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International Test Cricket


This page will detail all the features you would like to see in a sequel to Brian Lara Cricket. Sensible suggestions will be added here and passed on to Codemasters who will hopefully look at them seriously.


bulletA Nintendo 64 version.
bulletNTSC version.
bulletNetwork/Online play - It would be really cool to be able to play over the Internet with other teams/people. This would make the game more interesting and challenging.
bulletInclude latest players e.g. MacGill, Miller, Martyn, Agarka, Gavin Robertson etc.
bulletA player editor so that new players can be added to the game as they enter the scene instead of sticking with the same old players forever.
bulletA selection pool so you can keep up to date squads.
bulletMake Australia the best team. Actually I think this means make the ratings more realistic :-)
bulletDon't base a player's ability just on their international averages. Players like Langer and Ramprakash are much better players than what their averages suggest. But in the game they bat according to their averages. So Langer with an average of 22, isn't as good as Ian Healy with an average of 29.
bulletPlayers should be given attributes as well as averages.
bulletGive each player more attributes, such as Height. This will mean a taller fast bowler, will extract more bounce out of the wicket than a smaller fast bowler.
bulletInclude special tournaments like CUB, Ashes, Sir Frank Worrel etc.
bulletInclude domestic tournaments, County Championship, Sheffield Shield, etc.
bulletFloodlight match option.
bulletCreate a tournament mode in which you can coose your teams, venues, umpires, commentators, etc.
bulletLet non-test teams play test teams in friendly mode.
bulletAdd to the archive idea, by including the state teams and allow you to choose the Australian and English teams from the Shield and County Teams respectively.
bulletBe able to go on tour with a team, picking your squad, and having both one day series and test.
bulletIntroduce a Career game option - like ICC where you take charge of a Test side for over a number of years and tour countries - playing home nations and first class state/county teams.
bulletTo be able to skip the wicket keeper throwing ball to bowler and bowler walking back. I can normally do this by pressing the X button but it does not work always and you have to wait a while to make sure you don't start a run. Dave Austin has more on this subject on the Hints 'n' Tips page.
bulletBeing able to press a button and bypass Umpire's 4/6 signal.
bulletAbility to switch between 1 player and 2 player mode in middle of game (like every EA sports game).
bulletCaptains advice to bowlers / outgoing batsmen / batting partner (simple pull down selections with half a dozen options would be nice i.e 1) Hit out 2) Look for runs 3) Play your natural game etc.
bulletIt would be nice to see deteriorating wickets, plus more weather effects. Very rarely does it rain, when forecasts are set to average rain, overcast day.
bulletMore Conditions introduced - Uneven pitches, cracks, natural swing etc.
bulletCan select different umpires.
bulletBetter player performance tracking including batting:50's & 100's, bowling: 5wi & 10wm.
bulletDefinitely add injuries to players. Have the player removed for that game, and if playing a series, it may last longer.
bulletUpdate the World Cup section to the 99 World Cup setup. This includes changing all the one day kits to suit.
bulletThe Stats section in the Archives part are nonsense - I have Alan Mullally showing as having played 1 Test Match, taking 4 wickets but has a best of 6 for 38? Doesn't the stats option include real life stats as well?
bulletMore statistics - like Wheel Charts, Performance indicators, Career/Current Averages, Highest Score, Best Bowling etc etc.
bulletThe keyboard's response is sometimes soooo sloooow. I can often get bowled out by a straight delivery even though I have pressed to play a block shot INSTANTLY. The batsman just stands there and fails to react until well after the stumps have been smashed.
bulletWhen setting a game to be played in England it nearly always rains - I once spent around 7 hours playing a test for it to end in a weather-affected draw - we do want realism but this is stretching this a bit too far - what next - play interrupted by a streaker!!!!
bulletRegarding the database - if the developers don't know the finer points and player profiles and abilities then get someone who knows to tell them or help them! Well they did get all the stats and profiles from CricInfo who should be fairly knowledgeable.
bulletMinnow nations Malaysia and Canada please. I think it would be better to get minnows like Holland and U.A.E. first. Also getting stats and details on Malaysia and Canada could be difficult.
bulletWhen the computer is generating results for matches between two computer opponents, there are NEVER any really surprising results, be it with regard to the minnows winning the odd game in the world cup (hey, there have been shocks at the last couple of world cups, such as Bangladesh beating Pakistan, and when the W.Indies were beaten by Kenya in the previous world cup), or with regard to the Test playing nations having unexplained slumps when they play each other.
bulletThe ease by which a side can all be out (both when batting or bowling vrs. the computer) makes for very short test matches which never last 5 days (not helped by the fact it never rains, not even here in Nottingham!).
bulletMore comments and analysis of the teams before the match.
bulletA good post match summary.
bulletAn option to change Captain or at least download new team lineups or entire teams from the internet. You can download new squads submitted by various people from this site.
bulletHighlights options - record your favourite moments.
bulletOption to play as one player of a team or play as the whole team.
bulletThere should be a minimum of 90 overs in a day for Test Matches(unless it rains) not 73, 74 or 75 as is currently the case.


