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International Test Cricket


Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

Send feedback about Cricket 2002.

Matt Lane said on June 17 2001

The first 3 screenshots of Cricket 2002 didn't give away much at all, except the fact that the graphics are on a new standard far more superior to that of 3 years ago with Brian Lara/Shane Warne Cricket 99. The crowd effects are looking good so far even if I am judging from still pics, and the stadiums are once again looking rather polished. Apart from that we couldn't take too much from these screenshots cos there wasn't really a good close up of players or any of the centre-wicket action.

Then in came a new batch of screenshots firstly available on HB-Studios website (onya Jeremy!) and now we all get a great firsthand look at what we can expect from Cricket 2002 in the visuals department. This game was always going to be close knit with its older brother BLC/SWC99, because if there is one thing that's for sure about Jeremy Wellard he knows what works and what doesn't in cricket games. Some thing's will of course change in Cricket 2002 from his last outing with Codemasters but what worked well will remain for this new title but with the obligatory enhancements that you would expect. One of those aspects that worked brilliantly was the 'look' of the game in BLC/SWC99 which was superb and from these latest screenshots you can tell that while the same basics have been kept, with the help of modern technologies the visuals on the field have been jazzed up dramatically, in a nutshell what I'm trying to say is, this game is looking 'SWEETER' by the day.

From the looks, it appears that all teams will have their latest One-Day kits but I'll guess we'll have to see. Players bodies are more true to life, and as we've been told already players have individual faces like in other latest sports titles. Just overall things are looking really sharp indeed, and can't wait to see more screenshots and video clips will be very interesting for a peek.

(Just in reference for everyone, I consider EA Sports Cricket 2002 a sequel to Codemasters Brian Lara Cricket/Shane Warne Cricket 99 as it is being created by the same team).

Matt Lane said on April 17 2001

What GREAT news it is that some of the boys from the BLC team have joined up with Electronic Arts after Codemasters turned its back on future Cricket projects, CM will be shaking their heads when they see what Cricket 2002 is gonna turn out like, if you can't tell I have very good vibes about this one! ALL and I'll say it again. ALL EA Sports cricket games in the past have seriously failed to capture the game of cricket the way lovers of the sport would have liked them too and I think this was mainly due to EA's poor foresight as to who they should be publishing software for. Where some of the companies pumping out these titles were a tad down on quality. Meanwhile over on the other side of the fence you had Codemasters getting busy with a fantastic team of developers/programmers/producers, etc. really putting in the hard yards with a goal in sight to produce a Cricket game for all to put on a pedestal, and boy its still up there alright. People might not remember how long it took them to release it, but it was all for a very good reason. Brian Lara Cricket (Shane Warne Cricket 99) was the product of quality craftsmanship and I'm really not sure if it was rightly appreciated by cricketgamers and fans of the sport alike, highlighted by the fact of EA Sports CWC99 and Cricket2000 or whatever they were, actually selling?!?!??? What a joke. But looks like EA have things back on track with their NEW cricket game team and watch out for Cricket 2002 folks, its gonna be very promising, and somehow with confidence unlike in the past with EA cricketgames, I can say it will most likely forfill its promise.

On the issue of 'NO PC version' that really is quite disappointing as others have said already. The main reason I still play the PC version of Shane Warne Cricket 99 is because I can keep all my squads up to date and play each Aussie Test and ODI as it happens thanks to Editors people have created, then again a fully complete cricket game would include a comprehensive in-game editor as the Cricket2002 site hints....

I don't particularly have a problem with it being on PS/2, it would be a darn good excuse for me to buy one, well either that or borrow one permanently from a close friend or relative, hehe. Just the fact its not on multi-platforms (PC especially) is a little puzzling, if its going to be the biggest thing in Cricketgaming history surely EA should back it wholeheartedly, past failures aside.

Lastly, maybe the title International Cricket 2002 should be considered instead of straight out 'Cricket 2002'. Simply because like in BLC/SWC, 2002 will only be featuring International teams, it doesn't cover the broader world of cricket and all its competitions, just the International stage. Perhaps, with a custom team/league editor the title of Cricket 2002 will ring true a little more, plus bring an extra bonus smile to peoples faces.

