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International Test Cricket


Please send me your own reviews of PC Brian Lara Cricket.


Review by Chris Gin.

Review by Vijay Patel.

Review by Jason Forte.

Review by Micheal Atkinson.

Review by Matthew Coyle.

Review by Dave Austin.

Review by Jeremy Dyer.

Review by Paul Robson.

Also check out the Feedback page for some mini reviews and opinions.

Online Reviews

Review by Brian Lara Cricket.

Review by Game Online.

Review 1  by GameFAQs.
Review 2  by GameFAQs.
Review 3  by GameFAQs.

Review by Hotgames.

Review by Sports Gaming Network UK.

Review of Shane Warne Cricket 99 by Dreamplay.

Review of Shane Warne Cricket 99 by GameFAQs.

Review of Shane Warne Cricket 99 by NZ GamePlayers.

Review of Shane Warne Cricket 99 by PlayNow.

Magazines Reviews

bulletOfficial UK Playstation Magazine 8/10
bulletArcade 4/5
bulletComputer & Video Games 4/5
bulletPlayStation Pro 9/10
bulletPlayStation Power 88%
bulletAustralian PlayStation magazine 9/10
bulletfrOnt 5/5
bulletReview of Shane Warne Cricket 99 by Australian TV Week 8/10

If anyone has the text for the missing 4 magazine reviews can they please send me it so I can add it to these pages.

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