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International Test Cricket


There are no 'official' cheats in ICC 2 as the development team are against cheats. All the cheats listed below are actually bugs and all have been 'fixed' by one of the patches.


I2Ed (see Downloads page) by Indigo/John Drinkwater. Here is a screenshot of the editor in action.

Hex Editting

These are some articles written by Andrew Drinkwater. They require you to edit saved files. As this could destroy a saved position if done incorrectly make sure you back up any files first. will not be held responsible if you lose a saved game.

Tutorial 1

OK, if you want to edit money, listen up!

  1. Download Hex Workshop.
  2. Note down the Basic Starting Money of your club in your saved game e.g. 630000 for Somerset, and the name of one of the user or all time record holders e.g. Palairet for Somerset.
  3. Load up Hex Workshop and, using the search function, look for the name of the record holder in ASCII mode. It should find a list of the records. DON'T EDIT THESE! Now, go into the find function, change it to Decimal, then change the scroll down box to read 'Long', and type in the Basic Starting Money of your club. It should find it just after the records. In the little window which contains 'short', 'unsigned short' etc, right click on the value in the 'long' box. Change this to however much money you require.
  4. Save the game, load it up in ICC2, and enjoy!

Back up your saved game before trying this, and if anything goes wrong, ITS NOT MY FAULT!!! Now go to it, gentlemen ;-)

Tutorial 2

OK, so we've managed to edit your bankrolls. This time, we're going to look at changing teams during a saved game. I'll assume you've got Hex Workshop (see previous post if not).

  1. Play through your saved game in ICC2 until you reach the season with the 'New Season' arrow on.
  2. Save and exit.
  3. Open the game in Hex Workshop and scroll right to the end of the file. Here you wil see your name and your county.
  4. Count the number of letters in your chosen county's name.
  5. In the file, the county name will appear to be written as .Somerset or .Surrey. Position the cursor before this dot.
  6. In the Data Viewer window, edit the 'Unsigned byte' box to the amount of characters in the new county name.
  7. Open up the replace box. Put the name of your old county in the Find box, and the name of your new county in the replace box. Make sure that it is set to read Down, and replace the old county name with the new one, directly after the value you just wrote.
  8. Open up and play as your brand new county!

As always, keep backups, and if you have any problems, contact me at I'll try and work on another tutorial for next time.

Lots of people emailed me to say

Even if you lose the toss you can still do the opposite from what you have been told to do. Click on the box with the cross and you can do what you it is showing. i.e if you want to bat and you lose the toss and are told to bowl click on the batting icon with the cross and you will be able to bat. Note this cheat has been fixed since patch 1.12. I personally have never got this cheat to work with any version.

Lots of people emailed me to say

When the opposition are batting, you can make them declare. By pressing D and then choosing yes, you can end their innings at any time. Note this cheat has been 'fixed' since patch 1.20e.

Ben Gershaw says

To be any International and County manager!

  1. Go to international option and select your favourite country.
  2. Immediately save and exit and restart a new game.
  3. Select the same name and select your county and START with England!
  4. You will now be in charge of your county and country of your choice.

Note this cheat has been 'fixed' since patch 1.20e.

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