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UmpireSim is a Freeware game currently under development by Phil Carty.

Phil's notes - updated Sunday, 2 September 2001

Thanks to everyone for their e-mails, it's good to see the UmpireSIM idea is supported. I know there is a lot of interest in the development, so here's the latest news, plus a screenshot to show I am working somewhat.

I have radically changed the angle I will approach UmpireSIM. Instead of having career modes etc, it'll just be a small game you play on your desktop, which can be launched and played to fill those boring gaps when waiting for things. But it'll still retain it's enjoyable side...

Basically you face ball after ball, and keep track of your correct decision percentage (CDP). Basically it'll just be LBW appeals.

I have here a screen to prove I am working. Don't worry, it's nothing near the actual release, it's just a simple layout for myself to test out the actual engine code. I'll work on interface and graphics last.

Basically I am trying to create all the realistic movements, and various other variables, such as weather, pitch etc etc.

More later, including my new game, Major League Cricket.



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