bulletMore distinguishing features for players (height, build, facial features, etc).
bulletPlayer habits such as Alec Stewart twisting his bat and Muralitharan's bowling style.
bulletManhattans, Bar-Graphs, Pie-Charts and worms used to describe the progress of a team or individual player.
bulletMore playable camera views.
bulletShow wear and tear on the pitch including footmarks.
bulletHave drink breaks and the cart comes out differently for different teams e.g. West Indies motorised cart.
bulletAdd the players names on the backs of the ODI uniforms. This has been done for a number of EA Sports 99 Releases and they add them even for created players. If this can not be done, at least add the players numbers on the back of the ODI uniforms. e.g. 23 for Shane Warne.
bulletChange the headwear for batters. Most players will not wear a helmet when facing a spinner. Give them a cap, rimmed hat or nothing, even if this is done randomly.
bulletIt is a little silly how only the keeper wears a hat when fielding. It should be random whether an individual fielder wears a cap,wide brim or nothing, also if a person is fielding in close they should wear a helmet.
bulletMake the croud look better than a flat area with coloured dots.
bulletBetter menus.
bulletThe sight of the umpire waving Leg Byes and sixes and fours is a real crippler for me. OK, I know a test match is set to last 5 days but I don't have 5 days to devote to playing it. Why can't these be bypassed.
bulletStop the ball bouncing off the crowd.
bulletPlayers to walk or side step rather than SLIDE!
bulletHave pigeons and other birds, blimps flying about.
bulletHave presentations ceremony at the end.
bulletCustomise the costume (uniform?) you want to wear.

Commentary / Sound

bulletCommentary not to know/let on immediately that a four or six has been hit.
bulletDefinitely more commentary (Geoff Boycott) during play.
bulletMore emotional commentary.
bulletMore commentary - more analysis of the current game you are playing in - explaining if the bowlers or batsman are doing well or badly in more detail.
bulletCan select different commentators.
bulletShouting behind the stumps by the wicket-keeper.
bulletCrowd REALLY sounds like thousands of people, rather than a few people clapping.
bulletMore sound from the crowd,etc during play especially in very tight situations.
bulletSound of the ball hitting the advertising boards.
bulletCommentary to be more accurate - remove clangers like 'In the air, safe and out'.
bulletInclude an editor like FIFA '99, where if you change the name it just misses it out in the commentary. That way you can keep updating the game to make it more realistic.


