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Cricket Player (my working title as there is no title) is a cricket game currently in the design stage by Brett Ward. It is a little different from other cricket game in that you only control one player in the team - yourself. This is a very interesting idea and allows you to play the fantasy of seeing if you could make the grade in cricket. Brett is still looking for new ideas for this game so if you have any please send them to him.

Current Details from Brett.

It is a statistical game were you do not control a team but you control one player being yourself. You start playing junior cricket, where you have the options of what player you are going to be by distributing a point system to various fields like bowling, batting, stamina, aggression and so on.

From your first match you watch the game happening until the captain calls upon you to bowl or its your turn to bat. With batting you control how aggressive you are with batting, singles. Bowling is much the same because at an early level your skills haven't developed so there is no point trying to bowl maximum pace all the time or try to bowl inswinging legcutters because you haven't got the ability at the moment.

As games go on you can train yourself to gain ability. If you do good in some games you may get put up a age group. If you are selected in a state or national training squad you must play trial games and decide how to train in the nets while the selectors are watching you.

Finally the goal is to play juniors, then grade cricket, then junior state sides, then state cricket and finally play a large amount of test cricket.

Test cricket may involve (if your selected in a touring party) you playing a couple of tour games to see if you can break into the test cricket team.




Send feedback about Cricket Player.

Karan said on 19 September 1999 - I think it is a great concept but be careful about one thing. Don't make it to easy because once people start to get the hang of it they loose intrest. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you do complete this game. This is more directed at the author but I have included it here anyway.





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