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International Test Cricket


This page will detail all the features you would like to see in ICC 3. Sensible suggestions will be added here and passed on to Empire who will hopefully look at them seriously.


bulletI agree with the guy in the feedback section who said players should have Championship Manager style stats. We need to have at least a basic idea of parts of the player that batting and bowling averages cannot explain. I suggest marks out of ten for things like fielding, ability under pressure, speed of bowling.
bulletEach player should have a history saying what team he was in in what season with a similar look to the CM games. It would be useful to know more than his 2 previous seasons e.g. you could tell a downward trend in ability with older and improvement in youth players.
bulletEditor that allows you to alter player skills to keep details upto date.
bulletPlay as official ODI sides like Kenya and Bangladesh and whoever else who may become one by then. Management - You should be able to play as other nations first class competitions (or the main/best ones) not just England's (like have ACC in ICC).
bulletThe South African provincial teams.
bulletAnybody interested in taking over South Africa and hoping to develop the black players into the team will be quite disappointed to see that Goedeke/Mpitsang/Moekoedane are all white. I think the problem here is that it is very likely that Empire would not have known these players were black. This is another case for a player editor where you can alter the basic appearance of players as well.
bulletClub information updated to reflect the performance of the user as he wins trophies.
bulletCareer records tracking. e.g. most runs for career per county team or county cricket, international cricket etc. So after ten seasons or so, you can begin to see who were the greats, etc.
bulletOne Day stats & records for domestic and international teams.
bulletA One Day ranking for international teams.
bulletWhen you reach a certain score in the hall of fame the cricket boards from other countries should offer you a job and you should have wages. What advantage is there to you having wages.
bulletAbility to create your own team (including all players) within certain restrictions like limited number of points to allocate to skill, fitness, etc.
bulletAbility to create scenarios (with adjusted player ratings if necessary). e.g. Take Durham to clean sweep within 3 years.


When renewing/terminating contracts at the end of the season, you should be able to see who is available before having to sort out your existing players.

bulletCoaches being replaced and different jobs becoming available. Say you have won the league 5 seasons in a row with Kent and fancy a challenge of turning Durham into a cricketing super power instead of bottom of the league no hopers.
bulletMoney from Man of Match awards should go to club.
bulletPlayers getting a Man of Match award should get a slight increase in wages.
bulletYou should be able to make bids and sign players before the end of the season even if they are not on the transfer screen. e.g. You may want Shoaib Akhtar but he may not be there.
bulletWhen starting a new season be able to view your current squad when trying to decide which out of contract players to sign.
bulletWhen renewing/terminating contracts at the end of the season, you should be able to see who is available before having to sort out your existing players.
bulletIt would be helpful to have some idea of the ability of youth players before signing them. You can view their previous season averages for 2nd XI etc for some indication
bulletPlayers should carry on until they are about 40, at the moment, all players tend to retire at the age of about 35-37. That means that players like Alec Stewart are only in the game for one season. Maybe it should be dependant on their recent form. A player playing well will continue whereas one playing badly may pack it in and retire.
bulletPre-season training - be able to assign coaching time to particular attributes of a player which will help them improve.
bulletHave Scouts who can recommend or search for players like in Championship Manager 3. One does not always know what a player is like, especially foreign players.
bulletWhen selecting England or another country be able to sort on any column by clicking the heading (sometimes I want to know which bowlers are in form). Be able to sort on two or more columns e.g. best average and in form.
bulletWhen selecting a team or party be able to see the type of bowler a particular player is e.g. RF, SLA, etc.
bulletTo improve team performance when letting the computer play games be able to specify batting/bowling aggression or field placings for different conditions. I guess this is modifying or overriding the computers AI. Field placing for different conditions might be difficult but I definitely like this idea of specifying some tactics for computer generated results.


bulletThe uniforms should be more detailed not just one colour.
bulletSome players should wear floppy hats or caps (players who usually wear them like Michael Bevan) including some batsmen.
bulletCamera views & replays
bulletBe able to zoom and move the camera anywhere on the field even overhead.
bulletBe able to save particular camera views (Fn Keys) for quick switch of views.
bulletBe able to save replays to a user file and annotate to save memorable moments. Some of my fielders make great catches.
bulletStraight shots shouldn't pass through the non-strikers wicket & umpire as if they weren't there.
bulletWhen watching the highlights, the ground played at should look different. Currently, the pitch always looks slightly green regardless of whether you're playing in England or on the subcontinent.
bulletAdd an Asian type skin colour (tanned maybe?), besides having just black and white.

