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International Test Cricket


Web space and bandwidth for a lot of these downloads has been kindly donated by Cricket Web.

Got an interesting/challenging saved position or a super player or a great run saving/wicket taking fielding setup? Send me details so everyone can try it out. Please send all submissions as a ZIP file. All downloads will be credited and you could win a prize.


ICEd (ICC Editor) - Permission has been granted by Mike Casey and Chau Le for to have a local downloaded of the editor (1.5 Mb). Note the editor will not work with ACC as that uses a different file format.


ACC Demo from Play one Sheffield Shield and one Mercantile Mutual game (23.9 Mb). Please note this demo will not work with Windows 2000/XP.

ICC Demo from Fully playable demo with limited sound effects and no commentary (13 Mb). Please note this demo will not work with Windows 2000/XP.

ICC Demo Sound Files from To enhance the above demo you may wish to download this file, containing all the relevant sound effects and Jonathan Agnew's match commentary (11.5 Mb).


Patch v1.41a Ashes Edition only - First patch released. A readme file is available for further details.

Patch v1.35 - Latest patch released. Numerous updates to the release version, based on player suggestions and observations. A readme file is available for further details.

Total Conversions

These will not work with Australian Cricket Captain.

** IMPORTANT ** These Total Conversions will overwrite the default database and lots of the default graphics so make sure you backup first.

The 1999 Patch by Indigo (Downloads, Total Conversions - 9.8 Mb). Updated 1 July 1999. This is it! The Indigo 1999 Patch. Nearly 700 all-new colour photos for overseas players, plus many more for domestic players. Correct squads for the 1999 season. Correct averages for the 1999 season for EVERY domestic player! Many new young 2nd XI players. You will need an installation of ICC WITHOUT any Total Conversions installed. Just unzip it into your ICC directory and start a new game.

The 1999 Patch Bugfix by Indigo (Downloads, Total Conversions - 300 Kb). Updated 15 July 1999. Bug fix to stop the crash at the start of the second season occurring. Currently unavailable - if you have it please let me know.

Indigo World League 1999 by Indigo (6.1 Mb). Second total conversion for ICC. This ground-breaking TC swaps the gloomy English league for a star studded international super league! Featuring 18 international cricketing nations, this is a must have! If you thought ICC was dead, you're wrong. Please read the instructions for installing IWL1999 carefully.

Southern Hemisphere Cricket Captain by Indigo (4.3 Mb). First total conversion for ICC. Play any domestic side from Australia and South Africa or one of 2 sides from New Zealand. All new photos of players and grounds plus correct fixtures. Please read the instructions for installing SHCC carefully.

Un-official Patches

New Names submitted by Damian Gleeson. UNZip this file in the ICC directory. These file is used for surnames of new players. This file contains surnames of Test players, so standby for a new generation of Botham's, Gower's, Lamb's, Tendulkar's, etc.

Australian Update by Mike Casey. Updated and new photos for ICC's Aussies. Note this is for the original release of ICC not the Australian version.

Don Bradman Patch by Mike Casey. This file puts DON BRADMAN himself into ICC!

Indian Photo update by Denny Mathew. Updated 14 colour photographs of Indian players for ICC.

Pakistan Photo update by Denny Mathew. Updated 14 colour photographs of Pakistani players for ICC.

South Africa Photo update by Denny Mathew. Updated 20 colour photographs of South African players for ICC.

Sri Lanka Photo update by Denny Mathew. Updated 14 colour photographs of Sri Lankan players for ICC.

Ultimate Overseas Photo update by Indigo. 274 NEW PHOTOS for overseas players! Simply unZIP the file into the ICC\GFX\PHOTOS\ folder.


These will not work with Australian Cricket Captain.

** IMPORTANT ** These databases will overwrite the default database so make sure you backup the database.db file first.

1980 from Indigo - A new database by Alan Dance. Takes us back in time. To 1980 and the many greats, Botham, Dilley, Richards, etc. Enjoy!.

All or Nothing -A new database by Dave Austin. One of the fun things about ICC is the end of season transfers. In this database every player has a one year contract so therefore swaps sides at the end of the season! Everyone is available so it's "All or Nothing".

Defection Dealings 1 by Matthew Partridge. In this database the ECB, in a last ditch attempt to save English cricket, have paid each county overseas player to become English! This means that they can now be hired as normal and the counties can get an extra overseas player. This also means that Lara, Akram, Boon etc are now eligible to play for England!!! (NB Shaun Pollock and two other internationals have been paid the Queens Shilling to compensate those counties whose 'overseas' player will retire after the first year. (NB: They are available at the end of the first season.)

