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Cricket Player Manager is a Shareware game for Windows 9x/NT by Andrew Banson.

Once you start the game you find it is again a bit different from the norm in that rather than playing a cricket match you are in charge of just one person. The gameplay is quite simplistic. You can train (costs money), visit the doctor (costs money), buy a bat (costs money) or play your next match. Each match you wear out your bat a bit more, get a bit less fit and hopefully score a lot of runs. There are some random events like sponsors paying you, injuries, etc. The game is over when you retire or more likely run out of money. There are also records kept of the best players.

The latest version of Cricket Player Manager (v4) is now Shareware again and the good news is it is now a standalone .EXE and no longer an ActiveX control. The bad news is that it insists on being installed to the C:\ directory which is very bad practice.

New Features

bulletComes in EXE form, not ActiveX like previous versions.
bulletBuy and Sell over 5000 cricketers. You can add and edit players along with their statistics.
bulletAdd and edit over 5000 grounds and teams around the world.
bulletGet offers from other teams to sign your player up.
bulletNewspaper which tells of how players are performing around the world, includes many real images.
bulletThree difficulty levels HARD, NORMAL and EASY.
bulletSelect the type of training for your player from high risk to low risk of injury training.
bulletAbility to get loans from the bank.
bulletYour player performs differently at certain grounds.
bulletSelect the team you want to manage players for.
bulletLess chance of getting caught taking drugs and match-fixing.
bulletChange background image.
bulletSave your players history.
bulletMore sponsorship and events.
bulletMany bug fixes and lots of small added features.
bulletEasier game play.



Cricket Player Manager v4 455Kb from Updated 2 October 2000.


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