.04
bulletHome or Away
bulletLondon Cricket Club Scorer
bulletRain Ruler
bulletScore Book (beta)
bulletScreen Saver Collection
bulletSouth Africa Desktop Theme
bulletTest Cricket Database
bulletWest Indies Cricket Desktop Theme
bulletWorld Cup 99 Screen Saver (Aussie Assault)
bulletWorld Cup 99 Screen Saver (India Today)
bulletWorld Cup Cricket Screen Saver

Playable demos

bulletAllan Border Cricket
bulletAustralian Cricket Captain
bulletBattle for the Ashes
bulletBrian Lara Cricket
bulletCricket 97 Dos and Windows versions
bulletCricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition
bulletCricket World Cup 99
bulletGraham Gooch World Class Cricket
bulletIan Botham's Cricket
bulletIan Botham's International Cricket 96
bulletInternational Cricket Captain
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2000
bulletInternational Cricket Challenge
bulletLara '96
bulletWorld Cup '99


bulletBrian Lara Cricket
bulletCricket 97
bulletCricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition
bulletCricket World Cup 99
bulletInternational Cricket Captain
bulletInternational Cricket Captain Ashes Edition
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2000
bulletShane Warne Cricket

Extras for Cricket Games

bulletBrian Lara Cricket/Shane Warne Cricket 99
5 Editors
33 Classic Matches
28 updated squads

8 Saved Game Scenarios
3 Total Conversions
Updated TIMs
Updated Commentaty
bulletCricket World Cup 99
2 Saved Games Scenatios
bulletInternational Cricket Captain
13 Databases
22 Saved game scenarios
3 Total Conversions
7 Photo updates
3 sets of fielding positions
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2
2 Databases
8 Saved Game Scenarios
1 Photo update

Official Web Kit
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2000
8 Saved Game Scenarios
Official Web kit
bulletInternational Cricket Captain 2001
20 Photo updates

Cricket Clipart

bulletCricket Wallpaper graphics


bulletAll Test Matches up to 19th June 2001
bulletAll One Day Internationals up to 23rd June 2001

Internet Test Cricket (InetTC) material

bulletLatest shareware v2.00 beta 7
bulletFull unrestricted v2.00 beta 7 will stop working after 30 September 2001

International Test Cricket (ITC) material

bulletLatest shareware v1.32
bulletLatest upgrade patch to v1.32 for registered users
bulletAll of the additional databases (currently 85) for use with ITC
bulletDetails of ITC PBeM Leagues I and other have run
bulletZIPs of all Shareware releases of ITC to date
bulletZIPs of all upgrade patches for registered users
bulletEarly alpha and beta versions of ITC that I have recently discovered, see how far the program has progressed

Web Pages offline versions of
bulletIndigo ICC web pages
bulletIndigo I-2 ICC 2 web pages

16 bit and 32 bit Utilities to read ZIP files and a browser (Opera) are included for those that need them.

Here is the README.TXT file from the current release of the CD-ROM.

Some of the programs on the CD-ROM are Shareware and a registration fee should be paid to the relevant author if the program is found to be useful. There are NO registered versions of any programs on the CD-ROM just the Shareware versions. This includes International Test Cricket which must be registered separately.

If you have any cricket related material that is Shareware/Freeware/PD that could go on this CD-ROM please send me details to see if I have already got it. If I have not got it I will give you a 25% discount on your CD-ROM (this can only be obtained if ordering direct from me) and add it to the CD-ROM.

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