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International Test Cricket


Minimum Requirements

bulletWindows 95/98
bulletIntel Pentium 75 MHz processor
bullet16 Mb RAM
bulletDirectX 6 Supported graphics card with 1 Mb RAM (800 x 600 16 bit colour display)
bullet80 Mb hard disk space
bulletDirectX 6 Supported sound card
bullet2 x speed CD-ROM

Recommended Requirements

bulletDesktop PC
bulletWindows 95/98
bulletIntel Pentium 133 MHz processor
bullet16 Mb RAM
bulletDirectX 6 Supported graphics card with 4 Mb RAM (1024 x 768 16 bit colour display)
bullet150 Mb hard disk space
bulletDirectX 6 Supported sound card
bullet4 x speed CD-ROM

The best-selling PC cricket game of 1998 and the first PC cricket management game ever is now even better for 1999.

Empire Interactive have released International Cricket Captain 2 for PC CD-ROM. The surprise hit of last summer has been fully updated with a feast of new features which are guaranteed to please both players of the original International Cricket Captain and gamers new to the cricket management genre.

Released in early Summer 1998, International Cricket Captain was quick to enter the UK's PC CD-ROM Top 10 and remain there well into the Autumn. The realism of the game and its unique management content prompted many fans to generate discussion forums and give comments back to International Cricket Captain's producer in order to make the gameplay even better. These comments have meant the inclusion of more features in the new game, making International Cricket Captain 2 a must-have for even buyers of the original product.

Packed with the fan-inspired new features, new gameplay options, and new competitions including the 1999 World Cup and the brand new National League, International Cricket Captain 2 will be released in association with Wisden, the world's ultimate cricket authority. Further authoritative endorsement comes from the return of the BBC's Jonathan Agnew to provide the commentary for the new game. In addition, Empire's association with Cornhill will continue, with the Insurance giant hosting of the International Cricket Captain Worldwide Hall of Fame (

With its impeccable pedigree, major game improvements, truly authoritative professional endorsement, and strong marketing support, International Cricket Captain 2 looks set to remain the Premier Cricket Management game this summer!

Key Features

bulletWorld Cup competition. Captain any team in the World Cup competition. Play the competition as a standalone, or as part of main game if you are captaining England.
bulletNew Competition. The new National League is included in International Cricket Captain 2, complete with accurate reproduction of the Division system, meaning you can be relegated as well as promoted!
bulletExisting Competitions. For reference, last year’s county championship, cup competition tables/results are included.
bulletNew Direct X user interface in 16-bit colour and with animated controls. In keeping with our philosophy of incorporating the latest technology into the game when it becomes available, the interface is now much more dynamic due to the switchover to Direct X.
bulletIncreased personal stats. In response to requests from players, there are more stats, both individual and team. Players are notified via dialogue boxes whenever a record has been broken. Examples:
Highest score (where it was scored and against who)
Best Bowling (where and against who)
Best Partnerships
Highest team scores (where and against who)
Lowest team scores
Best bowling (innings/match)
Highest partnerships for each wicket
Most runs in a season
Most wickets in a season.
bulletAdditional commentary and animations. Approximately one more hours worth of commentary from Jonathan Agnew has been added. More animations, including improved fielding, and coloured kits for the one day games have also been included.
bulletThird umpire. The mysterious third umpire and his traffic light now make an appearance as well as a square leg umpire.
bulletMore bowling and batting options. The option to bowl around the wicket was one of the most requested features so this has been included. You can now also be able to instruct your batsmen to take quick singles.
bulletPitch changes colour to reflect conditions. The pitch colour now reflects the season - green in spring, brown in autumn, wet in summer!
bulletDatabase editor. A database editor is now included to allow the re-naming of players. There is also an Import Picture option allowing players to insert their own pics.
bulletTwo player option via 'hot seat’. You can now play matches against a friend on the same machine. This is especially useful for playing a Test or One-Day International series.
bulletPlay local teams when on tour. When you tour as captain of England, you are now able to play against local sides to allow a more accurate assessment of who’s in form and who isn’t.

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