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International Test Cricket


New cheat submitted by Zeeshan Jangani

It's upsetting reaching till 2006 and all those good players have retired. At the end of the season when a player has retired and when the screen appears saying "so and so has retired" just reset your computer and the player remains in the team... I have people like Alec Stewart who are in their 50's and are still in cricket. I have not had time to test this cheat.

New cheat submitted by Matthew Harbour

While playing a limited overs match when your bowler completes his allowance a message comes up that says something like "please change the bowler as Mr x has completed his overs" ok this so you get the choose bowler screen. Now instead of selecting a new bowler just press escape, this will take you back to the main game screen with the bowler who has already completed his overs. You will have to do this for every for every bowler for every extra over, and BE WARNED, they do perform a bit rubbish in their extra overs. I managed to get my 2 best pace bowlers to get 15 overs each in a league cup game! I bowled 2 bowlers for 20 overs each in a Sunday League match using this technique! I also think the performance is based upon stamina rather than number of overs bowled. Therefore bowl you best bowlers to 1 less than allotted overs, rest them and then use than again when back up to decent stamina.

ICEd (ICC Editor) developed by Chau Le is now available on the Downloads page. The editor allows you to alter players stats, create new players, etc. Several databases and Total Conversions using ICEd are also available.

New cheat submitted by Denny Matthew

On the toss select screen you can select what to do any time without having to win the toss. To bat press the Enter key or to bowl press the Escape key instead of selecting heads or tails. Very helpful to ensure you get the best use of the pitch. I would guess this is a bug but is does work as I have checked it out. Surprised no one else has noticed it before.

To play as England Captain enter your name as Alec. You will play the game as normal but when it comes round to the time for the Texaco Trophy matches you will be asked to pick and then captain the England squad.

New Cheat submitted by Mark Brecht :-)

If you are fed up with losing every one-day game you play, and can't seem to get any batsmen to score over 30, a good way of solving this problem is to remove the CD, snap it in half, burn it and then put the remains in your worst enemy's rum and coke. Hence you need never go through the pain of losing to Durham again.

I am surprised no-one has yet come out with a player editor. I have hacked around with the database file player format and worked a lot of it out. In my database Stewart is a much better player with career averages of 100 for all levels of cricket. If I had more time I could create an editor that would allow you to alter player averages. You could even create new players but they would have to replace existing players and would have to have exactly the same number of letters in the name. If I could work it out then I'm sure other people have done so.

This is in fact now the case as an editor is in development. I am a beta tester for the editor and can report it works. It occasionally throws a slight problem with ICC but it is very much a work in progress. The Editor, known as ICEd (ICC Editor) is being developed by Chau Le, an experienced programmer. Features include the ability to edit team names, player names, team budgets, stats, and more. PC Cricket Zone has more details of ICEd including a screenshot. ICEd is not yet available for general download but when it is it will be exclusive to PC Cricket Zone.

The recent crop of Super players who never get out I suspect is actually due to a rare bug in the creation of new players that accidentally sets the starting batting average to be a negative number which could actually be interpreted as a very large positive number.

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