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International Test Cricket


This page will detail all the features you would like to see in a sequel to ICC. Sensible suggestions will be added here and passed on to Empire who will hopefully look at them seriously.


bulletFar more records and statistics like Highest Innings, Lowest Innings, Highest Score, Best Bowling, etc. recorded like International Test Cricket.
bulletAllow Domestic & International Batting, Bowling, Fielding & Team Records.
bulletBuilt in Player and Squad Editor.
bulletDifficulty levels.
bulletScenarios. (lead Durham to a trophy etc)
bulletBe able to play in the WORLD CUP. There will be a new version of ICC released to coincide with the World Cup.
bulletBatsmen and bowlers should have an aggression attribute. I assume this means a default rating for each player as opposed to being able to set aggression levels during a match.
bulletCounties able to play at their different home grounds. i.e. Lancashire play at Southport or Lytham instead of just Old Trafford.


bulletShould be able to play more than 20 seasons.
bulletDifferent countries running simultaneously as in CM 97/98.
bulletPlay first class games against tourists and the Universities and 'A' touring teams and U19 touring teams and internationals.
bulletA search engine to seek out and find the players you want.
bulletControl of the youth programme with real current county U19 squads.
bulletA fully controllable 2nd XI in which you can blood young players. (from age 15 upwards)
bulletEngland A and U19 squads to cut your teeth on before the Test team.
bulletSeparate Test and One Day International tour squads.
bulletCareer-ending injuries.
bulletOn international tours, players can be sent home due to injury and replacements called up.
bulletSimultaneous contract negotiations.
bulletPlayers being more temperamental during contract negotiations, e.g. wanting to leave if they can't get in the first team.
bulletThe choice of these during post-season contract negotiations is frequently very limited. Could there not be a bigger selection? (I wanted Jayasuriya!)
bulletTerminate contracts mid-season.
bulletAn option to select a football-style transfer system.
bulletManagers should be able to be sacked.
bulletJob offers from other counties and countries.
bulletAbility to coach other international teams (after all it is INTERNATIONAL cricket captain!)
bulletAbility to leave your county post for an international job.
bulletGround improvements and more business features.
bulletBe able to appoint retired players as coaches.
bulletI would like to see a bigger coaching set-up like being able to train Wicket-Keepers and practice catching with the help of appointing ex-test internationals to help coaching like in CM3.
bulletBetter training - there seems to be some sort of bug whereby overseas players get stuck on very low form ratings and do not respond to training. I had Shane Warne being trained for a whole season and he never got above about 40. I experienced this with every overseas player I tried (Wasim Akram, Brian Lara, etc) and finally gave up using overseas players altogether.


bulletA 3D engine with different camera views. WILL NOT APPEAR!
bulletColoured clothing for one-day games. Already appears in ACC.
bulletVarying light during match sequences.
bulletTake real photos of about 100 young players and use them instead of the photo of the 'shadow player' for young players.
bulletI'd like to put in my own pictures for new players but they only show up normally on the match screen, otherwise they are scrambled. Well several unofficial photo packs have been released. Probably pictures must be a specific size.
bulletMore video files when a county wins a trophy (e.g. Surrey winning the Natwest Trophy).

Commentary / Sound

bulletMore commentary - more commentators?
bulletBetter reaction from crowd & more commentary phrases - it can get repetitive!


bulletFar less penalty for using Auto-Play.
bulletPlayers retired hurt may re-appear later in innings/match.
bulletThe aid of a 12th man
bulletA match referee.
bulletReal umpires with realistic personality traits.
bulletSquare leg umpire to judge run-out and stumpings.
bulletThird umpire for close run out calls.
bulletDay/Night Matches.
bulletMore precipitation. (Rain, Snow, Bad light etc.)
bulletThe ability for it to rain in one-day matches therefore bringing the Duckworth/Lewis method into play. This would mean having a screen graphics with +/- score in front behind as well. It would also mean having an engine telling the user of the likelihood of rain so they could decide when to attack.
bulletThe light to be offered in both one-day and four-day / Test games. Again an engine could be introduced displaying the likelihood of going off for bad light.
bulletThe ability to ask the groundsmen what wicket they want prepared when playing at home and how they want the wicket placed in relation to the boundary (example do they want short boundary at one end long at the other, or for them to be equidistant).
bulletContinuing on from above, the ability to be fined or punished points if you prepare dangerous wickets, although you may be prepared to take the risk in certain matches
bulletMore realistic four day run rates. (450 in a day - yeah, right)
bulletOne think that I would like to see and I think would be really cool is to show team personality (i.e. Sub-Continent teams over appealing, demoralized players in the field etc.)
bulletDangerous pitches. ??


bulletAbility to protect a batsman to implement proper nightwatchman and protect tail.
bulletBatsmen should have one day strike rates recorded.


bulletAbility to choose length of ball as well as line.
bulletAbility to bowl around and over the wicket.
bulletDifferent types of delivery. (flipper, googly, chinaman)
bulletInclude medium-slow and slow-medium bowlers.
bulletLeft arm orthodox and left arm wrist spinners should be distinguished.
bulletLeft arm bowlers to bowl OVER the wicket!
bulletAbility to tell bowlers what style to bowl (pace or spin), Colin Miller is capable of both and it has been used as a tactic in matches before.


bulletBetter run out sequences with occasional misunderstandings in calling. (and remove the bugs)
bulletBetter fielding. (ICC's fielding is terrible)
bulletShould be able to change the keepers distance from the stumps (i.e. stand at the stumps for medium pacers).

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As the sequel to International Cricket Captain 2 is out have a look at International Cricket Captain 2 and if necessary fill in the Wish List in that section.

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