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International Test Cricket


This page will detail all the features you would like to see in a sequel to Cricket world Cup 99.  Sensible suggestions will be added here and passed on to EA/Creative Assembly who will hopefully look at them seriously.


bulletDifferent developer than Creative Assembly
bulletTougher computer AI, game is currently too easy even at hardest level.
bulletTest Matches!
bulletDay/Night matches.  There are none planned for the World Cup in England.
bulletAccurate playing grounds from all over the world.
bulletEditable players.
bulletThe Pakistani player's names to be written as in real life i.e. Inzaman instead of I. Haq.
bulletMore tournaments other than just World Cup.
bulletMake your own competitions (e.g. test match world championship).
bulletInnovations for one-dayers e.g. in Mercantile Mutual Cup, 2 fielders outside circle in first 15 overs, 3 in overs 16-30 and 5 for overs 31-50.
bulletSuper 8's and Hong Kong 6's.
bulletDomestic leagues like in FIFA.
bulletMany features mentioned on the EA FAQ page are missing!  Update the FAQ or release a patch.
bulletPromised feature in which you could download the latest stats, scores and injuries of players as the World Cup progressed.
bulletCorrect squads as used in World Cup.  This has now been released as a patch.
bulletAbility to start World Cup at Super Sizes stage selecting which teams made it.
bulletAbility to read scorecards of simulated matches.
bulletMore stats for players.
bulletBetter stats tracking like Shane Warne Cricket.
bulletDETAILED record book which keeps record of all the game played, teams played, wins for, wins against, etc.
bulletQualifying round/tournament for minor teams like the Irish.  Finding out all the stats for minor teams could be a nightmare.
bulletA managerial feature e.g. taking the selectors role and picking a squad of 15 then pruning it down to 12 before a match.  Nightmare getting stats on all domestic players for each test side.
bulletA feature which incorporates counties and state sides into a world competition (this could be a nightmare but if done properly could work).
bulletClassic Matches option like in Brian Lara Cricket.
bulletClassic matches when you finish the world cup like world cup 98 - soccer.
bulletArtificial pitches for practice.
bulletBetter Joystick Controls, just like Cricket97. I disagree with this.  I like the fact that the game has different controls, the bowling is nicely done.  I would prefer the batting interface to be improved so it is more realistic.
bulletNumerical value for player ratings as opposed to bars.
bulletTwo player game with both players on same side.
bulletMulti player game across network/Internet.


bulletThe game needs to have a better camera. Why is the camera mounted? EA's Cricket 97 had a better camera.  I personally think the camera is okay.
bulletWhere is the third umpire? I have not seen him anywhere.
bulletA decent pitch report like on TV where a commentator talks (e.g. Tony Grieg).
bulletMore detailed scorecard reflecting all 6s and 4s scored.
bulletSave innings/match for replay later.
bulletThere should be a time factor build into the game, e.g. each over from a fast bowler takes about 4-5 min, spinner takes 3 min. Must complete 50 overs by a certain time or are penalised.
bulletSometime make it rain.  Is there really no weather interruptions?


bulletBetter menus if not running at ideal 640x480 resolution.
bulletBetter game textures not optimised for 640x480 resolution.
bulletRemove texture stitching problems with a Voodoo 2 card on wide angle camera.
bulletAnimated crowd with a bit more than 2-3 frames.  It is a change to actually have an animated visible crowd as opposed to the more normal flat textures like in Brian Lara Cricket.
bulletMore crowd, plus the batsman saluting the crowd when he makes 50, and removes his helmet and salutes at 100, 150, 200 etc.
bulletWhen you take a wicket the fielders should all congratulate the bowler.
bulletOverview of the over currently in progress. Like six red balls in the corner of the screen showing runs scored (or wides or wickets, etc) scored off each ball.
bulletImproved graphics in software mode. Not all of us have access to a 3D card. I would think that only a few people actually have 3D cards. I think you are wrong here - most people with a newish PC will have a 3D card, it is a sign of the times.
bulletDifferent Looking umpires.
bulletIndividualisim of player models (e.g. Ajuna Ranatunga!).
bulletCyberfaces like in NBA Live 99.
bulletDifferent types of features on certain players (Darren Lehmann's ear ring or Shane Warne's sweat band of his wrist).
bulletA clearer ball, you can't easily see the ball once it has been hit. Fixed in patch 1.1.
bulletCustomise flag and uniform for teams.
bulletBetter celebrations when you win the World Cup.

