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International Test Cricket


Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

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Marc Robbins said on 24 September 2000

Definitely the best of the 3 games so far, but there is one thing which really annoys me, and must surely be improved. The number of illogical computer-chosen bowlers (i.e. opening batsmen taking the new ball when medium pacers who never bowl in normal cricket) is very annoying indeed.

Also some of the England selections beggar belief. Michael Powell of Glamorgan was called up to the England ODI and subsequently Test sides, yet at the time of his initial call up he was averaging 15 opening in one day games, and Michael Powell of Warwickshire was averaging more than 45. Of course this could be a peculiarity of there being 2 identically named players, but it does seem a bit weird.

Ian NcNicoll said on 22 July 2000

The game is generally a great improvement, with the difficulty settings a great addition. The AI is a bit dodgy, hardly any contracted players are picked, and Darren Gough wasn't picked for the ODIs in my game. He is in the top ten ODI bowlers in the world, and has one of the best averages out of them. Caddick was also dropped having taken 5 in the previous match, the selection doesn't make much sense.

Far too many catches are dropped in the slips, and as this is the main mode of dismissal in cricket now it is a real shame. Maybe it is just the fielders. If there is a rating which decides who is a good catcher then why isn't it used to position players in the default positions on the pitch. As it is it is almost as if the worst catchers are put in the slips. Changing the fielders for every single field setting is cumbersome and should not have to be done.

I would also like to be able to see the forthcoming summer tests, or at least the sides.

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