Defection Dealings 2 by Matthew Partridge. The opposite of the abive Defection Dealings 1. This time several top English players have jumped the sinking England ship and defected to the Aussies! This means that they will have to be hired as an foreign player at the start of the next season and will not be eligible to play for England. At least one player is lost per county and Graeme Hick and Andrew Caddick return to their native Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

English Fantasy by Richard Smith. All the internationals from each county team have become English and some of the top players in the world, which have also become English have gone to Somerset.Play as Somerset and England if you want and dominate the world.

ICC '96 - A chance to go back in time by Roger Sharp. If you're British you would have heard the advert on the radio (this year 2000) saying that... 1996 was a wondeful year...., well now its your chance to find out how good a year it really was. 1998 was the last time that England won a home series (v S.A) but 1996 was the last time before that when the England won a series at home without the away team (India) winning a match.

International Super League - A superb new database by Dave Austin, this has been waiting for release for just over a month now. Basically the 18 counties have been replaced with the 9 test playing nations, and their 'A' teams. Full instructions are in the ZIP file.

Legends of Cricket - Another superb new database by Dave Austin, this replaces nearly all the players in ICC with past and present greats. Also includes several photos of players to accompany the database. Read the README file before installation.

Missing Openers by Richard Smith. All the openers at each county have given up opening the batting for their county. Now that there are no openers you have to decide who to open the batting. Richard advises playing with a county who you don't already know the openers for.

Overseas Patch by Dave Austin. This patched database adds every player in the 1999 World Cup to the database, so this means such players as Shoaib Ahktar and Herschelle Gibbs are included.

Share the Test Talent by Roger Sharp. To make the county championship more competitive the E.C.B. has said that there must be an equal amount of test regulars in EACH team (a test regular is someone who has played 8 or more test matches for England). If the maximum amount of players has been exceeded then the player(s) whose test debut is the most recent goes into another team to make up their ration. This plan has the effect of hopefully making the stronger teams weaker and the weaker teams stronger to make the county championship more competitive.

Sheffield Shield vs County Championship by Damian Gleeson. Six counties have been replaced by the Sheffield Shield teams. Read the README file before installation.


These will not work with Australian Cricket Captain.

To use a scenario which is typically a saved game position simply unZIP the file to your International Cricket Captain directory. Next time you start ICC the file will be available just like any other saved game. To submit your own saved game you need to locate the save file which is of the form <your name>_,_<county name>.cap e.g. dan_thomas_,_surrey.cap These files can be quite large (several Mb) so always ZIP them up before sending them.

Clean Sweep from Indigo. Edgbaston is on an all time high. Last season, they walked off with all four trophies. With a host of young talent running the show for England against Sri Lanka, the scene is set for a gripping season. Can you continue this purple patch or does the run stop here? Its up to you. . .

Dream Team from Indigo. Welcome back the Dream Team! A scenario made using ICEd - it gives you the ultimate team! Money is no object now, as with major backing from a large multi-national you have the financial muscle to sign any player you want!

Durham Danger by Matthew Partridge. So far Durham have pulled their socks up and invested in new and famous players but have only succeeded in getting to the middle of the table. Manager and coach Ian Terence Botham has decided to play for Durham in an attempt to improve their results. Another thing is that Ireland, Derby have persuaded Botham's enemy Imran Khan to play for them. Can you get Durham to win the County, Championship, Sunday League and the NatWest?

Firey by Matthew Partridge. After a mediocre season Yorkshire have taken the drastic step of re-appointing former Yorksire and England Captain and Opening batsman Sir Geoffrey Boycott as a Player - Captain - Coach . Can 'Firey' lead Yorkshire to sucess?

First ICC Scenario from Indigo. Sam Clark's Resource Centre was the first unofficial site dedicated to ICC, and arguably the best. This was the first ever download that was on offer, and as the Resource Centre has closed, it was unavailable. Until now. Guide Ben Wilson's Warwickshire through a tough season.

Free Agency Frenzy from The 12th Man. (developed for the ex-Premium ICC) After 3 seasons, Kent has no players under contract, a huge budget and lots of possibilities.

Generation X from The 12th Man. The new season has begun at Kent. But, management made some major changes in the off-season, releasing all their veterans, and signing a squad full of players who have never played before plus one experienced overseas player.

ICCI by ICC International and Denny Mathew. ICC is too easy for you huh. Well you just got your match. Forget Young Lions 1 and 2. This is one of the hardest scenario ever made for ICC harder than Young Lions. You have a squad that is not fully experienced and only one fully experienced player that has played only 37 matches. Do you have what it takes to be a champion??.