bulletAbility to move batsman out of crease when playing a shot.
bulletThe game just isn't the same without many people's beloved PULL SHOT. The HOOK and LEG GLANCE just don't cut it. Dave Austin says - I think you can. It just comes down to timing. Same as playing a true leg glance or a flick off the pads. The computer bowled a sort of bouncer at me on a damp pitch and it only came up chest high or lower. I then played a pull shot somehow (just pushing to the leg side and x button). It was just timing I think, and the right ball. Same as playing a cover drive off the back foot.
bulletChanging game controls. I have played BLC on Sega and now I am finding that the PSX version is much improved but there is still a lot of similarity between the two game controls (especially batting).
bulletGlitches like collision detection to be fixed i.e. bowlers don't walk through umpires when they are going back to their run up.
bulletA separate button so the batsmen can charge down the pitch (but it has to be extremely well timed).
bulletAbility to move batsman after deciding bowler has started delivery.
bulletBatsman run faster with a dive button for those risky runs.
bulletWhen balls hit into outfield it'd be nice to see where the ball is in comparison to the fielders. In the PC version the little radar shows the ball and fielders but its hard to tell if its safe or not.
bulletShow the batsmen acknowledging the crowd after a 50 or 100.
bulletShow the batsman react to a close decision by the umpire.
bulletMake different batsmen play different shots to the same ball e.g. currently if you bowl in a certain spot every time all they do is sweep and miss.
bulletDifferent shots for different batsmen, better chance of succeeding with 'favoured shots'. Perhaps customisable (shorter batsmen play better square of the wicket, taller batsmen tend to drive the ball better).
bulletDifferent aggression settings, ability to hit ball further for instance.
bulletComputer batting partner. A test can be a long time, perhaps allocate which batters are computer controlled as they come out to bat.
bulletDifferent batting styles.
bulletA runner on when a batsmen gets injured. Can a player get injured? If not then add that as a new feature.
bulletWhen cancelling running for a quick single the batsmen ALWAYS run halfway down the pitch before going back - even though the CTRL button is pressed immediately.
bulletMake the run-rate of the game more realistic. In a BLC Test Match the average run rate is about 5 per over for both teams, in a BLC One Day International it's near 7 unless you are bowled out. For realism, make it about 3 for Tests and 5 for One Day. It would help if batsmen defended good line and length deliveries, rather than worked them out after a while and belted them for four. Only Lara, Tendulkar and Jayasuriya should be able to do this.
bulletAble to run when a appeal by AI is not out. I have noticed that the ball usually passes a fielder but you still cannot run.
bulletOption to be allowed to, or not to walk on dubious decisions. Obviously not an Aussie :-) If you're out - you're out, you can not just stay there!
bulletNon-facing batmen to back up when the bowler is releasing the ball. Currently he does not and this makes singles more difficult to come by as the fielder always (?) throws the ball to the wicketkeeper.
bulletBatsman 'Settled' indicator - like International Cricket Captain - the longer the batsman stay at the crease the harder it is to get them out - or it will have to take a brilliant delivery to get them out.


