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International Test Cricket


It is my aim that Cricket Manager will become the cricket equivalent of Championship Manager. To that end I will need a lot of help further in to the project.

Help will especially be wanted in


Please look at the current planned features and if you have any more ideas please let me know. Please read the graphics section before suggesting animated highlight displays like ICC. I wish to concentrate much more on accuracy and management than graphics. This is why I say Cricket Manager is intended to the cricket equivalent of Championship Manager as Championship Manager has very little in the way of graphics but lots in the accuracy and game play departments.


At this stage it is intended that the main match display will remain similar to ITC and not have animated graphics like ICC as I can not draw graphics. I hope to include far more icons to represent more outcomes like ball beating the bat, ball bouncing just short of a fielder, edges, etc. Ideas on how to represent these as an icon or better still actual submissions are wanted.

I also want to try and improve the overall presentation of the game so anyone who want to design better dialog boxes and background images again get in touch.


All code for Cricket Manager is being developed in C++. No additional help is required for coding. Sorry I am exceptionally protective of the source code and algorithms used within Cricket Manager therefore will not be needing additional developers. The code is also very heavily object orientated and would only make sense to very experienced C++ developers. Explaining the class hierarchy could potentially take longer than any time saving created by having additional developers as I would have to properly document my rough design notes and class diagrams. Having extra developers would also make it very difficult to sell the game (which I definitely intend to do) and give each developer a fair rate.


I want Cricket Manager to be as accurate as possible so I will be wanting a lot of help with the databases. This is especially true of foreign (to me) countries. This will include wanting

bulletPlayer names
bulletPlayer styles - both batting and bowling
bulletSquad details
bulletGround details - name, ends, typical pitch conditions, typical weather conditions, etc.

I will not be looking to compile databases until a working prototype of the game is working.

Beta Testing

I already have got several beta testers so please do NOT email me offering to be a beta tester. I hope to make some beta versions public so as many people as possible can test Cricket Manager.


Please do NOT email me asking when Cricket Manager will be released. I anticipate at least a further six months of development once development starts again so do not expect anything to appear before 2003 at the earliest.

Anyone wanting to help please contact me. Any thing submitted that is used in the final release of Cricket Manager will be credited.

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