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International Test Cricket


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I have not seen any beta copies of Cricket World Cup 99 so this preview is just based on screenshots and articles I have read.

A quick glance at the released screenshots shows the graphics are vastly superior to Brian Lara Cricket with far better models, textures and colours.  It is though not yet know what kind of PC is needed for this level of quality.  There have been supposedly been massive amounts of motion capture done using the Hollioake brothers.   An early video released showed a smooth animation for a hook shot.  One assumes the in game menus will have the normal slick presentation of an EA Sports title.

One area that definitely is of significant interest and could have a major impact on the game is the control method.  Rather than elect for the normal button presses for a batting shot you must move the mouse in a fluid movement whilst pressing the left button.  This allows greater control of the shot and also means it will be far harder (and hence more realistic) to hit every ball to the boundary.  I feel this is a brave step to take but ultimately will make the game longer lasting as you will get a real sense of satisfaction when you graft out that century.  Likewise bowling uses the mouse to better effect to allow more control over the bowling.  Both batting and bowling can be practiced in the nets.

There are 2 modes of playing - simulation which I imagine uses the mouse control method and arcade which probably uses a more traditional button control method.

The game is the official game of the World Cup and you will be able to download updated stats as the tournament progresses.  You will though be able to play Test Matches and other tournaments though which ones is still not known.

A demo will be available a few weeks after the game is released on 7 May. is kindly being sent a review copy and will try and review the final version as soon as possible.  Certainly after the disappointment of Brian Lara Cricket, Cricket World Cup 99 looks like it could finally deliver the arcade cricket we have all been waiting for.

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