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International Test Cricket


This page is only for PC owners - it is unfortunately not possible to edit any of the players or stats in the PSX version of Brian Lara Cricket.  With the availability of the built in statistical editor (available in Downloads) and another editor in beta the future looks bright for keeping the game up to date.  One project already started is to get correct World Cup squads.

BLC Editor

Developed by Secret Software.  This editor is updated on a regular basis and now includes working classic match generator and commentary editting (.wav filkes need to be generated separately).  Comes with 28 new classic matches and a player pool that is updated after every international.  Visit Secret Software home page.

BLC Stats Editor

Although not officially supported by Codemasters this has to be an internal Codemasters development.  The editor integrates into the game seamlessly and is accessed via the team screen.  With it you can edit all of the players stats including appearance and fielding positions.  You can also select the 'Best XI' for both Tests and One Day Internationals.  The downside is that you can only edit the 9 Test playing countries and if you rename a player the commentary will still refer to him using his original name.  Download Brian Lara Cricket Stats Editor 182 Kb.

SWEd (Shane Warne Editor)

This was developed by Chau Le the author of the International Cricket Captain editor and has now been released.  It is a stand alone Windows program that offers all the player editing facilities of BLC Stats Editor but in addition allows you to edit any team, create new classic teams and possibly most exciting for customising the game create new classic matches.  If you have done the full 500+Mb installation of the game you can also replace the commentary file for player names (you have to create the sound file).  Download SWEd (Shane Warne Editor) 298 Kb.

World Cup Project

It has been suggested in the forum that with the availability of the BLC Stats Editor and now SWEd the squads be updated to reflect the final World Cup selections.  This is an excellent idea and one I am happy to support and supervise as much as possible.

The teams files are kept in the TEAMS sub-directory of your game installation.  The names are fairly explanatory.  The Links below are to the final 15 player squads and current One Day International averages as stored on CricInfo.  When creating a squad please use the final 15 players selected and their actual averages (rather than personal ratings which might lead to potential bias).  If a player has played less then 10 matches then you may adjust a rating up or down (be realistic) if the current average is too high/low.  Please send squads not currently defined.  Send corrections to existing squads to the author concerned so they can update and then hopefully pass on all corrections to me.

Team Author Links
Steve Paul
Vladimir Zaidman
Squad, Bat, Bowl
Steve Paul
Squad, Bat, Bowl
England Luke Pacey Squad, Bat, Bowl
Simon Thangasamy
Squad, Bat, Bowl
Kenya Squad, Bat, Bowl
New Zealand Matt Peach Squad, Bat, Bowl
Pakistan Salman Siddiqui Squad, Bat, Bowl
South Africa Asif Pesnani Squad, Bat, Bowl
Scotland Squad, Bat, Bowl
Sri Lanka Squad, Bat, Bowl
West Indies Squad, Bat, Bowl
Zimbabwe Squad, Bat, Bowl

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