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International Test Cricket


These hints and strategies originally appeared on ICC-Online.  Permission has been granted by Ken Daniels to include them here.


Try and keep your openers in the highest form possible, they are the keys to winning.

Make sure you have at least one good spinner, he will become a great asset in both forms of the game.

Try and mould a young all-rounder (under 25), spend 4 training points on him until he reaches a form rating of about 80+, then use 1 training point for each section.

Do not put bowlers who can't bat high in the order, their form will decrease if they don't score any runs high in the order.


County Championship

Batting: Start each batsmen off with 1 aggression.  When he gets to 4 SP (settled points), crank it up to 2, when on 6 SP, up to 3.  You should not need to go any higher than this, as this is a comfortable scoring rate for C.C games. 

Bowling: Use your opening bowlers for 4 overs each, 5 aggression points, and the most attacking field possible.  You may give away a few runs, but should pick up a couple of quick wickets.  After this bring on a medium pace bowler, in tandem with another one or with a spinner.  Use 2 aggression points, and a balanced field. 

Hint: I have had good success in having one batter on 3 aggression points, the other one of 0.  If the guy on 0 AP's goes out, then the next batter will stay on 0 AP's.  If the guy with 3 AP's goes out, then the batsmen coming in will have 0 AP's and the batter he was batting with will go up to 3 AP's.  Get it? : )


Batting: Have both batters on 5 points until the fielding restriction comes off.  Then go down to 3.  In the last 10 overs, if you have at least 4 wickets left, use 6 AP's and in the last 5, go all out. 

Bowling: Opening bowlers should bowl half their allocated overs at 3 AP's.  Then bring on some medium-pacers and your spinners.   Use them with the second most defensive field, and 0 AP's.  Finish off with your opening bowlers bowling at 0 AP's with a field to suit the game situation.

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