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International Test Cricket


I have spent some time writing a program to parse all the responses to the Questionnaire received. This page lists my responses (in italics). The Responses page has the all the raw responses received with no comments. The Feedback page has comments sent in after reading this anaylsis. If you have not filled in the Questionnaire please do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. If you have any comments please send feedback about this questionnaire analysis. The voting tables on this page may not tally with the raw responses page as this page may not get updated every time.



Email Address




Under 15 77
15 - 19 149
20 to 29 87
30 to 39+ 12
40 + 8
Total Responses 333

I am quite surprised by the number of younger people visiting this site.

How did you first hear of

Search Engine 172
Link from another site 54
Heard in newsgroup 16
Told by friend 62
Other 29
Total Responses 333

The entries in search engines are obviously working as is word of mouth and links from other sites. Maybe mentioning the site in newsgroups is not the best way to advertise.

How often do you visit

More than once a day 29
Every day 99
2 - 3 times a week 111
Once a week 69
Once a month 25
Total Responses 333

It is very pleasing to note that the vast majority of you visit the site on a regular basis.

What do you like about

Typical responses were

I like CricketGames a lot because it gives me every little detail I need to know about cricket games. It keeps me up to date with all the new cricket games and their features, review, cheats, demos, and lot of others stuff. Overall I like this site a lot and it provides me with an effcient and acurate information.

It is consistently updated and is up to date on all the news. It also has cheat codes and tips for my favourite cricket games.

It is well set out with sub-sections for different features. Has many links to other, more specialised sites. One of the fastest downloads and servers on the web.

Lots of latest news about all the cricket games that exist. Updated everyday. I also like to see the simulated scores. Plus the big network of people that contribute to the site.

The comprehensiveness of the site, the news section, the forum, and the professionalism of the site (as opposed to some of the ICC sites where sensationalism and the ego of the webmaster seem to be the objective).

The site as a whole, and the ability to put down your tips and suggestions for a game.

It is the most comprehensive cricket gaming site on the world wide web. It has all the news, information, release dates, reviews, previews and loads of shareware, demo releases and downloads for all the cricket gaming addicts around the world. Probably the best thing to happen to the game of cricket since Kerry Packer!!!

What do you dislike about

This is a summary of the most commonly raised points and my responses.


This was the feeling of about half the people who responded.

Its not updated every day.

This was a fairly common complaint. I try my best to update the site as often as possible. Since the recent change in servers I have been updating far more frequently. Unfortunately the week up to and including Easter was so hectic I was unable to do any updates. Some times though there is not enough news to be able to update every day. Please remember that there is only me updating the site so I do rely a lot on people sending me news. Thanks to those that do and if you don't help by sending me news.

Very little in the way of articles.

This is a valid point but what sort of articles are wanted? I am not really very good at writing articles but if anyone submits any I would be happy to publish them. As a start has anyone read the article I wrote on Cricket Games in general? I have not had any direct feedback about it.

Maybe the site structure is a bit tricky to navigate?

This point was mentioned by several people but with over 60 games covered it is not possible to have everything listed on the index page. All games are only 2 clicks away and any game mentioned in the news is linked directly. The site structure was also listed as a like by several people. Can not please every one all the time. Not sure if some people are remembering the older layout when there was a second level games news page that normally just repeated the main page.

I am sorry to say this, but there are a few facts that I am not in agreement with.

What facts are these and did you let me know your disagreements?

Not being supported more by cricketgame developer's.

This is a real pity and not one I seem to be able to do anything about. I had regular support from the developers of International Cricket Captain and a free review copy before the site was even started. The producer of Brian Lara Cricket did send some emails and does read the Wish List but no review copy was sent by Codemasters. I have no contact with anyone in Creative Assembly/EA Sports regarding the forth coming EA Cricket World Cup 99. All emails sent have been simply ignored. Shareware/Freeware developers are normally far more responsive and keep me informed of all the latest developments.

I think the problem is commercial companies don't yet fully realise how a site like this dedicated to one genre can help them with publicity, scrrenshots, demos, etc. Shareware/Freeware developers realise far more how a site like this can really help promote their games and use it properly.

Not enough free games.

I can only put up the games that have been written. A lot of time, effort and expense goes in to writing any game so developers often prefer the Shareware route as a method of gaining some money. In this case play the Shareware version and if you like it support the author.

That you don't have much info on Cricket World Cup 99 by EA sports.

I will try and change this soon but as already mentioned I have no direct contact with either the developlers or producers of this game. I don't really just want to copy all the details off the EA web site which was last updated in February.

