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International Test Cricket


Send feedback about International Cricket Captain 2 (my comments are in italics).

Gordon Van Den Heever said on 15 February 2000

I have got that Fab wicket keeper from Sri-Lanka in the year 2000, but now in 2008 one of my batsmen turned into a keeper from Sri-Lanka as well, now I have two wicket-keeper's one av. about 430+ and the other 250+. Any one else got this.

Tom Grange said on 16 January 2000

I think I have discovered a type of Y2K bug in ICC 2. I have tried twice to restore saved games I began with Yorkshire and have twice got a message which reads something like this "an attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end". My game was definitely named so I don't know what is going on there and when its says "past its end" it indicates to me that it has something to do with Y2K. If anyone else experiences this problem, please mail me.  "past its end" does not indicate Y2K bug - it could be the file got corrupted.

Mathew Read said on 5 October 1999

Yeah I also saw a wonder Sri Lankan Wicket Keeper wanting 13 million a year. Wonder if it's a bug?  It would seem clearly it is a bug.  Now if only we could hack the money so you had that amount and could buy him just to see how well he does for us.

James Flint said on 29 September 1999

Much is being made of the modem capabilities that will be on offer with ICC3, however I hope that those at empire realise that this feature is not enough by itself to sell the game. Whilst I enjoy ICC2 greatly I feel a much bigger step could have been made from ICC. I therefore hope that the gameplay which really is the key in a title of this nature will have enough of a significant addition to warrant buying the game when it is eventually finished. I hope it will not be an ICC2+ modem capability game. there are many areas that can be improved upon not least the international side of things. Once captain of a test playing nation there should be more incentive to do well apart from the wisden tables. This is particularly true of ODIs which attain a meaningless air. There should also be more information about the players who you are picking for the team. At present you can not even tell what type of bowler it is you are picking. The games should also be given an extra significance in graphical and sound terms above and beyond that of county games. Lastly as the seasons wear on a problem arises whereby more and more new players arrive. This can give the game a distinctly impersonal feel. I would suggest a "welcome to the game screen everytime a new player is encountered which would give a brief (randomly generated) synopsis as to his cricketing background and potential. If you have read this much thanks for reading this!

Ian McNicoll said on 27 September 1999

Though the game is a huge improvement, I simply feel the 1 day games and internationals are too hard. Although I think I'm getting the hang of national league games, Sri Lanka scored over 600 in each of their three first innings against me. Maybe their should be some kind of difficulty level so beginners could get into the game quicker. Maybe an easy game would not reward you with a Hall of Fame score? It would be nice to have 3D matches, and to be able to actually bat or bowl in a game. If you were being thrashed, imagine coming in at no. 10 and digging in to force a series clinching draw against the Aussies. Players should also have some kind of rating, as they do in football games. Averages are just too unreliable in my opinion. Hopefully ICC3 will include these features, and be slightly easier. That'd do just nicely.

Nasser Hafiz said on 26 September 1999

After playing a few seasons with various counties, I've noticed that Sri Lanka introduce a young overseas wicketkeeper into the game with amazing stats.(i.e.Test batting average of over 800)The only problem is his wage is around 13 million! Any idea how to get this guy?  Not seen this happen.  Has anyone else?

Prashanth Kharache said on 19 September 1999

Computer management sucks. Opening the bowling with non regular bowlers nearly always. Cannot believe I've ever heard of Salim Malik or Darren Lehmann open the batting for their respective countries. Absolutely ridiculous. Someone please make an editor fast!!!  There is an unofficial editor in the making.

Adam Carter said on 19 August 1999

I have so far started one game of ICC2 in which I chose Leicestershire. In my first year I won nothing and picked up no hall of fame points. The next year, with the opportunity to purchase better players, I won the national league division 2, the super cup and the natwest trophy. I also managed to stay in the newly divisioned county championship. After winning these I found more money to spend on better players and managed to afford Brian Lara, Glen Chapple and Darren Gough along with Graham Llyod and William Kendall. Along with the original Leicestershire players such as Maddy, Smith, Habib, Sutcliffe andMullaly oh and ofcause star player James Ormond - I managed the quadruble (County, National League, Natwest Trophy and Super Cup). Changing players around every now and then after the years I now have a score of 475 and I'm only in 2003!!! Yet everyone on the Cornhill Hall of Fame score only about 500 after the full twenty years!! Am I just incredibly good, or is everyone else useless.  The Hall of Fame score is based on your last 4 years so have a good season in 2003 and then submit your score!