Lancashire Utd by Matthew Partridge. Rupert Murdoch, having failed to buy a certain Lancashire Football Club, has instead bought Lancashire to bolster his status in Sky deals with the ECB. He has ploughed an extra 200,000 into the county base, and appointed Mike Atherton as Player/Coach but in return demands results. By results he expects at least 6 trophies in 3 Seasons.

Middlesex Miracle by Roger Sharp (difficulty rating = 5/6) Middlesex require 31 runs off 24 balls in a vital Sunday League encounter against Hampshire - difficult isn't it, well actually it gets worse - you've got the last pair at the crease!

Nerves of Steel by Roger Sharp (difficulty rating = 6/6) Another bowling challenge! - Yorkshire must defend just 3 runs from the final over to be bowled to a man who has just hit a century of the Yorkshire attack. Will you attack ? Defend ? Stop the singles ? Stop the boundaries ? Pressure the batsman or just panic and give up!

New Zealand Madness by Matthew Partridge. A variation on the ICC2 scenario 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie'. The ECB has decided to abolish Durham and replace them with a team made up of Kiwi players. There are 21 players in this scenario and the nearest test match is after the season ends so there should be nothing to stop 'New Zealand County'

Northants 9 to Win by Roger Sharp(difficulty rating = 2/6) Here's something to break the mould - a bowling challenge. Hold your nerve with the Hampshire 1996 squad and stop Northamptonshire scoring the 9 runs they require to win from the last over. This challenge requires very little apart from the ability to work under pressure!

Saved Game Extravaganza from ICGW. This is the greatest thing to hit the ICC world ever. 5 saved games all in one file all great games. Have fun!

Surrey 2001 by Mike Casey. The Surrey side played well last year, but is this the year they win the big one?

Surrey 2014 by Roger Sharp (difficulty rating = 6/6) As far as the games go this one is the furthest on from the start of the 1998 season, with just 4 seasons left to run. In this situation the Surrey team have nearly won everything most years and are probably one of the most successful teams in the 2000's. They have many England players and generally bat from 1 to 9, just this time everything gone rather pear shaped and Surrey are 34/7 under what appears to be perfect batting conditions.

Take Cover by Roger Sharp (difficulty rating = 1/6) Guide Lancashire through what should be a pretty easy season, they've got all the best players - there's no England players because they all been banned from playing because they've been told their so embarrassing to their country that they must not play for their counties in case they make them play worse (as if!). The Lancashire squad includes - Wasim, Flintoff, Penney, Paul Johnson, Lloyd, and Stephenson, expect Fireworks - expect easy wins! - expect your easiest seasons worth of management in your life!

The Ashes 98/99 from The 12th Man. With the full English Ashes squad that recently toured Australia, can you do better than Stewarts men and reclaim the Ashes for England?

Warwickshire1 by Roger Sharp (difficulty rating = 4/6) As a lot of you may know (some of you may not), I am the author of the ICC96 database which starts the game of ICC as if it was 1996 all over again!, well Warwickshire require a further 130 runs at 5 an over under cloudy skies against quality bowling and with 2 new batsman at the crease - can it be done ? (Hint : - Pace the innings, don't necessarily blast it everywhere straight away!).

Yorkshire by Damian Gleeson. After an extended end of year trip, the Yorkshire side return too late for the major shake up within the league. Guide the side through the year against the new look County Teams....

Young Lions from Indigo. So you've won all the trophies? You've done away with the Aussies? ICC's too easy for you, huh? Well you've just met your match. The Young Lions scenario is the toughest scenario in the world.

Young Lions 2 from ICGW. Players's still in nappies. Guide them through a tricky opening season.

Super Players

These will not work with Australian Cricket Captain.

These have cropped up occasionally and are likely the result of a bug. These are saved games so use them as you would a scenario.

Martin Franks of Middlesex from Indigo.

Fielding Positions

Field Placing Party Pack 1 from The 12th Man. This is a selection of 12 field settings which were given to me to test for the Resource Centre. Though that has now closed, these are available here for download for the first time. To use them, simply unzip them into your ICC directory and use them when required. The titles are pretty self-explanatory. Thanks to Richard Kempton and, of course, Sam Clark

Field Placing Party Pack 1 from ICGW. A set of 4 well constructed field settings made by Tyrone Marshall.

Fielding Placements by Richard Smith. Spinners Delight and Wicket Taker.


Screenshot collection from Empire. 8 in-game screenshots collected together as one zip file (880 Kb).

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