bulletDifferent bowling actions.
bulletMore variety of bowlers. Have slow, slow-medium, medium, medium-fast, fast-medium, fast, swing, off-spin, leg-spin and more. Make different individual bowlers have different styles, e.g. Cairns bowls differently to Donald.
bulletMore variation for off spin and fast bowlers. (e.g. Saqlain's arm ball, Shane Warne Flipper, Afridi faster ball and fast bowlers seam and swing ability).
bulletBetter bowling action for spinners, separating finger and wrist spinners.
bulletEvery bowler should have their specific style e.g. Paul Adams.
bullet'Effort' ball for a fast bowler (and for that matter for a spinner, they do say that early on in a spell a good spinner should give one a real rip..It can't be done every ball though).
bulletHave a manual appeal button.
bulletLouder and realistic lbw shouts without changing the view when the batsman is out.
bulletThe White Ball in limited overs does not swing any differently from the usual Red Ball used in Tests.
bulletAllow no-balls for overstepping or throwing!
bulletThe best fast bowlers are not as effective in this game as they should be, especially in One-Dayers they are expensive. You should be able to take a lot of wickets with Donald and Pollock in tandem.
bulletGrade bowlers more pace-wise - Donald, Waqar, Shoaib (I presume he will be on the next version!) should be FAST bowlers, then put the likes of Prasad and Mullally as FAST-MEDIUM; Damien Fleming as MEDIUM-FAST and Ealham as MEDIUM.
bulletRather than having separate "swing" bowlers, give the ability to "outswing" or "inswing" the ball to some bowlers in addition to their pace or otherwise - Wasim could have the ability to do both, Fleming just "outswing" and Waqar "inswing". Not all bowlers, though, would be given this asset.
bulletAn appeal option, so the harder you appeal may sway the umpire towards a decision. Umpires are not swayed by the strength of an appeal :-)
bulletAllow the user to determine what type of grip the fast bowlers use, such as (seam in - seam away).
bulletMore special bowling deliveries - such as Yorkers and Quick Bouncers.
bulletCurrently there's no penalty for bowling your bowlers into the ground (despite what the manual says about no-balls, I've never seen one in 1000s of hours playing!). How about the bowlers' target circle becoming bigger as the get more tired? This would be a lot more realistic - the more knackered they are, the less accurate. Fast bowlers of course would be affected more by this, spinners less.
bulletThe new ball should be taken after 80 overs and if you don't choose to take it right away you should be able to take it when you want. Currently the new ball is offered to you after 75 overs and if you don't take it you are stuck with the old one for another 75 overs.


bulletStumpings in the game by making the batsman more agile at the crease.
bulletAccurate fielding restrictions. The restrictions come off after 1/5 of the total overs of the match! In a fifty over match, they come off after 10 overs!
bulletOnce wicket has fallen, batsman to walk and not stand there.
bulletAfter wicket falls, ALL fielders should congregate together to congratulate the bowler.
bulletBase the fielding on the way Lara 96 was (as it is much easier).
bulletFixed field settings to cover ALL main field setups or dynamic positioning of fielders.
bulletThe ability to make custom fields should be introduced.(That's one of the most frustrating aspects of the game). Shocked to hear that field settings are not customisable. This is a MAJOR flaw, and takes most of the strategy out of bowling please fix this!
bulletFielders are more disciplined when a ball travels past within half a metre of their position. Dave Austin says You find the fielders are a lot better stopping those balls which seem to just go by them by a few metres if you up the level. On Village they never stop it unless it's at them, but at test they dive more than Jurgen Klinnsman.
bulletWicket keeper to have better hands especially against spinners.
bullet12th Man Selection so when a player gets injured the 12th man comes and fields.
bulletWhen fielding manually, the camera angle changes thus the arrow keys that are being pressed to control the fielder's run become wrong - as a result the fielder winds up running away from the ball.
bulletThe computerised fielding option has a serious flaw in that the fielder will saunter over to the boundary to stop a 4 from crossing the ropes - arriving in plenty of time, only to stand there and do nothing as the ball sails past.
bulletThe computer batsmen set off on suicidal runs when in manual fielding mode - although to compensate for this they stand at the crease and refuse to run when a manual fielder is diving around near the boundary after a dead ball when a single is blatant.
bulletInclude much more field settings (I mean about 15 more fields) and no custom field setting. No custom field setting? Why not?
bulletNo custom fields unless the computer is able to adapt themselves to the custom field.
bulletFielders throwing ball to keeper / bowler at stumps to not always be perfect throws. Occasional wild throws.
bulletMost wickets fall to catches in the outfield, especially in one-dayers. Although BLC is better than many others, it would be better if there were more catches behind the wicket (this happens a lot when you play the wrong shot when batting but the computer doesn't tend to edge it much).
bulletDiving spectacular catches.
bulletWhen the bowler runs to collect a ball on the boundary and throws it in, the bloke covering the wicket throws it, underarm, out to the bowler on the boundary and he walks ALL the way back. I wish this didn't happen.

