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International Test Cricket



Patch 1.2 was previously known as patch 2 and the filenames still suggest it should be called v2.

Patch 1.2 (1.8 Mb) from The Patches Scrolls. This patch is for people who have already applied patch 1.1. Currently unavailable.

Patch 1.2 (12.9 Mb) from EA. This also contains fixes from patch 1.1.

This is the list of changes that patch 1.2 fixes.


All player stats updated to reflect their performance during the World Cup.


AI batsmen should now 'read' bouncers better, and consequently hit them more often/varied ways.


The occasional 'too many wides by the AI team' bug fixed.


Bouncers not working properly from one end of the field fixed.


Ball scaling as it goes into the distance so it remains more visible on 4's and 6's.


Fixed bug that made it easy to bowl batsman out from one end with certain types of deliveries.


Batsmen walk instead of running when changing sides for bowler.


Batsmen running between the wicket improved.

Patch v1.1 (12.9 Mb) from EA Sports. See the readme file for details of what the patch fixes/enhances.

This is a new ZIPped version of the patch so will hopefully fix the previous problems. Some people have reported problems downloading the patch. To correctly download the patch I recommend using Go!Zilla an excellent program you should use for all downloads. GetRight incorrectly says the Patch download does not support resuming downloads. Go!Zilla correctly says it does and as I downloaded the patch over 3 logins I know it does.

Other people have had problems installing the patch. You must install it to the same directory you originally installed Cricket World Cup 99. I have had no such problems and the patch worked fine for me.

If you get the error message "EnableRefRast.reg" when installing the patch this is because you have a system with less than 4mb video memory. Why the original installation works and the patch doesn't is strange. Doubt patch has raised video memory requirements.


CWC 99 Demo (32 Mb) from EA Sports. Last 4 overs of a match between England and India. India require a further 33 runs, England 5 wickets to win. You can bat or bowl in the demo. Recommend using Go!Zilla or GetRight for this download.

Saved Games

To use saced games copy the game file to the data directory of your CWC 99 installation and then go to load game.

England vs Pakistan (World Cup Final) by Rohan. To save you having to play all of a World Cup tournament here is a final between England and Pakistan.

Scotland vs Australia (World Cup Final) by Ibraheemn Khan.

Revised: Saturday, 16 March 2013.
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