I would like for this site to be more universal, and not just appeal to the fans in Europe & Australia, but have some things that attract fans from the States as well!

Not sure what is being said here. There is no intentional bias to any country. How do you attract fans from just the US? I want to attract fans from everywhere.

The interface is too simple (or I should say basically dull), I believe it should be jazzed up a bit.

This is a valid criticism. I am not a graphical artist at all and can not draw to save my life. I use FrontPage 98 for the web site and use one of its built in themes. If anyone else knows a better theme or can design one for me I would be happy to use it. The problem is some of the game names are so long they don't fit most theme button styles. The advantage of the duller text buttons though is that the site is much faster to load as it is not pulling down 30 graphical buttons as well as the page.

Poor quality shareware & freeware games. Too statistical.

If you can do better send it in. Some of the games listed here were written many years ago for PC's with different capabilities. This is always mentioned in a review. As for games being too statistical some people myself included prefer games this way. It is all a matter of personal preference.

The fact that there is no retro games.

I will try and add some retro games when I can. It is currently a question of priorities within the site.

There is nothing that I dislike as such. It would be helpful if you separate the downloads into different files as connections in India are extremely slow and poor.

Quite often I am linking to the developers site so have no choice. I don't have enough web space to have my own mirrors of every game plus I only have a modem connection so it would be costly to upload.

There are 2 solutions to this problem. 1) Shameless plug - buy the CD-ROM which has the demos/games available for download already on it and more not currently available on the net plus lots more cricket related material. 2) Use a program like Go!Zilla for all downloads. It might speed up the download by finding a nearer mirror and has the ability to resume a download part way through if you lose the connection. I always use Go!Zilla for any download.

Biased reviews.

Well any review could be biased but I try not to be. I also encourage people to send in their own reviews/feedback so that it is not just 1 persons opinion.

One thing that I dislike about is that it does not provide demos of all the games that are listed.

This is often because for a lot of games like the Anil Kumble's Googly series no demos exist. For older games like EA Cricket 96 the demo is not available on the net any more. With the example of EA Cricket 96 the demo is 20Mb+ in size and I don't have the web space/demo to store the demo. 2nd Shamless plug - buy the CD-ROM which includes demos of older games like EA Cricket 96 that aren't available for download.

How would you Improve

Redesign, maybe with easier navigation. More graphics.

As mentioned above I am not a graphical artist and can not draw. Navigation is a tricky subject as again already mentioned above. More graphics will dramatically increase the loading times of the pages. I am open to more detailed suggestions on how to improve the site. I would prefer small changes here and there rather than a whole redesign as that would just take too long. Several people suggested switching to frames but I personally do not like frames.

Add some more competitions and some more downloadable games.

I would love to be able to offer more competitions but have had no support from companies donating prizes. This means I have to personally pay for the prizes (like in the case of the Brian Lara Cricket prize for filling in this questionnaire). I already offer a prize of the CD-ROM once a month. If any company or individual wants to donate a prize and competition format I would be happy to accomodate them.

I can only offer downloads of the games that are available. See answer in previous section. If anyone knows of a cricket games available not covered by please let me know and I will add it.

Maybe a chat room.

Good idea - I will try and see if I can find a site or code for one hopefully with out too much advertising.

More creative writing :)

Again see in previous section re articles.

Add more about the Main Games. Get some download's like in FIFA 99, they can download team uniforms and boots and stadiums and that.

Well for ICC there are already lots of extra downloads like new photos, databases, editors, scenarios. Hopefully the same will happen for Brian Lara Cricket when the editor comes out. Shareware games like ITC and HODI also have additional databases etc available.

Mmm, maybe increased coverage for cricket game developers? Like squad details, algorithms maybe?

Squad details would be nice and is something I am always after. Hopefully something can be sorted out as there are a couple of ideas that will hopefully be set in motion in the months to come as development on Cricket Manager continues. Algorithms are less likely as they are normally guarded secrets by the developers. I'm all for general discussion of Cricket Game development.

Move to a better server.

Just done that - even if it was a pretty traumatic move. I am happy with the new server as it is consistantly fast. No plans to change.

Better lay out, get rid of crap cricket games.

As previously mentioned am open to suggestions on lay out. Will not remove any games though as part of the idea of is to cover every cricket game. Also what you considered crap other people might like. If I started removing games could then be accused of bias.

People can submit conquests in certain games, a bit more colourful layout.

