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International Test Cricket


Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Box Graham Gooch World Class Cricket was the first PC release by Audiogenic. For a long time Audiogenic were the only main stream company prepared to release cricket games for the PC.

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket was released in many different guises around the world. The game play never changed from release to release (other then updated player statistics). A lot of people probably bought more than one version hoping it would be a new game only to be disappointed. These are the other titles released by Audiogenic that are effectively still Graham Gooch World Class Cricket

bulletAllan Border Cricket - Australian release.
bulletBattle for the Ashes - Cut down budget version featuring just England and Australia for the 1993 Ashes series.
bulletBrian Lara Cricket - Budget version that was only available from the Game chain of stores in the UK.
bulletJonty Rhodes II:World Class Cricket - South African release.

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket was an attempt to create an arcade version of cricket. Due to this it meant winning was normally much more about the dexterity of the person playing the game rather then skill levels of the teams being used to play the match. It used a simple menu to set up the game, you could choose how many overs each side had, 1 or 2 innings, skill level and bizarely the ability to turn off LBW (probably for non cricket people who may not understand the rule).

When batting you view the action from just behind the umpire like the classic TV view. A white box is displayed on the pitch indicating where the ball will likely pitch.  You move the batsman left and right to position him and then the bowler starts his delivery. To play a shot press the shot button along with a direction to indicate which stroke you want to play. Dependant on your skill level the timing of the stroke dictated and the skill of the batsman determine the stroke played. If you hit the ball into the outfield the display switches to a top down view. You can run by waggling the joystick or repeatedly pressing left/right on the keyboard (reminiscent of Daley Thompson's decathlon). Once mastered though you could build up huge scores.  It was also unrealistic in that you could only move the batsman left and right but not back or forward.

When bowling you get the same white box to determine where you want to pitch the ball. Once you have selected where you want to pitch the ball if you are a spin or swing bowler you can elect which direction to spin/swing the ball. The final stage is another joystick waggling or keyboard bashing effort to build up a bar which will indicate how much spin/swing/pace you impart on the delivery. Fielding is mainly automatic but you can change the fielding positions to either a pre-selected field or create your own fielding positions which can be saved for future games. The main problem with the bowling is that once you have worked out a delivery to dismiss batsman you can keep repeating this delivery (if you survive the keyboard bashing) and run through the computer opposition very easily.

The game comes with 20 player squads for the test playing nations and you can create your own squads and players with a built in editor. This facility is possibly missing in the cut down versions of the game (this is not known for definite).

The fact that for so long Graham Gooch World Class Cricket was the only cricket game available for the PC meant if you wanted to play computer cricket it has to be this. The game is okay but did not evolve as it should have done so through its various incarnations. The main problem is the graphics were functional rather than stunning when the game was originally released and as a 1 player game it was too easy to beat the computer. The continually repeated keyboard bashing does not help.


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Demo of Allan Border Cricket from CricInfo.


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Aroosh Sohi says

1) When a fast bowler is bowling at you and he pitches the ball short of length and the speed bar is less then half (half of the full strength) then try getting outside the leg stump with the bat in line with line of the ball and hit a straight drive (numpad - 1). The ball will most probably go for a six.

2) Again when a fast bowler bowls a short delivery but at full pace at the leg stump,then get outside the leg stump and try hitting a square cut (numpad - 7 for right hander and numpad - 9 for left hander). The ball will most probably go for a four. This can be used efficiently to score runs during the last few overs as in very rare cases you may be caught in the slips.

3) When spin bowlers are bowling and they bowl comparatively short of length, (in the centre of the pitch) no matter where he pitches the ball at the leg stump or at the off-stump the batsman must get in line with the ball and press the key 9 and 7 on the numpad for a right hander and a left hander respectively. The ball probably will go for 6 or a 4 if the batsman has stayed at the crease for at least two overs that he is well set. If you implement this method right from the first ball you face there are chances of you getting out.

When bowling use swing bowlers bowl short of a length well outside the off stump and swing (full strength bar) the ball in to the batsman who will regularly shoulder arms and be bowled.

Yaju Arya says - Select any type of bowler, bowl very short aiming straight at the Batsman with the lowest speed and lowest spin or swing. Most of the time the Batsman won't be able to hit or will be LBW or will be catched by the slips.

Amit Chand says - When playing against computer, put your fielders very close to the batsman. The computer seems to have very poor running decision making. Most of the time, you can make them run themsleves out.

Arijit Sen supplied the following hints.

To get the batsman in trouble with fast bowlers

1) Bowl a full toss at full speed. The batsman could be out bowled or L.B.W.
2) Keep all your fielders on the on side. Bowl at the pads of the batsman. The batsman might toss up the ball higher and your fielders could catch it!

To get the batsman in trouble with spinners

1) Bowl a yorker length delivery and spin it to the wicket. The batsman might get out.
2) Bowl a slow spin at the pads. Keep your all fielders on the on side. The batsman might get caught out.

To get slip catches

1) For swing bowlers - Place the ball right outside offstump of the batsman. Then bowl a medium speed outswing. The batsman could chase the ball and edge and your slip fielders could catch it.
2) For fast bowlers - Place the ball as the swing bowlers does. Then bowl a medium speed delivery.The same thing might happen as off swing bowlers.


Colin Bense supplied the following cheat. When the toss happens it doesn't matter if you choose heads or tails but as soon as the coin is flipped press 1 and you will automatically win the toss.

Vidyuth Srinivas supplied the following cheat. If when bowling the computer looks to have hit a 4 or when batting you are about to be run out press the Esc key and it will be ignored. You have to press the Esc key before the umpire signalling 4 or fielder running you out animation is shown for the result to be ignored. This cheat was supplied for Allan Border Cricket so I guess it will work for all the Audiogenic games based on Graham Gooch World Class Cricket.


Audiogenic - developers of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket.

Timothy's Allan Border Cricket Page


Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Screenshot

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Screenshot

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Screenshot

Graham Gooch World Class Cricket Screenshot

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