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International Test Cricket


It was thought with the disbanding of the International Cricket Captain 2000 development team there would be no more games in this series. Despite all of the original team (myself included) now working elsewhere none of us wanted the series to end. Chris Child, the original designer of the ICC series, contacted all the team and between us we decided to approach Empire with the idea of doing an update. Empire have agreed and development has now finished. The game will be released at the end of June.

Important points

bulletAll work on ICC 2001 is being done in the developers spare time. We all have full time jobs elsewhere so will be working when we can at weekends.
bulletICC 2001 will be based on ACC 2000 (unfortunately never got released but was an update of ICC 2000 for Australia). It will have all the latest players stats and fixtures for the English domestic 2001 season. This will be the bulk of the development work.
bulletThere will be an option to play the Ashes series.
bulletThere is unfortunately no time available to add new features as we want to guarantee the game will be available before the Ashes start.
bulletThe on-line game will be changed to try and remove some of the anti-social cheating (deliberate disconnections and arranged 4 day matches). Hopefully the 4 day game will be fixed to play properly (unfortunately 4 day games were unable to be fixed).
bulletDue to the changes to the server there will need to be a new on-line server for ICC 2001. Network codes from ICC 2000 will not be valid for ICC 2001.
bulletWe have strongly suggested to Empire (and they have listened) that as the game is a data update as opposed to a full release the game be priced accordingly. The release price will be 19.99.
bulletICC 2001 will include the full game - you will not need to own ICC 2000.

2001 is a big year for cricket with the Ashes at stake. Also for once there is no other major sporting event (Olympics, Euro Championship) to clash with the cricket. It is hoped that this update will be successful and a return to full time development for a fully featured ICC 2002 could result. All the development team are very pleased to be able to continue the series

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