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World Cricket 99 by Eureka Software has only been released in Australia. It requires Win 95/98, SVGA and a Soundblaster or compatible soundcard. I have not heard anything about this game other than the reviews submitted below. If you know anything about this game send me details.


Review by Adam Coleman

Well, much like a witness at a fraud trial, I'm here to testify about Eureka Software's World Cricket '99 for the PC. I can sum it up in one word - CRAP. I purchased the game for AUS$29.95 here in Brisbane, and to be honest, I should have hired a hitman to beat me in the head with a cricket bat. The game takes about 45 seconds to get to the options screen (P200 MHz and 64 Meg Ram, 24 X CD), and then about 30 seconds to get to a game. Now, gameplay is important, but for Eureka, it is obviously not necessary, much like graphics (Stolen shots from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney's Cricket Grounds). When you bat and get all out for 2, 3 and 9 respectively, you know you've found crap. When you bowl and can't finish an over because 4 out of 5 balls are called as no-balls, it reaffirms it. To make matters worse, you can't check things in the middle of the over, and if you think of hitting ESC you're taken out of the entire program. And the turd topping on this crap cake would have to be the bad commentary. No effort has been made to sound as if the ground announcer would enjoy bringing Stanley Waugh or Ray Pointing on to the field.

In short, THIS GAME IS CRAP, spend your money on far better games, and leave this on the shelf to rot, and if it means Eureka go out of business, well that should be a lesson well learnt.

Review by Dave

Eureka Software have a new cricket game out in Australia called World Cricket 99. It is so pathetic that I refuse to compare it to any other cricket simulation. Although it promises much, like the third umpire for close replays, the game is totally unplayable. It's a keyboard basher with the keys arranged in an illogical order and no option for a gamepad or joystick.

After being forced to sit through the mediocre and lengthy introduction sequence I was finally able to play the game. How I wish I hadn't. The graphics are terrible. Tiny figures you can barely see yet alone control make up the main view. There is no animation to speak of but what is there is choppy and unrealistic. QuickTime videos are inserted at various times but fail to add anything to the bleakest cricket game ever to hit the shelves.

Sounds involves some hopeless commentators trying to impersonate Richie Benaud and failing miserably.

Gameplay is worthless. No thought has been put into the design of the program and I can assure you, no playtesters could have been involved. I consider it unplayable, uninteresting and insulting.

When are cricket lovers going to be shown some respect? This drivel, bound to catch some cricket-starved gamers unaware, does nothing to improve an already barren market.

As you can tell, I enjoyed the game (sic).



Send feedback about World Cricket 99.

Sagun Pyakuryal said on 7 July 1999 - I went to a local games store and found the World Cricket 99 CD. I was very surprised to see that a game released in 1999 was only NZ$ 19.95. I thought about buying it. But first, I looked at the back of the CD for screenshots. The graphics were worse than any other cricket game I had ever played. Then I saw the Aussie team scorecard. I didn't recognise any of the names in it! Then I realised why this game was so cheap. I didn't bother wasting my money on it. There are millions of games that are better than this one. I don't recommend this game to anyone. It's a rip off.

Hanif Qasim said on 30 May 1999

I bought this game and I found out what a crap game this was.The whole team gets out for 2s and 3s.The graphics are totally disgraceful and I think STICKY WICKET would be a better game to play.

Dharma said on 17 April 1999

I bought the World Cricket 99 on my trip to Gold Coast. I was very impressed with the cover contents and thought it would be a very exciting software. But on installing at my home PC back in Singapore. I find it absolute crap and cheating for I paid about 30 Australian dollars for a utter crap. The game loads horribly, the players names are all mis-spelled and playing looks complicated as you get all out for 2 and 3. I would not recommend this for any one and feel cheated by the product developers. Hope they soon put off such crap.

Nathan Growden said on 19 February 1999

I would like to thank you for putting that review on your site of World Cricket 99. I saw it for the 1st time today in the shops and was going to buy it. But I remembered reading something about this hopeless cricket game. It was just as well I did cause this was the game. I looked on the back cover and it sucked. But I'm a cricket nut so I still would of got it. Thanks to Dave for warning me and other people who might of bought it. I second Daves review of the game and I didn't even play it. I would get more enjoyment out of darts cricket.





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