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International Test Cricket welcomes and indeed thrives on feedback from you. If you don't like the site and stop visiting there is no point in continuing the site. There are various ways you can send feedback Forum - Can be used to discuss anything related to this site or cricket games. Feedback Form - This does not appear on the web pages and is private.
bulletGood old email - send me a message.

I try and reply to every message I get but rest assured every message is read even if you get no reply. Please read the following section first before sending an email message.

A small rant on the subject of emails as I am getting increasing numbers of what I consider irrelevant emails which take too much of my time to reply to. 99% of the time I can not help or the person has not been bothered to read the information on the relevant pages. From now on emails similar to the ones below will just be ignored. If you consider this rude tough you have now been warned! Also why are so many of these emails not even polite, nearly always written totally in CAPITALS (that is considered shouting and very bad netiquette for those that don't yet know that) and use R, U, m8, etc. instead of proper words which I personally hate.


When will game X be available? If I know when game X will be released I put it on the relevant pages! Also be prepared for release date to slip!


Get a demo for game X! If a demo exist it will be on the relevant page. If one is not listed it means it does not exist on the Internet.


Send me game X. Never if no download is available then sorry you are out of luck. Either try and find a download link (in which case let me know) or buy the CD-ROM which has 99% of all dowmloads on it.


Send me email when you game X updates! Again never - if you want to keep up to date with latest news read the site. That is the whole point of it. I update once and everyone benefits. I don't have time to compose individual emails.


Send me info on game X. Any info I have on game X will be on the relevant pages! Quite often people are asking about info that is already on the relevant page. Read the pages first!


Where can I buy game X in country Y? Normally if you live in a cricketing country you can buy game X at your local store. If not talk to your local software store and see if they can help. Failing that look in the Shop.


I have game X with graphics/sound card Y and Z happens. Unless I match your configuration it is unlikely I can help. I am not customer support for every cricket game! Companies pay people to provide customer support so contact them! If you really must ask someone other than the company concerned post a message in the forum as you are more likely to find someone with a similar set up. The only customer support I will do from now on is for my own products.


Comments about page layout, HTML code, graphics etc. I know about some of these as they have been mentioned in the analysis of the Questionnaire. Unless you are offering help or providing graphics don't bother complaining via email. I use FrontPage and the current theme because it is far easier to maintain the site. It would not be possible to hand code all the HTML.

In short think before sending that email off. I have said this before but it seems to have to repeat myself again. I work full time and so have limited time to maintain this site. The more time I have to spend dealing with trivial emails the less time I have available to update the site and continue development of ITC and Cricket Manager. I know a lot of people visiting this site are less than 18 so may not fully appreciate how little time working leaves you with but just accept that it does.

Tell me what you think about I welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

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