Some of these wishes seem to contradict each other. The problem seems to be more that the game is not consistent enough at certain points like the fall of a wicket.


Matthew Fett sent on 25 December 1999

I have the PC version and only play 50 over 1 day games or test matches (against computer opponents) and the realism of these need drastic improvement. Here are some of the major problems.

1 After 35.5 overs in a 50 over ODI the computer slogs at every single ball regardless of the situation and number of wickets in hand. e.g if after 40 overs there are 7 or so wickets out the computer should try to bat out the 50 overs, or if in sight of any easy victory there is no need to slog and lose cheap wickets and often lose the game (often there is only 1 or 2 wickets out after 35.5 overs but then they slog and the side is bowled in about 42 overs)

2 When the computer switches to slog mode as discussed in (1) each ball the batsman either hits a 4 or 6, gets out or hits a miss-timed slog for a single. So if you pitch the ball on the stumps you usually get hit for a few boundaries and take a couple of wickets every over. All I'm asking for is for the batsman to be more cautious (especially after a wicket or 2 has fallen).

3 When the computer switches to slog mode. If you are a pace or swing bowler and pitch the ball outside off stump to a right handed batsman, the batsman ALWAYS swings and misses. Same for a spin bowler bowling yorkers just outside off stump.

4 The field settings for this game are shocking. You can't have a fine leg for spinners and therefore in one day matches the batsman sweeps for 4s and 2s all the time and there is nothing you can do about it. It would also be nice to keep a slip when you put more than 2 players in the outfield.

5 Close in fielders (silly mid-on/off etc) should not be taking catches when the batsman smashes the daylights out of the ball.

6 The batsman NEVER nicks the ball through the slip cordon when there are no slips. Sometimes when there are no slips I nick the ball but instead of going where a nick should it sales out to the boundary in front of the wicket and is caught. Obviously the programmers made it so nicks are attracted to fielders (even when there are no slips).

7 In test matches spin bowlers (especially off spinners) concede very few runs if you don't pitch the ball in silly spots. It is common for spinners to bowl 17 or 18 maidens in 20 overs.

8 Sometimes when you run 3 runs you are only awarded 2. This is frustrating at the best of times but especially so in tight run chases.

9 It is common for front line bowlers controlled by the computer not to bowl or come into the attack very late in the innings while part-time bowlers or players who never bowl in real cricket, bowl the majority of the overs. e.g. Mark Waugh, Ponting & Bevan often bowl a full 10 overs in a ODI while McGrath doesn't come into the attack until the 43 over or so.

10 More realistic field changes by the computer are required in test cricket. As it is the computer adopts attacking fields until the batsman reaches 75 and then sets defensive fields for the rest of that batsman's innings (except when he's on 95 to 99 or when there are aren't many runs required for victory).

There are other annoying problems but I could live with them if some of the problems outlined above are fixed.

James Ashworth sent on 14 April 1999

Just to let you know I emailed Jayesh Patel support with the following bugs:

  1. There is a serious problem with the "radar" on LBW and wide decisions. Balls that are undoubtedly wides in real cricket are not called and definite LBW decisions are not given.
  2. On LBW appeals the ball counter fails to increment, e.g. it is the final ball of the over and after a LBW appeal which is not given the over doesn't end as it should.
  3. There is a serious problem with the replay on run outs. The bat can be well over the line and he will be given out or vice versa.
  4. There is a keyboard lock-up which occurs during the game. See Feedback for a potential solution to this problem.

His response:

We hope to have a patch available that will fix most of these problems.

Not too convincing is it? We hope ...

The final release is like a beta version. They could at least have the decency to correct the problems soon.

I have identified an error in the archive section of the game. After playing a World Cup I looked in the archive at bowlers stats to find:

"Matches: 0 Runs Conceded: 17". Definitely not possible!

Detailed Wish Lists / Gripes

Scott Norrish sent a list of 7 gripes and also suggested potential solutions/implementations.

