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International Test Cricket


Brian Lara Box Brian Lara Cricket by Audiogenic was a special budget release of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket. It was only available from the Game stores in the UK.

Brian Lara Cricket is also the name of a cricket game by Codemasters that is the 99 updated version of the MegaDrive game Lara '96 which was itself an updated version of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket and the other games in that Series of which this Brian Lara Cricket is one.


Review of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket by Gamezone.


Demo of Allan Border Cricket from CricInfo.

Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

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Mayo said on 11 February 1999

To make the game a little more exciting, set the game type option to Arcade mode. This makes your player hit the ball in the air all the time, but if it looks like you are going to be caught out just press the escape key or F10 and you will still be there!!!! (I reached over 2000 runs in an innings doing this!!!). Also, when the computer bats, the batsman also hits it in the air, so it is a good idea to have 2 players in close stopping the 1, and the rest further out for catches (make sure you have deep mid-on and deep mid-off). Left handed batsmen are also preferable when facing right handed bowlers (and vice-versa).

Oli Norwell said on 17 October 1998

I own a 1994 version of Brian Lara Cricket which includes all test squads and a greatest of all time squad. Oops I had previously thought prior to receiving this that Brian Lara Cricket was a cut down version with just England and West Indies teams.


Yaju Arya says - Select any type of bowler, bowl very short aiming straight at the Batsman with the lowest speed and lowest spin or swing. Most of the time the Batsman won't be able to hit or will be LBW or will be catched by the slips.

David Johnson supplied the following hints.

I have some tips which work best for County level players on the game:


The general principal for batting is to hit the ball in the direction that it is travelling e.g. if it's on the leg side hit it to the right. All shots must be timed well if you want to score boundaries. You should look to use the 6 hit button for all short, fast deliveries and full tosses unless on the middle stump. Be careful when playing against spinners though, always try and play with the spin not against it or you'll be in trouble. You may have to play defensively quite a lot.


Fast/Medium bowlers:

1) Put a couple of fielders close in at a right angle on the leg side and bowl a very quick full toss on or just outside the leg stump and the batsmen will hit the ball into the fielder's hands.

2) Pitch the ball about 2 or 3 wickets outside the off stump on quite a full length and put lots of speed into it, the batsman will edge it to the slips and keeper.

Swing bowlers:

Pitch the ball as short as you can either quite a way outside leg or off stump and swing it as much as possible in towards the stumps, the batsman will often completely miss the ball.


These bowlers can take loads of wickets. Try pitching the ball on off stump or middle stump on a full length and put maximum spin on it left or right, the batsman will swing and miss the ball.

When bowling use swing bowlers bowl short of a length well outside the off stump and swing (full strength bar) the ball in to the batsman who will regularly shoulder arms and be bowled.

Amit Chand says - When playing against computer, put your fielders very close to the batsman. The computer seems to have very poor running decision making. Most of the time, you can make them run themsleves out.

Arijit Sen supplied the following hints.

To get the batsman in trouble with fast bowlers

1) Bowl a full toss at full speed. The batsman could be out bowled or L.B.W.
2) Keep all your fielders on the on side. Bowl at the pads of the batsman. The batsman might toss up the ball higher and your fielders could catch it!

To get the batsman in trouble with spinners

1) Bowl a yorker length delivery and spin it to the wicket. The batsman might get out.
2) Bowl a slow spin at the pads. Keep your all fielders on the on side. The batsman might get caught out.

To get slip catches

1) For swing bowlers - Place the ball right outside offstump of the batsman. Then bowl a medium speed outswing. The batsman could chase the ball and edge and your slip fielders could catch it.
2) For fast bowlers - Place the ball as the swing bowlers does. Then bowl a medium speed delivery.The same thing might happen as off swing bowlers.


Colin Bense supplied the following cheat. When the toss happens it doesn't matter if you choose heads or tails but as soon as the coin is flipped press 1 and you will automatically win the toss.

Vidyuth Srinivas supplied the following cheat. If when bowling the computer looks to have hit a 4 or when batting you are about to be run out press the Esc key and it will be ignored. You have to press the Esc key before the umpire signalling 4 or fielder running you out animation is shown for the result to be ignored.


Audiogenic - developers of Brian Lara Cricket.

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