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Deep Fine Leg is a Shareware program for Windows 95/98/NT by John McNeill. It is being regularly updated and is now at v1.03.

Deep Fine Leg is based on a game John wrote for the Amstrad CPC 10 years ago which in turn is based upon a dice game he devised. At this stage it is definitely a work in progress. Currently there are no bowling figures, no extras and no strategy or skill in the game.

John though has big plans for this program and the one area he is really looking to excel in is statistics which I personally find great news. John gives the following example of the depth of detail he is planning:

You've been playing the game for a couple of months. You're now in your 30th Test Match - Australia V England at the Gabba. Stephen Waugh is currently batting and is 20 not out. You click on his name, which takes you to his current stats: Matches, Runs, Average etc. You go into his History Section, and see that he has played England 3 times at the Gabba. He has scored 151 & 23, 74 & 18n.o. and 40, 98 in his previous games. You click on the 151 (1st Match at the Gabba) and are shown a wagon wheel of where his runs were scored. You click on an opposition bowler from that match (Darren Gough), and see how many runs Waugh scored off Gough in that match, and to what area's of the ground.

If all this can be accomplished Deep Fine Leg could be a winner.



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The obvious one :-) If you don't want to get out never enter 5 as your roll or if you want easy wickets always enter 5 as your roll.


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