One thing for sure.. I have got Leicestershire 14 trophies in 5 years. Which I think is bloody amazing!  It is pretty impressive.  Any one else done better?

Richard Watters said on 16 August 1999

After playing the game for eighteen straight hours, I have a fairly good idea on the new innovations in the game, I played ICC original for 18 months six out of seven days every week. I love the idea in the Wish List of being able to "direct" your bowlers towards a certain gameplan that you are trying to achieve. i.e. Bouncers on a green wicket etc. But surely the same is to be instituted for the batsman, i.e. if you want to win a match in the last 5 overs, most times even at full aggression, the batsman will still block in the last over!!!! Please allow the manager to insist on the batsman running even if it means they get run out, this will put inevitable pressure on the fielding-side. What about the option of updating certain players' speed, as they get fitter etc? i.e. Jonty Rhodes will run faster between the wickets than most, yet he runs at the same speed as Pakistan's Ul Haq???

This game has just been released in South Africa, and as yet the momentum has to pick up, but for the most part this is a strategy-type country, and as we did not get the original until April 1999, I have a feeling this may be a learning curve. I should add that most of the stats for the South African team are at least 3 months old, how often are you planning on updating the players stats? This will surely effect their performance etc!!!!! Also you have a lot of players in the South African side that retired in or before the 1996 World cup! I can with pleasure let you know which ones are still playing in the local/provincial sides and which have officially retired.  3 months out of date is not that bad.  I know the source they use for the South African players and it is usually a season out of date.  Places like CricInfo only carry stats of international players.

Overall this is a good improvement on the original version. I do feel that there is still not enough emphasis put on training etc, i.e. look the soccer simulations, they will strengthen players weaknesses and enhance their strengths, they will show you what to work on and then do it. Also how about in the comparison table, that you put in a points system, i.e. batting (on current form) 6 out of 10 bowling etc?

How about the facility to create your own team with your own players' names etc?   This has now been included with the latest patch.

Paul McDonald said on 2 August 1999

I agree with Hugh Bradley's comments. Though I am in general more enthusiastic about the game than he seems to be. Here are some ideas for how to turn a good game into a classic.

1) Fielding ratings for throwing, stopping and catching. There should be some indication of which players have good enough reflexes to go in the slips.

2) As well as adjusting bowlers line we should be able to adjust their length for different countries. Bowlers with the worst economy are the ones who fail to find the right line. Also the left, right combination of batsmen should cock up some bowlers lines and we should be told if this is the case.

3) Another idea is that you should be able to tell your bowler when to bowl a bouncer so that you can set the field for it. Though the bowler should still be able to bowl one of his own accord if you are not controlling him directly.

4) ICC2 indicates batsmen's preferences so you know what not to bowl to them, the next stage could be their weaknesses. This could indicate what sort of balls they get out to, and how often, e.g.'Atherton occasionally gets out to a low straight ball getting him lbw' or 'Tufnell often gets out to a short delivery'. Could also mention the circumstances when batsmen get out: 'Butcher sometimes losses concentration when moving from 50 towards 100'. Also coaching could be used to iron some of these faults out. Young players should start of with a lot of weaknesses which you can gradually remove.

Also Empire should include the already mentioned editor and multiplayer.  A name editor is available in latest patch and multiplayer should be coming in next release of ICC.

Hugh Bradley said on 28 June 1999

Having played the demo for ICC2 a couple of times I'd have to agree with Paul Clarke's comments: The in match experience has been greatly improved over the original game. Especially welcome is the ability to choose any highlight after the over is finished, which should speed up play, allowing us to concentrate on management.

I then went back to ICC to re-acquaint myself with the long term aspects of the game. I must say I am not enthusiastic about the promised additional features for ICC2. My biggest complaint with ICC was the way that you can gain so little feeling for the real qualities of your players. Aside from a brief not about leg/off preference, we have only their stats to work from. As a coach of a team, I would expect to have a feeling after some years working with a player about his abilities against a range of bowling, his fielding skill (Especially 'keepers) and even his character. I came to the conclusion that all a selector could do was to pick the most expensive team possible and hope.

