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International Test Cricket


If any cheats don't appear to work send me details and I will remove them.  If a cheat is currently listed as not verified and does work please let me know.

To use these cheats go into the Classic Matches and in the password enter the desired password listed below (all in upper case and no spaces).  Note all cheats must be 8 characters long.

Cheats listed in italics are ones I am dubious about but will list until they are verified or rejected.  Cheats with ??? are ones I am not sure what they do.  You get the sound effect for a valid cheat but it is not immediately visible what has happened.  Any comments by me as always are in Italics.

Note if you enter the FILTERED cheat anything else you enter afterwards gives the sound effect if a valid cheat.  To confirm a cheat please try it before entering the FILTERED cheat.

Password Description


Submitted by
CATSDOGS Always rains during Test Matches. Yes Paul Clarke
CMBRLARA Super batsman. Yes Various
COPYCATS 7th Classic match. Yes Various
FASTCHAT All speech is speeded up.  Very funny sounds as if everyone is on helium. Yes Regie Deaton
FILTERED All pitch and grass textures are filtered.  This makes the them look far superior and removes the blocky pixel look.  This should have been the default setting.  3Dfx only cheat? Yes Regie Deaton
FINISHED 10th Classic match. Yes Various
GRABSHOT Press 'G' to grab a screenshot - the output is a BMP in the game directory. (3Dfx only). Yes Regie Deaton
HALFLIFE 8th Classic match. Yes Various
MEDICINE A big ball. Yes Various
NITEOWLS 9th Classic match. Yes Various
NONOTOUT Unbreakable stumps. Yes James Hutchinson
OLDTIMER World XI team (featuring Bradman, Gavaskar, Richards, Sobers etc). Yes Sahil Sachdev
SCARFACE 5th Classic match. Yes Hamid Noorouzy
SETMOUSE Gives free and complete camera movement. Use the two mouse buttons plus ALT or LCTRL. Yes Brian Lara Cricket Online
SILLYBOY 6th Classic match. Yes Various
SLIPPERY Makes the fielders drop catches. Yes Paul Clarke
SLOWCHAT All speech is ssllooww. Yes Regie Deaton
SUNSHINE Beach Party. Yes Dan Thomas
TAKEAWAY 2nd Classic match. Yes Geoff Talbot
TIMELINE 4th Classic match. Yes Rob Myer
TIMEWARP Super fast game. Yes James Hutchinson
WIPEOUTS 3rd Classic match. Yes Hamid Noorouzy

P.Y. Zaheer says

On the classic match screen simply press the <Space-bar> and you will be able to play a hidden classic match 0.

England vs Australia One Day International Lords 1992
England chasing a target of 224 with 3 wickets left, require 22 from the last two overs of this One Day International at Lords.  Can you score the runs needed to win?

Chris Titley says

Enter the SETMOUSE cheat. When you know you are going to be dismissed i.e. caught or run out then hold down the Alt key and click the right mouse button. This will replay the ball without a wicket, or runs. If you wait until you are out however, it will replay the ball but a wicket will have fallen. This cheat is great, you can use it to ignore balls you don't like where they are going to pitch before they are bowled. Now you can skip those yorkers :-)

Sometimes the bowler runs in from about point and you see him running in and basically he bowls the ball backwards... haven't figured out how I did it yet.

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