Commentary / Sound

bulletPlayers name in commentary.
bulletJonathan Agnew should like describe more things (like the batsman coming in is in good form or he is good in these situations)
bulletThe crowd noises should be more detailed generally (like for England there's the Balmy Army chanting) and the way they are in different places.
bulletParticular accents for players from that country (even if they are people impersonating).
bulletMaybe in the game screen you could have the noise of the crowd anticipating (If you do, please, make it detailed and not repetitive like other games where you hear the same noise every 10 seconds).
bulletIt would be nice to at least have the *option* to have some menu music...ICC 2 is very quiet, and the only sound is Jonathan Agnew!
bulletSome commentary on bowling milestones (5 wickets per innings and 10 per county/test match) also when on a hat trick and when a bowler actually gets a hat trick.
bulletAnother commentator besides Agnew to chip in now and then for special comments like Ian Botham (Maybe he could be for England Internationals only). Maybe one for every main or test country at least like Ian Chappell for Aussie internationals and Michael Holding or Colin Croft for W.I. internationals, Sunil Gavaskar for India, Mike Procter for South Africa, Ian Smith for NZ.


bulletWhen choosing the next batter to come in after a batsman is out, you should be able to click on him and view his profile and his analysis (like aggression for a pinch hitter).
bulletIn the match screen you can see what hand they bowl with, you should be able to see what hand they bat with as well, so you don't have to click on the player.
bulletMaybe a more detailed profile on the players like D.O.B. and a more detailed player analysis on the way he plays (like Lance Klusener: Extremely aggressive and Bevan has trouble with the short delivery).
bulletShould the square-leg umpire also make decisions? e.g run-outs, stumpings etc. at the batting end?
bulletYou should be able to declare at lunch or tea, not just during sessions.
bulletGet rid of the confirmation on field settings. I find it frustrating to have to click to confirm I want to change my bowling line.
bulletA player with a minor injury should be able to come later on during the innings and not be ruled out for the whole innings.
bulletArcade option to play either as entire team or as a player manager. Personally I am against this as arcade games are never realistic once mastered so realism of ICC would suffer.


bulletWhat about the hook and pull shots?...there are none so far.
bulletWhat about flicks off the pad to fine or long legs?
bulletWhat about late-cuts to third man?
bulletWhen batting I wish I could stop my batsmen sweeping when there are two close catchers, it usually ends with them out.


bulletWhen bowling, you should be able to select line and LENGTH. e.g. Yorkers at the end of innings, bouncers at new, unsettled batsman.
bulletOff-stump should no longer be considered defensive.
bulletBowlers should be able to bowl googlies,chinaman etc.,as the player helps in player tactics.
bulletComputer shouldn't bowl spinners at the end of a one-day match. This is sometimes used as a genuine tactic. Does the computer always bowl spinners or just occasionally?
bulletBowling ends for grounds above the two player's names who are bowling. With this you should also have wind conditions (wind speed and direction) shown down the bottom of the screen with the the other match conditions. This should help a fast bowler bowling with the wind to get more nicks or bowled and a batsman with the wind behind his back should have a better chance for getting sixes.


bulletWicket keeper should stand up to the stumps for spin bowlers.
bulletPositioning the wicketkeeper would be fun especially after seeing Jack Russells recent display.
bulletWhen choosing a field setting be able to see the attributes for a batsmen. The lower one is usually obscured by the field placings and it is easy to forget to check the batsmans strengths before changing the field placings.
bulletWicket keepers are not rated in any way for keeping abilities.
bulletAll players have the same fielding ability. Have different skills for fielding.
bulletThe fielder at the bowler's end or keeper should be able to break the stumps instead of depending on direct hits for run outs.

Chris Bachofen said on 14 February 2000

Some great ideas above. I can't wait for ICC3. However, I think some of the following points have been missed and might be added to improve the game even.

bulletAttacking batsmen are always stumped when they use their feet to spinners. This makes it too predictable. They should also be able to block the ball or hit a boundary or six.
bulletWicketkeepers should also be able to stand up to medium pacers but according to their ability may let through more byes or miss more chances.
bulletToo many catches are behind the wicket. Although this may be quite accurate in 4/5 day matches, there should be more catches on at mid on/off during limited over games.
bulletInternational overseas tours are sometimes ridiculously long. I had one tour which comprised of 5 test in Australia followed by the one day world series followed by a three test tour of India combined with 5 one day matches!
bulletAlso with floodlit matches now being introduced in the UK one day internationals/matches should reflect this, i.e. not only visually but the effect of early evening dew should effect bowling/fielding conditions.

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