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Calypso Cricket 98 is a shareware program for Windows 95 and is a fairly unique style program and once you get used to it is quite addictive. The author Mike Summers has designed the game as a simulation of batting. This is fine with me as I always prefer batting in games like EA Cricket as opposed to bowling.

The big difference here is the control method used for batting. As opposed to the fairly standard approach used in the EA Cricket games Calypso Cricket is totally mouse driven! In something akin to the new control methods used in latest golf games it is the flow of the mouse movement that dictates the shot. A smooth movement at the right time (timing is very important) will mean a good shot. Jerky movement at the wrong time will normally result in a skied shot or edge. It takes a bit of getting used to but once mastered you can build a proper innings as in real cricket. You have to get used to the pitch conditions before you can start playing all your shots.

Players are rated due to their real life averages so batting as Fraser is a lot harder than when batting as Atherton. Bowlers are likewise rated so if you can see of the new ball of Ambrose and Walsh it can get easier against the other bowlers. Squads of the 9 test playing countries are supplied although Calypso Cricket only plays limited over matches.

There are some problems or rather slight downsides of Calypso Cricket. The graphics could be considered poor (see screenshots) although I find them perfectly adequate. The downloadable highlights version does not allow you to try out the control system. The price 21.95 is possibly a bit high (I traded International Test Cricket with Mike for my copy). The main problem I initially had with Calypso Cricket is it is a little awkward to install and was very fussy about running in 640x480 (This has been changed in the latest version).

I like this program although it may be not to everyone's taste. Download the demo and see what you think. Note if you want to try the control system see if you can get Mike's earlier program International Cricket 96 to work as that allows you to play.



Calypso Cricket 98 Highlights version from CricInfo.


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The Infield

Calypso Cricket 98 Screenshot

The outfield (night version)

Calypso Cricket 98 Screenshot

Fall of wicket

Calypso Cricket 98 Screenshot

The Shot Profile

Calypso Cricket 98 Screenshot

The Scoring Profile

Calypso Cricket 98 Screenshot

The Scorecard

Calypso Cricket 98 Screenshot

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