The conquests in certain games is a popular idea with other sites but I am not so sure. With editors and cheats it is possible to do really well. For it to work need to have a way of confirming achievements are genuine. Screenshots and saved games are not enough as both can be altered.

A ticker of the latest/live matches would be nice.

Sorry No. For that go to CricInfo which is the best cricket site by far. will only cover cricket computer games.

A screenshot or small movie on each cricket game to show how the game looks like while being played.

Screenshots are included where possible for every game on Vidoes are a lot harder to do and would normally have to be provided by the developer.

Be able to play Cricket games over the internet against other people.

Nice idea but a feature that developers need to include. How can help here? List people wanting to play online so people can arrange matches? I am still keen to try and arrange a PBeM league at some point in the future.

Make an online java competition.

Not sure what you mean. If it is an online Java cricket game I would love to include one when I get the time to learn Java and develop such a game.

I was thinking maybe diversify into cricket board games or something. But that may be too much of a change of tack - but it would be interesting to see exactly how some cricket board games work.

Great idea but would need to go and buy all Cricket board games and then spend time playing them. If people want to submit their own reviews of cricket board games they own I will add a section covering board/card games.

By giving the full version downloads.

Never!! This is not a Warez site. If you want the full version of a game either register it or buy it as appropriate.

Would you contribute to

Yes 208
No 125
Total Responses 333

How would you Contribute to

I would contribute as much as I can like Downloads, Hints, Cheats if I could get any and maybe some feedback.

This is what most people offered and is what I want.

New ideas ... money

Well this question was not about money contributions. If you want to help the site financially to help cover running costs please buy the CD-ROM. Sales of this have been disappointing (should have added questions about it to find out why). Alternatively register my game International Test Cricket.

I am thinking of making a game and I would send it in. Also anything I found out I would send in.

Anyone who has written a game or is developing one please send it in. Maybe you did a School/University project or maybe you could do one. Always interested in getting new games.

By donating $1000 every five years.

Great send me a cheque for the next five years now please :-) <-- note the smiley

Why would you not Contribute to

I don't have any money.

As mentioned above this question was not about finincial contributions but rather news, cheats, articles, etc.

Can't be bothered.

It is a good job for you then I can be bothered to update this site.

Haven't got the time.

This was easily the biggest reason for not helping. It is a disappointment but I am not just asking for new games, massive articles, etc. If whilst online you see a bit of relevant news a 1 minute email to a website or newsgroup article could really help.

Simulated Tests

Do you like the Simulated Tests section?

Yes 238
No 60
Total Responses 298

This question was only added after several replies had been received hence the smaller number of responses. I was wondering if the Simulated Tests Matches were of interest when nobody reported the broken links for the 2nd West Indies vs Australia test.


Do you read the Forum on a regular basis?

Yes 141
No 192
Total Responses 333

I am looking at possibly trying to find a better forum than the one supplied with FrontPage but I do not want one that includes masses of advertising. I like the look of the one at but it is quite expensive. If you have not yet visited the forum why not take a look at it.

Have you posted a message to the Forum?

Yes 55
No 278
Total Responses 333

Mailing List

Have you joined the mailing list?

Yes 99
No 234
Total Responses 333

If yes have you mailed the list?

Yes 52
No 281
Total Responses 333

If no why have you not joined the list?

I don't like getting mail.

This is fine. A lot of people don't like getting masses of email. The list at the moment is not massive - about 2 or 3 messages a day.

It would be better if it were like a Newsletter where you get info on all the games (esp. CWC 99, SWC 99 and ACC).

There is already a very good monthly PC Cricket Newsletter.

I didn't know it existed :(

A lot of people mentioned this. It was mentioned in the news.

Monday, 15 March 1999

Created a mailing list powered by ListBot. This list can be used for discussions of computer cricket games in general. To subscribe fill in the form above.

The form mentioned is included at the top of the main index page. For people wanting to join now I have added it below as well.

Join the mailing list!
Enter your email address below, then click the 'Join List' button:
View Mailing List Messages Archive

International Test Cricket

Have you played International Test Cricket?

Yes 178
No 155
Total Responses 333

Pleasing to see so many people have tried International test Cricket. Obviously I would like this value to be 100%. if you have not yet tried ITC why not download it now.

Have you registered International Test Cricket?

Yes 50
No 275
Total Responses 325

Why have you not registered International Test Cricket?

I was informed that you don't take orders outside of the UK.

