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International Test Cricket


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Short Reviews

Review by NMA.

Review by Yaju Arya

Review by Anish Kumar.

Review by Matthew Harbour.

Review by Mr Anon.

Review by Sridhar Ramaswamy.

Review by Amit Gogwekar.

Long Review

Review by Chintan K. Ganatra.

Review supplied by Steve Collins.

Online Reviews

Review by Brian Lara Cricket Online.

Review by coolinfo.

Review by Game Online.

Review by GameSpot UK.

Review by IT Reviews.

Review by Sports Gaming Network UK.

Magazines Reviews

bulletHyper>> 84 / 100
bulletPC Format 88%
- Superb Graphics
- Excellent AI
- Great Interface
- Splendid Player Database

- Lacks Cricket Subtleties
Choice Quotes:
"Codemasters has created a game that's both playable and realistic"
"...accessible to newcomers in the sport and in depth enough for fans."
"Will please the general sports fan, and the cricket lover will adore it"
"...thoughtful control system, an excellent interface,a superb graphics engine, and an impressive computer AI system".
bulletReview by PC Gameplay 8 / 10
Not perfect but still far and away the best cricket simulation on PC – Electronic Arts’ Cricket World Cup comes nowhere near it.
bulletPC Review 5 / 10
Probably the best cricket game you can get on the PC
Limited control makes the whole experience boring.
bulletPC Zone 85% - Flannel clad cricketing fun
- Great atmosphere
- Good shot selection
- Huge range of matches and locations
- Good long term appeal
- Manual fielding too hard (but optional)
- Too much superfluous animation for the impatient
bulletUltimate PC 86 / 100 - A top cricket title that's packed with options and looks as good as it plays.  A game to console all england fans after the last test series.
For - All the real teams and players, lots of options and different game modes.
Against - The fielding and bowling side of the game can become a little dull.

I will try and add the text to the magazine eviews soon.

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