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International Test Cricket


This page will detail all the features you would like to see in ICC 2001/4. Sensible suggestions will be added here and passed on to Empire.


bulletA clearer way of sorting the team and players - it is a bit packed.
bulletA database editor.
bulletA Fantasy XI or something of that nature which means you can play the great players against the great players.
bulletDifferent sized pitches.


bulletMore difficulty levels.
bulletForeign players and teams more up to date. The players and teams are as up to date as possible. All data is supplied by an external source and is normally correct for the end of the previous English county season.
bulletBuying and selling during the season to increase the interest in the management side. This does not happen in real life.
bulletMore management controls e.g. morale of the players or team overall. This is effectively covered by form.
bulletMore emphasis on the finance side of management.
bulletA way of increasing the ground facilities e.g. build nets or more stands for crowds to increase sales.
bulletScouts to look for new or improving players.
bulletSave money each year for an academy to improve and increase young talent.
bulletEmploy specific coaching staff and physio (and second eleven coach - perhaps an old first team player).
bulletAbility to skip the rest of a match once the match has been started.
bulletAbility to auto-play a whole season if you are going through a rebuilding stage and you need to get to the transfers!
bulletTo be able to print off the averages from the squad selection list.
bulletA Tours for international management.
bulletSeparate One Day/Test touring squads.
bulletMore tour matches especially when you play an international team. e.g. West Indies when they go to Australia.
bulletWorld Cup every 4 years.
bulletAble to release players at a given time during the season, and sign players who have been released at the same time. e.g. when Tim Walton got released by Essex last year, you should be able to sign him.
bulletMore world-class players coming up through the youth team.
bulletNewspaper showing flash headlines of the matches held on the previous day just like a sports newspaper.
bulletAfter each season a summery of the performance of the team under the captain i.e. wins, loss %, advice and remarks from the management for the captain.
bulletIf the captain is performing badly he should be sacked!


bulletNew graphics engine for highlights.
bulletDifferent camera views e.g. behind the wicket or from square.
bulletScorecards presented in much more similar way to TV (i.e. similar to Channel 4).
bulletAssign photos to new players. There are 'spare' photos provided on the CD but couldn't they be automatically 'attached' to newly created players?

Commentary / Sound

bulletAnother commentator.
bulletMore commentary.
bulletThe game is too quiet - There should be some music when the game is in the options area. Personally I'm not so sure - cricket is a quiet game normally :-)



bulletThe possibility to instruct batsmen to take quick singles e.g. against defensive field.
bulletWhen you start your second innings, you should be able to change your opening batsmen.
bulletMore balls should be left by the batsman and go through to the wicket keeper.
bulletI think that you should have the choice of where the batsmen take their guard. Like on middle stump or outside leg stump e.g. Kim Barnett.
bulletOption for batting player to make batsman 'favour' a certain shot direction. Can help force manipulation of field placements, but slight risk of occasional mis-hit.
bulletOption for batting player to denote minimum number of runs required from a ball - useful at end of one day game where, e.g., only 6 runs will do, not just an aggressive 4.


bulletControl the speed/spin of a deliveries.
bulletSpeed gun.
bulletDifferent actions used by bowlers.
bulletMore noticeable difference between Fast-Med. and Fast bowlers.
bulletBowlers pace getting faster as their career progresses. Also slower as they get older and are in the twilight of their career?
bulletOption to select for bowler a 'vary attack' icon, which, as seen on highlights screen, will vary line and length throughout over. May disrupt batsman but could lead to occasional loose delivery and/or settled value of bowler freezing/decreasing.
bulletBowlers have different styles e.g. Sir Gary Sobers is down as fast medium but in fact bowled leg spin, off spin and even genuine quick during his career.


