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International Test Cricket


"A truly marvellous cricket game" by Alex Kelsey.

Firstly, I always find it annoying (especially recently) when a new cricket game is about to come out and you are anxious and excited, because lets face it cricket games are a rarity, and its the same world cup 99, cricket 2000, all samey 50 over games you get bored with.

In a game you want plenty of options and a bit of lastability, I personally wouldn't mind shelling out 50 for a game which'll last me 2 years and have regular updates. You want International cricket : test matches, series', seasons (with friendlies), careers, one-day, friendlies. You don't want any arcadey rubbish either, maybe adding a Hong Kong sixes comp or something similar would keep the arcadey minded happy, but NO RUINING THE TEST MATCHES! Also a season editor where you can make your own game arrangements , who you play,where when etc.

You also want domestic cricket maybe not from all the countries ,though it would be great to have that option,but maybe just from the main countries Australia, S Africa + England. Have the proper full season with all correct up to date teams and competitions, remember you want this part of the game to be as good as the international side.

You want realism : drinks breaks, rain interruption and I feel most importantly, which no games have picked up on, real time. I mean when an interruption happens it would be nice to have loads of commentary and general chat from the commentators, get them to have preset evaluations for certain scores. One thing which impressed me in BLC was the difference in crowds in certain countries, namely West Indies.

MORE COMMENTARY, MORE COMMENTATORS. Have different commentators in their respective countries.

Other extras

bulletA built in Editor, with the option of changing heights, weights, skin colour, hair colour, hair type, equipment types( this would be hard getting the go ahead from the manufactures, but worth it.), 0/100 ratings for batting, bowling, fielding, precision, power, timing, tactics, speed, acceleration etc.
bulletAbout 10 difficulty levels (will make it last!)
bulletTeam editor - What it says
bulletCompetition editor - What it says
bulletAn update EVERY YEAR

I don't care if it takes 3 years to make just make a promise it will have all these options and graphics 10 times better that Cricket 2000 and gameplay 10 times better that Brian Lara Cricket. ARE YOU LISTENING CODEMASTERS!

Revised: Saturday, 16 March 2013.
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