This is untrue. I can take on line orders via a secure server. If you don't have a credit card try asking a relative or friend to order on your behalf and then pay them. From overseas with out a credit card is abit more difficult as I then want a cheque in pounds sterling which most banks can do but will charge you for. If you send me a cheque in your local currency it needs to be 6 more than the registration price as the banks charge me that to cash the cheque. I do also consider swaps for computer games in exchange for registered versions of ITC.

Don't like the idea of registering over the Internet.

A common fear but one that should be laid to rest. ShareIt, the company I use for online orders, sole business is processing online credit card transactions. If it was not safe and secure they would quickly go out of business. If you really don't want to order on line then fax the credit card details through to me but on line ordering is fine and I personally use it a lot at places like Amazon.

Scared that if I pay it will not arrive, brilliant program though.

??! with over 600 registered users I think if I was not sending out registered versions word would get out. I send the registered versions via email and then fall back to snail mail if problems occur. If you pay you will get the game guaranteed.

I was going to register but then I brought ICC and I didn't see much point.

That is fine and your choice. I have had though people buy ICC and then later buy ITC because they found ITC more realistic and ICC frustrating.

The cost is quite high for me as I live in India and the conversion rate is very high at 44RS per dollar...

Conversion curreny rates are a fairly common complaint. Sorry not a lot I can do about this. Maybe look at going through the swaps option as computer games might be better priced for you in your local currency.

Cricket Games

Which Cricket Games do you own?

Interesting to read responses to this. Some people like me have every cricket game they can get hold of, some have none or just the free ones. Most popular games were EA Cricket 97/ATE, ICC and Brian Lara Cricket/Shane Warne Cricket 99.

Which Cricket Games do you want to Buy?

Easily the game most wanted is Brian Lara Cricket/Shane Warne Cricket 99. EA's Cricket World Cup 99 is also quite keenly awaited. Only a few people mentioned my new game currently under development Cricket Manager :-(

Have you as a result of visiting downloaded a game you previously were unaware of?

Yes 227
No 106
Total Responses 333

Have you as a result of visiting bought/registered a game you previously were unaware of?

Yes 71
No 262
Total Responses 333

PBeM (Play By e-Mail)

Have you played in a Cricket PBeM league?

Yes 53
No 280
Total Responses 333

Some people were unsure what PBeM meant - it means Play By e-Mail. Typically you have charge of a squad of players over a league of matches and each turn submit a team and possibly some tactics. The matches are then normally played automatically by the computer and the results sent back out to you. It can be quite fun playing against other human opponents even though you don't have over by over control of your team.

Have you run a Cricket PBeM league?

Yes 17
No 316
Total Responses 333

This is more leagues than I was aware of. If you are running a league and have not yet told me about please send me an email and I will add it to the PBeM section.

Would you want to join a PBeM league?

Yes 209
No 124
Total Responses 333

A lot more people want to play in a league than have already played in one. This encourages me to try and get the PBeM league off the ground. As I want to run multiple divisions I want to automate the input process as much as possible to save time running the league. Last time I tried the multiple divisions I had to stop the league as it was just too time consuming.

World Cup

Who in your wildest dreams do you want to win the World Cup?

Australia 63
Bangladesh 7
England 39
India 80
Kenya 13
New Zealand 33
Pakistan 32
Scotland 23
South Africa 19
Sri Lanka 6
West Indies 10
Zimbabwe 8
Total Responses 333

Whilst not directly related to cricket computer games I was just interested in peoples reponses to who might win the World Cup. No real favourite stands out when people select the team they want to win. My choice being an Englishman is obviously England.

Who realistically (loyalties aside) do you think will win the World Cup?

Australia 82
Bangladesh 0
England 15
India 31
Kenya 0
New Zealand 6
Pakistan 28
Scotland 1
South Africa 162
Sri Lanka 4
West Indies 3
Zimbabwe 1
Total Responses 333

Wow realism brings big changes - South Africa are clear favourites with nearly half of people expecting them to win. Other than Australia no one else is given much of a chance. Only 4 people think Sri Lanka can retain the trophy.

My answer would have been South Africa but I think Australia is rated a bit high (they lost 3-0 to England on their last tour) and England is rated a bit low (they have an excellent record at home in ODI's). We shall see.

Web Sites

What other cricket web sites do you visit?

CricInfo, ICC Forum, ICC, Cricket Gaming Online CricInfo.

Indigo, ITC

These were the most popular sites mentioned. Links to all these sites can be found on the Links page.


Please detail any other comments about not already mentioned.

To see the comments people sent read the Responses page.

To see people's comments on this analysis read the Feedback page.

Please send feedback about this questionnaire analysis.

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