bulletSpecific ratings and training for fielders. Particular for wicket keepers.
bulletGive players fielding abilities either general value, or break down into (e.g.) run speed, reactions, catching, throw speed and accuracy. The player can thus make most of their team. Acknowledges also different fielding abilities of sides which can often make a 20-run difference.
bulletAdd on the highlights screen, a number or name above each fielder to denote identity. The batting player can then choose whether to run another or stay put via left and right mouse clicks. As with skip game option, computer controlled running will be a tad more cautious and not acknowledge weaker fielders. A small change which would revolutionise the game, giving a much greater 'hands on' feel.
bulletDifferent run-out situations would be nice e.g. keeper or bowler whipping off the bails.
bulletA number designated to each player, so positions can be swapped within field settings. I have had about a hundred dropped catches in the slips due to two players who are automatically put there, but changing the fielders using user settings means the line and length cannot be changed easily.
bulletThe square leg umpire should give run outs at his ends.

Detailed Wish Lists

Kris McDonald


bulletLet us manage different domestic league teams. At least Australian, but why not India, South Africa and the West Indies. Never heard a decent reason why this isn't the case. There are several reasons - difficulty in researching all the extra players, licencing problems, major coding changes required to handle all different domestic formats/rules etc.
bulletRedesign the game engine. ICC has had essentially the same engine for ages. Put together a new one along champ man lines. Stats for Fielding: catching, stopping, throwing. Batting: defending short ball, spin, timing, power, running. Bowling: accuracy, pace, seam movement, swing etc. Others: Mental handling pressure (hidden), teamwork. This will make the game tactically more realistic and players will mature properly, learn to handle pressure, bowlers lose pace gain accuracy etc. Whilst nice as an idea practiaclly impossible to get all these details correct for every player.
bulletMore on team spirit. If you field an unchanged line up for a long time players morale will increase. Players should have bust ups with you or other players, and should have off the field problems-these can all reduce morale. Some players are more argumentative than others Lara, Cork. The player should have to figure out whether they are good enough to keep in if they are ruining team spirit.
bulletPressure-players making test debut, facing bowlers with high reputation, involved in a run chase, seeing wickets fall at other end, bowling death overs in a onedayer etc. are all under more pressure should be simulated.
bulletFeedback-there is none. you never know why things are happening. It makes the game unrealistic and dull. Firstly you should have a rough idea how aggressive the opposition are trying to be. Secondly,you should get feedback from your own players-bowlers should recommend fielding changes, tell you what the opposition batsmen weaknesses are, etc.


bulletLeg stump is still meant to be defensive (should only be for leg spinners) for seamers either they want to attack (off stump) or tuck players up by bowling straight.
bulletThe pitch characteristics aren't detailed enough. There is no mention of seam (moisture in the pitch) how fast the pitches are (fast pitches easier to score off- more dangerous for batsmen-slow pitches suited to medium pacers).
bulletBowling bouncers is to much hassle-you should be able to instruct your bowler to bowl the odd short when he wants, rather than always readjusting his length.
bulletLeft hand right hand combination-does this sometimes cock up bowler's line (difficult to say because the ICC boys are far to secretive about the game engine).


bulletYou should only be able to tell batsmen what to to at certain times-between overs or when wickets fall. To suggest that the captain has a telepathic link to the batsmen telling them how aggressive to be stretches credibility a bit.
bulletOne of the best things about ICC 2 was the inclusion of batsman characteristics (what types of bowling they like)- more of this- do they play the hook shot, chase wide balls, sometimes play unorthodox shots. Also Batsmen weaknesses- miss read spin etc.
bulletBatting tactics could be far more sophisticated. Players should be able to set percentages for what types of batting they want- accumulate singles, slog, straight bat shots, flat bat shots, unorthodox. Tactics for running between wickets- whether or not take risky singles or only run to certain fielders. There should be an aggressive version of the tactic for protecting the strike, where one batsman tries to farm the strike without slowing the run rate down.


bulletThis is going to sound a bit radical, but I think they should be gotten rid of altogether. They limit the number of things you can simulate because you have to make graphics for them (i.e. players having different running speeds, over throws) they don't give you any useful feedback, you stop watching them after the first couple of times you play, they aren't very realistic, a champ man style text commentary lets you see the game in your head which is far more realistic and exciting.

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