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International Test Cricket


There are quite a few Cricket World Cup 99 web pages around already.  If you know of any Cricket World Cup 99 site not listed here please send me details.  Links to other cricket sites may be found in the main links section.

EA Sports
Offical site by EA Sports Australia.

EA Sports
Offical site by EA Sports Europe.  Different to Australian site.

Creative Assembly
Developers of EA Cricket World Cup 99.

Caught Behind
New name for Cricket Gaming Online.  Site concentrates on EA Cricket World Cup 99 but covers other cricket games as well.

Cricket World Cup 99
Now part of PC Cricket World.

FAQ for EA Cricket World Cup
Maintained by Nathan West

Cricket World Cup 99 Zone.

PC Cricket Oval
New site dedicated to EA Cricket World Cup 99.

Cricket World Cup 99 Australia's Campaign Logo
By Michael Doig - site dedicated to Australian games played using CWC 99.

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