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International Test Cricket


Un-official Patches

New Names submitted by Damian Gleeson. UNZip this file in the ICC 2001 directory. These files are used for surnames of new players. This file contains surnames of Australian, England and New Zealand test players, so standby for a new generation of Chappel's, Botham's, Hadlee's, etc.

ICC 2001 Photo Patch v1.01 by Barry Bumhead (forum name). Updated portraits for Australian Players. Not ALL Australian players are done. All current Test and One Day players are updated and in colour. Some England and Pakistan players are also updated.

ICC 2001 Photo Updates by Jeremy C. and Andrew D. 26 Updates for each county plus Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe.


16 Million from - by Wott. ICC 2001 saved file with 16,000,000+ money in it.

Australia 2035 from - by Scott Lowe. It's 2035 and you're Australia. See if you can help them achieve perfection and continue their dominance of world cricket.

Durham 2005 from - by Andrew Cloete. Durham aren't doing too badly in 2005. They are however in the 2nd division for both the national league and the county championship with virtually no youth in their team and most people are getting old! Shah, Stewart and Knight are there to guide the team but Stewart and Knight are soon to retire! Can you help Durham win?

Durham 2015 from - by Eclipse. This Durham team is in 2015 and has several star players that all have good experience.

Durham 2019 from - by Eclipse. This Durham team is in 2019 and is very strong in the fast bowling department.

England One Day Jinks from - by Daud Ahmed. The England cricket team is very strong in the test arena and have a record holder batsman in Jim Wright who has scored 415 runs in an innings but they are struggling in the one-dayers. Can you take them out of there one day jinks.

Essex 2011 from - by David Hunt. In 2011 season (Half Way through) Essex are on top of the County & NCL & have won both competitions 2 years in a row. Can you keep them steam rolling along in the next decade. Was Huntz02 old side.

Pakistan 2005 from - by Saleem Chughtai. Pakistan are riding high in 2005. They are number 1 in the Wisden championship and number 2 in the one day championships.

Surrey 2010 from - by Eclipse. This Surrey team is in 2010/11 and has a host of stars including allrounders Bullbeck, Swann & Hamilton.

Surrey 2017 from - by Brendan. Surrey is in 2017. They are on a roll having not lost a match for a while and have some excellent youth players. Can you keep the winning streak going!

Surrey XI from - by Eclipse. This is a team originally owned by Dinos that has been further modified over four more years by me. It has players renamed to world super stars and future stars.

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