Wish List for Shane Warne Cricket 99

My major gripe is with the fielding. The manual fielding option is impossible to use if expect to win the the game. To fix this, I suggest the following alterations,

1) Change the viewpoint depending on how high and how hard the ball is hit, a scrolling camera would work which zooms in and to give a full view of exactly where the ball is in relation to the fielder.

2) As in many baseball games, use a marker or circle to show where the ball is going to land if it is hit in the air. This will give us some idea of which way we should direct our fielder immediately as the ball leaves the bat.

3) Make the fielders and the ball larger,when the ball is hit hard it is difficult to pick right away. Also, the bigger fielders will allow the player to see exactly whether or not he is in a position to field the ball i.e. if the fielder has been moved so that the ball is close enough to him, he will field or at least block the ball (no more of this ball rolling inches past the fielders left boot whilst he runs along side it for twenty or thirty metres until it stops!)

Other than that I have a few more general suggestions that I believe will make the game better and more realistic

4) All non-spin bowlers to be classified according to speed, instead of merely straight or swing, and given the option to bowl inswing, outswing, off cut and leg cut, and a slower ball. Just how effective each delivery is will depend on the characteristics of the individual, and also the pitch conditions. Each player can be given a rating as to how good each of his deliveries are.

5) Batting:- * The timing of the shot needs to be adjusted so that the button is pressed at the time that the ball gets to, or is just in front of, the position where it should make contact with the bat (this position will depend on the shot selection) i.e. if the button is pressed slightly early when playing a straight drive, the ball will tend to go in the air, while if it is played slightly late, it will tend to be hit into the ground. The same with a cross-bat shot (cut/pull/hook) but the earlier the button is pressed, the more the ball will be directed straight, while a late press will see a shot directed behind square of the wicket. The accuracy of the timing needed to hit a solid stroke can be varied between the Village, County, and Test levels.

6) Definitely include a create player option.

7) Include a lot more statistics, enable tracking for all players in a world cup or world series. Include more records and announce personal milestones (i.e. update a players highest score when broken). Make the settings and trackings actually save between games.

Kris Rajan sent a detailed list of 15 wishes/gripes which I have included in its entirety below.

