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International Test Cricket


Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

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E. Harradine said on 21 April 1999

After playing this game for a few months now (and finally playing consistently!), I have found it to be very realistic.  My friends and I all agree ICC is about the standard of the last edition of CM2.  The averages tend to be a bit skewed in later seasons, but still not beyond belief.  The one interesting thing I found about the game is the amount of times the number 87 comes in to play.  Like in Championship Manager where strange things happen in the game the way they do in real football, I think it is little things like this that give a game like ICC that realistic feel.

Paul Clarke said on 27 March 1999

To say I played ICC a bit would be the mother of all understatements. I play cricket games all the time, and always have Test match,Cricket Captain,Howzat,Graham Gooch, Ian Botham, on the ZX Spectrum in the 80s (and others I can't remember) to the current crop of games. Anyone remember Tim Loves' Cricket for the CBM64 ( very important apostrophe in that one :-) ) and frankly over the last 12 month finally had a few REALLY good games. Major advances have been made and ICC is a real step forward.

Yes their are faults, YES the attacking line is completely wrong, Yes the interface could have been a bit better (particularly to change field setting) I know that two men in close on the leg side is a bit weird, and yes  the AI seems unbalanced and averages get out of synch as years roll on (i.e. super bowlers, poor batsmen)...but the game is a real step forward, the feeling of control is their, the graphics are good, the sound is smooth (not so with BLC endless disk access even with nearly 100Mbytes of RAM) and these points should be remembered.

The developers are crickets fans, and ICC is a valiant attempt to take a very underdeveloped genre forward. I loved the game, and played all last Summer and Autumn so on that basis alone I would have to give it 80+ percent. Real criticism is the bugs, it had more than its fair share, and to be honest still has a few. more importantly, many of these bugs are game stoppers, at one time I had two versions on my hard drive and swapped the save file from the .3 release and .4 release as problems occurred. The 2005 Aussie tour crash (or whatever year it was) stopped the game dead every time. BUT, you don't have to be on the internet to fix this. Magazines have the latest patches on their cover disk. True, this shouldn't be required, but compared to the past eighteen years or so  of waiting for a game, its small potatoes.

I believe that the World cup edition will be a real step forward, (remember the difference between Championship Manager and Championship Manager 2. that shows that a precedence has been set for enthusiastic developers to listen to criticism and improve gameplay, I mean CM1 was pretty rubbish) Also we know the time is being spent primarily on gameplay, as (quite rightly in my opinion) fancy 3d graphics are not being used (and that's coming from someone who recently forked out nearly a ton for a voodoo2 card).

These are great times to be a cricket games fan as I'm sure most will agree.

Edmund Harradine said on 22 february 1999

Just wanted to say that a couple of the tips I picked up really worked!  Actually, I won the ASHES in my first ever International Series!!!!!  I'm pretty happy with that.  The thing I noticed was that if you don't pick up a couple of quick wickets with the fast bowlers at full aggression, you lower them to none after 4 or 5 overs each, and they usually take 2 or 3 (Cool tip I got from your users page that works a gem)!  The other one that works really well is to get out a really set batsman.  I use Graham Thorpe for this now after he got 2/13 against Australia in the 4th test.

I have a couple of gripes about this game though...I know it's only presentation and doesn't affect the game, but the umpire behind the stumps doesn't move during runs, and gives decides all run outs, even down the other end.  The other thing is that you can't choose to bowl over or around the wicket, although that doesn't severely affect the game.

Anyway, it's a cool site.... see ya..... 

Ben Buchanan said on 2 February 1999

Just a couple of ideas for ICC that I think might improve the game somewhat.

It is so frustrating/annoying when a player has to go off the field retired hurt. In most situations in real cricket the player will return later down the order but in ICC if he goes off, he won't return.

Is there anyway of having a few more run out/stumping sequences. I've never seen a player be mis-stumped and the run outs are always just out or just misunderstandings with the running. This may be hard to do!?!?

An option to bowl around the wicket??

And If Michael Atherton takes another bag of wickets against me I think I'll scream!!! 

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