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International Test Cricket


A Perfect Cricket Game

There are many cricket games available but only some are up to (my) standards. For example lets take a look at Brian Lara Cricket'99. The game, excels in graphics, sound, atmosphere, etc. but the game play falls back as the game feels a lot easier to play after a couple of days or so of playing it. But when compared to Calypso Cricket'98, even though BLC is superior in the fields of graphics, sound and atmosphere  the game play of Calypso Cricket is better and the game has high replay value. In fact it is a very easy game to learn but a challenge to master. So here are my suggestions that I think would make the perfect cricket game

Key Features:-

bulletHigh replay value as in Calypso Cricket'98.
bulletGood Sound which includes commentary too.
bulletUpdated teams with the latest stats as in ITC.
bulletAn in-built team editor.
bulletChange of colour in the ground as the day progresses.
bulletAbility to play both night matches as well as day matches.
bulletAbility to play in both non graphics mode as well as graphics mode as in Anil Kumble's Go World Cup'99.
bulletBetter computer opponent A.I.
bulletClassic Matches as in BLC.
bulletAbility to play online.
bulletAnd most important "No Cheats!" as it spoils the whole game's interface and makes the game very easy to play.

I feel that all this would make a perfect cricket game if not for you but for me surely.

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