  1. I was annoyed with the fact that Codemasters had ignored international advertising boards.... For example..... Cornhill Insurance board shown predominantly in Asian Countries....Is "Bombay Drying" the best they could come up with?!? They got the MAIN sponsor of Indian cricket WRONG as well. It should read "WILLS" NOT "WELLS". David McMullen says With 'WILLS' being 'WELLS' this is due to no settlement being made between Codemasters and WILLS....thus the change in the name...copyright laws. Robert Ian adds I think another reason why Wills is spelt Wells is because Wills is a tobacco company, and I don't think many countries would allow a game which "advertises" for a tobacco company to be sold. With all of the anti-smoking stuff going around and all of that.
  2. The third umpire is practically useless. In the game they replay the run out incident at a speed which is similar to that of the actual play. In effect, we can't see the detail, and hence there is no emotion in the gameplay (or commentary for that matter.) Good idea - poor execution.
  3. No stumpings!!!! Obviously unrealistic.. Hard to implement due to the complexity of the batsman..... however, I expect this to be changed in time for the next release...
  4. Boring commentary.... It seems to be looped.... Its extremely good for first time hearing.....after that it just gets boring. They could try to get a 'commentator rotation' as well..... Instead of two Brits.... try an international mix..... Holding, Benaud, Greig, Gavaskar and Boycott. Plus they shouldn't have a 'Main' commentator (AGNEW) who calls most of the doesn't work like that everywhere...
  5. The cut scenes within the game are far too long... I'm sure everybody would rather see more emotion in a small scene than a long scene where the batsman trudges off 50 yards after being dismissed!!! For example...wicket falls....batsman shows dismay...bowler shows variation in delight(depending on 'importance' of batsman) and crowd is shown cheering, silent, stunned etc. Some good commentary could be slotted in here! Not much description of the dismissals with connection to the game... I don't mind the 4/6 signal because it is done during the period when the crowd is cheering and batsman/bowler get into position..
  6. I thought the best part of the game was the ability to vary 'viewpoints' within the game. Helmet cam, Umpire cam.....great for replays......but USELESS for Gameplay!!! You can't see the bowler at the point of delivery in all camera views, so they are useless for batting.. THEY WERE MISSING MY FAVOURITE CAM - STUMP VISION!! (Superb for replays where the batsman is bowled!)
  7. Poor running between the wickets.... no diving.... no urgency in the running.....can't change the pace at which they run... Its also really unrealistic to see two batsman run synchronously.....Mirror images?!? Also have you ever seen two batsman ground their bats and run 10 yards past the wickets during an easy single? I doubt it!!! This is where player attributes can be implemented...e.g. pace, acceleration, quickness of turn, agility, handling, diving, stamina, even previous INJURIES (Hinder throwing, fielding)....
  8. No custom field settings! Aagh!! They've really got work that one out! Imagine having only a limited amount of field types during real play.... Its stupid to not be able to cover all obvious danger areas in one setting....
  9. Unfortunately, the computer bowlers are hopelessly stupid.... I can't put it in any other way! They show little sign of variation -little or no use of : slower ball, quicker ball, googly, flipper. Fast bowlers are especially 'dumb'. For example, short ball after short ball on a damp wicket.....hmm.... I was pleased with the spinners, they show good bowling prowess even though they failed to take advantage of their full repertoire.
  10. The best part of gameplay, were the drama of dismissals....small 'nicks', edges onto stumps etc.. However, batsman are apathetic to dismissal - they just get ready for the next ball!!!!! In short, players are lifeless... fielders run into the middle to congratulate bowler-however
  11. bulletThe bowler gets ready to bowl the next ball even before new batsman gets on the field....
    bulletFielders just stand there... (no high fives or any visible interaction)
    bulletWicketkeeper's and bowler's reactions are the same after each dismissal!
  12. Add detailed player bio's to incoming batsman/bowler... more TV like....
  13. MAKE BETTER least make them 3d... an array of dots is very unappealing...especially after Jonathan Agnew says "Oh good catch by that spectator!" It actually looks like the ball squishes the spectators!
  14. Have loud LBW appeals even when batsman is not out.....adds to drama....
  15. The fielders aren't perfect....even if they are South African.....have misfields, unsuccessful diving/sliding and poor throwing.
  16. Captains should be interchangeable....especially during a 7 year test career! Make captaincy skills vary between countries.... i.e. Test nations- more aware of tactical play than minnow countries...

Matt Lane says - When batting it would be nice to be able to see where the ball is going in terms of splitting gaps and heading towards outfielders without having to guess or wait for the batsmen or commentator to hint that the ball is safe.

Sometimes the camera focuses on the ball too much in the field, it would be good sometimes to know what the balls relation is to the fielder that will eventually claim it, while it is still in travel.

I reckon the cameras be customizable, so that you can have a customizable angle camera for the pitch action (when bowling/facing) then another option (customizable camera angle) for the fielding action

If I was to set-up my cameras under this system I'd have the default pitch camera (as in current game) as my bowling/batting action screen ,then once (if) the ball is hit, a camera angle that tracks the ball from the strikers end allowing you to see the ball actually go between the fielders hence allowing your batsmen to set off running a lot earlier. This kind of anticipation of runs along with your knowledge of the field settings in that particular match can turn 1's into 2's, 2's into 3's etc etc. And of course this all adds up to bigger team totals if you're good.

Database Wishes

Please note it is very hard to get accurate information on every player. Whilst you may know the exact details of a particular player the developers may not and have to rely on stats.

bulletGive Australia more spinning options.
bulletMake Gilchrist an aggresive opener.

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Brian Lara Cricket/Shane Warne Cricket 99 Wish List


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