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International Test Cricket



ICC 2 Demo from Fully playable demo with limited sound effects and no commentary (16.9 Mb).

ICC 2 Demo SOund Files from enhance the above demo you may wish to download this file, containing all the relevant sound effects and Jonathan Agnew's match commentary (23.2 Mb).

As these files are large I recommend you use a Download Manager like Go!Zilla or GetRight to download the demo.


Note: The game can automatically be patched to the latest version (if necessary) by selecting Network Game. If you want to manually patch the game use the following links and make sure you get the correct version.

Patch v1.21 to v1.32
Patch v1.25 to v1.32
Patch v1.31 to v1.32

Detailed instructions on how to patch International Cricket Captain 2000.

Un-official Patches

New Names submitted by Damian Gleeson. (This is the same file as for ICC 2) UNZip this file in the ICC 2000 directory. These files are used for surnames of new players. This file contains surnames of Australian, England and New Zealand test players, so standby for a new generation of Chappel's, Botham's, Hadlee's, etc.

Web Pack

Official Empire Web pack (798 Kb) - contains banners, logos, screenshots etc. for PC and PSX versions of ICC 2000.

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