Commentary / Sound

bulletMore commenatary - at times the game is very quiet.
bulletMore crowd reactions - a six hardly seems to generate any noise.
bulletChants for individual players (ooh aah McGrath, Warnie Warnie who ate all the pies).
bulletMore than two commentators.
bulletBetter sound effects when hitting the ball and the ball bouncing in to the boundary boards.
bulletMore commentators - different commentators for each country.


bulletLeft handed batsmen.  Now fixed in first patch.
bulletThe batting cone should be much smaller for better batsmen so shots can be played through the field, it could also be reduced as a batsmen is played in. Small errors in timing could then play it just outside the cone, where it could find a fielder.
bulletMore Detailed and better AI, they either get boundaries or get bowled. Why don't they make it that the computer bats out the full 50 overs and goes for the slog in the last 10, especially when there's lots of bowling pressure or they've lost early wickets.
bulletMore accurate wagon wheel plus option to save it.
bulletThere should be a far greater range of shots available. It is extremely difficult to play sweeps, cuts and glances aren't that easy either. It feels like the AI is helping you to hit the ball! Better to attempt a sweep and miss than not play the shot at all. Brian Lara on the MegaDrive had this perfect.
bulletNeed to be able to vary the shot a little more than just direction and one of two power levels.  Knocking it just over square leg head for example.
bulletIt is far too easy to constantly hit fours over the bowler!
bulletPlayers should have their own individual characteristics, instead of just their speed. Like Bevan is excellent at picking the gaps in one day games, but very vulnerable to pace bowling in tests. Excellent idea in theory but a nightmare to get accurate details for every player.
bulletYou should be able to build an innings, where pushing the singles is the smartest option early before batting becomes easier.
bulletSkill should be required to pick spinners, different deliveries should be distinguishable through flight and speed through the air.
bulletFirst person batting. It seems some people have had luck batting, but only because they know what's coming, selecting cone position and already running up the wicket BEFORE the ball's even bowled! In REAL cricket if you decide on your shot before the deliver, you'll get yourself out. I want to watch the ball and decide what to do with it like real life. I guess a lot of people bat using the bowler's view camera like Cricket 97, but to me, that's nothing like cricket.  This would be great if it could be done properly and realistically because the game could also be used as a coaching aid.
bulletThe computer should block more because they get bowled to often.
bulletTheir should only be only one aggressive button (eg C instead of A/B).  Maybe definable would be better as making it a third button means you can't use mouse (best control method) or joysticks with only 2 buttons.
bulletThe chase progress like in C97 should be the run rate required.
bulletShould have a fielding map as in Brian Lara so that you can place shots more easily.  In fact, it's almost impossible to play the game properly without one.
bulletBatsmen currently run slower than fielders.  Should be more equal.
bulletUnrealistic that when you cancel a run (or press button after more than halfway) batsmen run twice as fast.