ICC2 needs to have some sort way of providing information on the abilities of the fringe players in the team - an second eleven run by the computer, for example. As a player of the game you need to know something of the engine behind the game. After all this time playing ICC, the only advice available on the web seems to be on who to pick for your side (e.g. Habib as batsman, Mark Butcher as a bowler!). There is no advice on how much experience a player needs, for example. All we know is that any random new bowler earning over 50K should go straight into any first team, whereas only existing batsmen are worth having. We should be able to see a development of players over their careers, with players skills improving with experience, fast bowlers losing pace with age but gaining control, etc. Players who've been successful in key games and experience high pressure test matches should be a little more resistant to the ICC trademark collapse. In comparison to ICC batsmen, England's recent batting line-up all look like Steve Waugh, as far as fighting spirit is concerned.

I feel that Empire have a reluctance to provide any hints that reflect the underlying game engine. In my opinion, ICC would have been a far more enjoyable game if we knew more about the factors which determine a players skill. Unfortunately, nothing in the new version appears likely to provide this.

One final comment: the absence of any mention of swing or seam implies to me that the whole measure of a bowler's ability is represented by a single number.

Matt Lane said on 24 June 1999

I recommend as much time be taken by Empire as possible to produce the ICC sequel . Multiplayer option should be one of the main focuses, (if they could make it so) the ability to play online would be HUUUUUGE!! People could easily run leagues and have tournaments, not to mention the weekly Sunday night match against a mate, etc etc, there is definitely a future in going down that path. Many fans including myself would die for Internet play. Although any form of two player ICC would be cool, using the same computer sounds slightly dodgy... "I don't want me best mate knowing how pumped up me opening bowler is for the first one of the day" hehehe. I can't praise Brian Walker and his team enough, quality cricket simulation is their game and they deliver big time. On the same note as delivery, (hello EA) thanks Empire for the early look at ICC2 in the form of the great demo, cheers. To fellow fans, looks like a near flawless cricket outing is about to take place, they've got "cricket simulation" carved in stone at Empire, the way it should be.  Internet and multiplayer support is definitely going to be added (have you voted on the poll on this yet?) but not in ICC 2.

Brian Walker, the producer of ICC 2, replied to all the feedback received prior to 21 June 1999

bulletSome one-day games will have a white ball.
bulletWe'll try and get counties playing touring teams.
bulletThere is a time aspect, not just a commercial one,when it comes to including Aussie leagues teams.

Matthew Crawford said on 16 June 1999

I never saw International Cricket Captain in action, I did however play Australian Cricket Captain for an awfully long time. Judging by the gameplay, I would say that they put an awful lot of thought into people's feedback on the previous version.

There is jazzy animated buttons throughout the menu screens, while this is unnecessary, its still nice. The look of this game is quite polished, but when it comes down to it, that doesn't really matter, its the gameplay that counts.

The first thing I noticed after starting a match was that during an over you could click on the ball and watch the replay just of that ball. It was one of the things that I really wanted in the game, so was glad to see it.

You can also bowl around the wicked, though it seemed a bit silly to me when quite often the computer would have a right handed pace bowler going around the wicket to a right handed batsmen. That's not going to happen very often.

Other than that, the actual gameplay is very similar to ACC it still bugs me when the computer takes the new ball but gives it to a spinner rather than a pace bowler.

So the actual match part of the game is very similar, but I definitely think they have made enough enhancements to upgrade to it. I've been playing it non stop since I got it, and can't wait for the full version. It looks to have so much more to offer.

Grant Dommen said on 15 June 1999

Have just downloaded and played the ICC2 demo, what can I say, absolutely brilliant. The interface alone is worth the download. If only CWC or BLC was anywhere near as clear. All the stats are presented as we are used to seeing them. The actual gameplay video is clear and although not 3D is perfectly adequate. I would say if you love cricket then this is the game for you, no arcade style gameplay here, absolutely superb.

Nikolai Maslak said on 14 June 1999

Mind my language but what the *"!? is going on, I downloaded the demo and its the the nuts, it supercedes ICC in every way apart from complexity and this shouldn't be a problem if you have and play ICC. It has so many new features that all can realistically and effectively can change the course of the game, the bees bloody knees.

Paul Clarke said on 12 June 1999

I have downloaded the ICC 2 demo this morning (about an hour and a half!!!) and have been playing it most of the afternoon.

You may want to know what the game is like...well..It's like ICC really, and to my mind that's no bad thing, playing it is intuitive to anyone who has played ICC, even though the front end has been smartened up no end (comparing demo with demo that is, I'm sure the finished product will have the obligatory AVI's and all that)

I must point out that the game allows you to play as any county, and play the first round of the PPP County Championship and does not have any of the management functions included (training, buying etc). This means that their is a huge chunk of vital gameplay missing from the demo, but then how could they include it, cricket is not a quick game, and the results of management decisions can take a hell of a time to materialise...but I hope Empire are grafting very hard at this aspect of the game.