Peter Richardson said on April 5 2001

Hmmmm...Very disappointed in there not being a PC version of Cricket 2002 under development.

I went to the EA Sports site just yesterday and saw the beginnings of the Cricket 2002 website and thought WOW, can't wait for the PC demo version to have a look at.

At the time, I didn't notice that it was PS/2 only.

Now, well...very disappointed.

Shailesh Dongre said on April 4 2001

I just heard about Cricket 2002 announcement and also the disappointing news that there is no PC version in the making. I really feel Mr. Proud and EA should reconsider this decision, as there are so many fans who look forward to their next releases.

I purchased WorldCup 99 as soon as it was available in USA. I tried to register on the Cricket 2002 site the day I heard about it.

Yes, many of us did not purchase Cricket 2000 only because BLC turned out to be a superior game. However, I felt that EA would respond in a much sporting manner rather than turning their back on the PC community. Also as there are no announcements from Codemasters about a new game, all the fans are looking to EA and I feel EA should look at it as a big market opportunity.

Finally I just hope Mr. Proud and his team will give all the cricket fans a PC version of Cricket 2002.

Andrew Marler said on 3 April 2001

I read Mr Proud's comments on the game, and your comments as well.

I have to totally agree with you as regards to the game not being planned for release on PC. I also agree with you about your comments on the Playstation/PC EA cricket games vs Brian Lara Cricket in respect to sales. EA could have done a lot better with all three cricket game releases, and there is little doubt why the sales were down for the PC, there is only one real cricket game so far for PC.

EA has the capacity to make the "ultimate cricket game", and this by the looks of things, could be the start of that for EA sports. They produce games like Fifa, NBA and all the others that are at the top of the market, it's only time before they produce an equally as good cricket game to go along with their other titles. It's good to see programmers and people from BLC involved in Cricket 2002.

I would like you to pass on the regret and disappointment that I'm sure many fans are feeling of no PC "cricket 2002". Hopefully he sees through weight of demand and popularity that it could be as big a hit on PC as PS/2. By the time cricket 2002 is due to be released, it will be time for a new PC cricket game as BLC will be getting quite ancient, it would make for sensible marketing for EA to hit the shelves with a new cricket game for both platforms.

I may be able to have a PS/2 by that time, however I think PC players will be harshly treated to miss out on such a good new game.

Michael Heming said on 3 April 2001

Responding to your request on the website, I too am disappointed with the apparent lack of a PC version for the proposed Cricket 2002 game. I personally was very pleased with Cricket 97 ATE (I still play it for hours on end) and was hoping that some of the better features from later EA cricket games would be incorporated (like determining the pace of bowling, the amount of spin/cut/seam on the ball, etc) into a new game for the PC.

As for why the PC version of Cricket 2000 sold less than expected, I could suggest that it was due to the game being merely an update of ICC World Cup Cricket 99, without any facility for playing Test matches or updating the players to keep them current. Hopefully feedback from myself and others like me will persuade EA to produce a PC version of Cricket 2002, one that is substantially better than Cricket 2000 was and incorporates the excellent features that can be found in previous cricket games.

Raghu Raichur said on 2 April 2001

I'm extremely sorry to know that Cricket 2002 is not going to be released in the PC Version. I am sure that like me many more will also be disappointed to know EA's next sequel to Cricket 2000 is not in the PC version. Although EA's PSX version of Cricket 2000 sold more, for people like me in India, etc. access to a Playstation is extremely difficult and it's already a well known fact that people in my country are cricket-crazy. So a PC version of Cricket 2002 would do very well as there aren't many PSX's here. Actually believe it or not the Indian market for cricket games is incredibly small and very difficult to get in to. Price I think is a major factor.

I was impressed by EA's efforts in the games Cricket 1999-2000, inspite of some minor mistakes in Gameplay and statistics. The graphics were great! Hence, I would request the programmers of Cricket 2002 to PLEASE release this game in the PC Version also.

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