bulletBetter (despite claims of most realistic) physics for bowling.  Inability to bowl a bouncer of any sort shows physics are not correct!
bulletLeft handed bowlers.  Now fixed in first patch.
bulletAbility to keep same bowlers on until you decide when to change rather than having computer selected bowlers or having to select a bowler every over.
bulletSlow left arm bowlers should be SLOW!!! (e.g. before the first patch, Daniel Vettori was a right handed medium bowler!)
bulletDifferent bowling styles for same bowler. e.g. Chris Harris can bowl swing, spin, cutters and medium pace.
bulletAs many bowling types as possible, e.g. slow, slow-medium, medium, medium-fast, fast-medium, fast, all the spin types like slow left arm, left arm orthodox, left arm leg, r/h leg, etc.
bulletBowlers can bowl from wide on the crease, stump to stump or anywhere in between.
bulletAmount of overs each bowler can bowl should correspond to the amount of overs in the game.
bulletOff spinners cannot bowl leg breaks.
bulletA facility for Seamers to grip the ball, e.g. down the seam for swing, across the seam for non-swing/slow ball.
bulletAdjustable bowler run-ups you can shorten his run-up.
bulletA speed gun for measuring pace of deliveries or average bowling speed in player profiles e.g. Bevan at approx. 90km/h Warne at approx. 75km/h (depending on which delivery bowled).
bulletBetter umpire decisions.  At present you get a no-ball (full toss above waist) or an lbw despite being half way down the pitch.
bulletWhen you take a wicket the fielders should all congratulate the bowler.


bulletHuman controlled fielders.
bulletWhen a batsman leaves his crease and misses the ball to a spinner or medium pacer the wicketkeeper should try and stump him instead of always trying to run him out.  Look stupid when they miss as well!
bulletMore accurate field settings - i.e. at the start of the game and on pausing a game, a table of field positions, Mid On, Silly Point, Short Forward Square Leg etc and the ability to "map" fielders (not bowler or wicket keeper!) to the positions - so much easier than zooming/rotating/higher-lower!


Detailed Wish Lists

Nathan said on 3 June 1999

I am real disappointed with this game. Everyone else has commented on the negatives with this game, they have said most of them, but here's other things which they can or could have done.

I would like to point out that the base they had with C97 was good, why did they have to go completely away from that. I do a lot of comparisons between the two in which I think C97 is better in a lot of areas?!  Cricket 97 was developed by a totally different company Beam as opposed to Creative Assembly.

bulletThe oval is too big (or the players are too small?). It should be about the same size as C97's except a bit bigger.
bulletThe gameplay is too fiddly, there are too many options e.g. decrease pace by 50%. C97's gameplay was fun and easy - you just run up and bowl.
bulletWHERE IS THE RECORD BOOK?! It keeps peoples (well mine at least) interest in the game longer. They could have had a record book for World Cup and ODI records (It would give you something to do after you've won the World Cup 10 times). And If they did have or if they do have one in the next game it should be way more detailed than Cricket 97's e.g. instead of top 2 batsmen, top 10 same with bowlers. Most economical bowlers (8 or more overs)? Best strike rate for batsmen (20 or more runs)? Biggest winning margin, smallest team score etc...
bulletThe in game stats are not good, the stats in C97 were heaps better and that in game menu isn't good, again C97's tab menu was quite good and had lots of good stats on the game.
bulletThe graphics need to be improved, I think the graphics in CWC99 aren't that much better than C97 ATE. They have have different coloured skin and hair colour, the uniforms are more detailed and the stadiums are fairly good. But the players still look basically the same, too many of them wear sun glasses, they should have some wide brimmed hats (e.g. like Michael Bevan etc...). But besides that the player detail, for me, isn't too bad.
bulletLeft handers, I know you're fixing this with your patch by there shouldn't be that problem in the first place.
bulletThe commentary is not as good as what it should be hopefully in the next game the commentary will be heaps more detailed and Richie will be saying something after every ball and Gower or whoever is commenting a lot more and giving a good match analysis.
bulletThe Crowd is nowhere near as detailed as what it should be, there should be a lot more variation to the crowd atmosphere e.g. clapping (because its England) the crowd chanting (Balmy Army, Scottish supporters and People who have come from the sub-continent yelling their heads off after every boundary or wicket taken) etc...
bulletThe general graphics are not as good as what they should be. I can't say anymore. The person in charge of this site (Dan Thomas?) hopefully you can give them heaps of good suggestions for their next cricket game.
bulletAlso much more player and team management.

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