It says that you then play a one dayer, the game seemed to fall over at this point, and came up with another county game, I batted first and had a full innings of about 140 overs, it then restricted Surrey to 60 overs and said they had lost, if only real life was like that for poor old Worcestershire!

The game itself is a joy to play. the graphics have been slightly tweaked (yes only slightly) The fielders now run like gazelles (or Alec Stewart for those who watch the real thing) Do fielders now dive ?...Yes.Do bowlers bowl round the wicket ?...yes!! Does it work ?...hard to say in the context of a small demo, but it's very encouraging. 

Player details are abundant (more so than even in original ICC) slide your mouse pointer over the batting or bowling card, and watch the match stats for that player appear. Even better (and this is good) slide it over the 6 ball icons, and replay any ball, slide it over the 'fall of wickets' details, and re-watch those as well!! Worm graphs, RPO histograms, player 'form' graphs, scoring areas, wagon wheels...all included. Batsmen are aggressive, normal or defensive, and play accordingly (great for choosing your 'pinch hitters' in a run chase.

The field setting is not operational for custom fields, and this is a shame. The old method in ICC made my arm ache, I 'd keep a knackered bowler on sometimes rather than go through that chore. So I'd like to see how this was implemented.

Bugs...sorry, at the moment plenty. Saqulain Mushtaq bowled 35 overs for 111, but the scorecard said 11. Interrogation of the form screen  the end of the match tells you each batsman was 'not out' twice. The keeper faces the wrong way sometimes when the ball is thrown in from the boundary (very much like CWC then) There are more...mostly to do with the stats, but then I'm being picky. This is a match demo, and these features may not even have been meant to be complete yet, but it's always worth pointing these things out. 

Long term play-testing is the key. The 2005 Aussie tour bug (or whatever year it was) in ICC stopped everyone until patched, and the game needed 5 patches (and still had bugs). The game also became un-balanced as the years went on. With batsmen getting progressively worse, and bowlers reigning supreme. By 2010 you could have 6 bowlers in a county side all averaging about 18 per wicket, and perhaps one or two batsman averaging over 30. This needs to be corrected, and only a lot of planning / testing will ensure this.

Once again I'm being very pedantic, but this demo only shows half the game, so it's fingers crossed (though I'm quietly optimistic).

Overall the game plays very well. I am looking forward to it immensely. I can see it being the saviour for REAL cricket enthusiasts.

Stan Hannan said on 12 June 1999

Played the demo for a couple of hours this are my surface observations;

bulletThe general upgrade is excellent...crisper presentation, better package and high level doubt about it ...much much better game.
bulletThe game itself (highlights) is also much crisper in presentation..the animations are a great improvement...with fielders diving and more realistic movement.
bulletThe commentary is disappointing ..its the same! Agnews voice claims an edge as Stuart crashes the ball over the bowlers head into the sightscreen
bulletThe colours of the uniforms are Ok ...however the one day game was with a 'red' ball...I'm not sure how the final product will handle this???
bulletA small niggle to me is that the helmets and wicketkeeprs gloves are the same 'blue' as in the past ...why not vary the colour with the team????

However no doubt this is a much better product  and the ''team' at ICC have obviously listened and done their homework ...its a commendable effort...and will still be the best Cricket game of this 'genre' on the market.

James Nixon said on 17 May 1999

I still can't believe that Empire won't add the Australian teams, New Zealand teams, etc all in one package. I know that they will probably release an Australian edition but why not release it all in one package? Why would people in Australia, New Zealand, etc want to buy a game with only England domestic teams?  The simple answer might be money or it could be logistics within the game.  The Aus/NZ market is a lot smaller than here in the UK and without a true global market Empire have to maximise the revenue potential of the game.  Note this is my opinion only.

Rob MacGregor said on 11 May 1999

I am very worried, the fact that as England you can play local teams is a good addition, but can you not play as a county team against other touring countries? Also the setup has not been changed enough, the new selection screen looks fiddly and Empire will have to convince me that they have changed the game from the original bug ridden disaster into a slick moving good engine non-repetitive program which will emulate the success of the original.  Hopefully Empire have overcome the problems associated with the first one but we won't be able to tell until it has been released.

Empire- PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO BUY THE SAME GAME TWICE  The game is I feel more different from its predecessor than some other games are like Fifa.

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