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A.K. Googly C.Q.
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A.K. Googly W.C.
A.K. Googly W.C. '97
Battle for the Ashes
Battle for the Ashes 97
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Brian Lara Cricket
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Cricket 97
Cricket 97 A.T.E.
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G.Gooch W.C. Cricket
G.V. U. Cricket Sim.
Howzat W. C. Quest.
I.Botham's Cricket
I.Botham's I.C. 96
I.C.C. 2
I.C.C. 2000
I.C.C. 2001
I.C.C. 2002
I.C.C. 2005
I.C.C. Ashes Edition
Int. Cricket Challenge
J.Rhodes W.C. Cricket
Lara '96
M.Vaughan's C.M.
Pavillion Cricket
P.C. Limited Overs
Shane Warne Cricket
S.Warne Cricket '99
Willow & Wicket
World Cricket
World Cricket 99
World Cricket 2000
World Cricket 2001

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International Test Cricket


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DOS Demo 7 Mb
Windows 95 Demo 7.5 Mb
Commentary (optional) 6.4 Mb - Currently unavailable

DOS Patch 656 Kb from The Patches Scrolls.
WIN95 Patch 778 Kb from The Patches Scrolls.

International One Day Squads - Latest 2001 One Day Squads for all 10 Test playing nations + Kenya (updated 18/08/2001) by Arjun Menon.

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Kent, Glamorgan and Lancashire squads by Peter Richardson. Source of information: County Club Websites. Unzip the three files into 'Team' folder in the Cricket '97 directory and rename where # is a number between 1 and 16.


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David Johnston says

If you're struggling to get wickets in Cricket 97, struggle no more! Bring on any decent spin bowler and place the cursor just outside the leg stump for a right hand batsman and bowl the arm ball, this causes the ball to come back in and most times if you get it right the ball hits the batsman's pads in front of the stumps and he will be given out lbw.

Another way is to run out the computer, try keeping the ball with one of your fielders in the outfield but not too far away from the middle and throw the ball at any of the stumps, often the batsmen go for a silly run and you can get them run-out, easy as that. Of course they don't always run, you just have to be lucky.

Rahul Iyer says

To get all the players out lbw:-

First bring a right arm legspinner on. (this technique works only for right handed batsmen.) Then pitch the ball as far back on the stumps as you can. It should be angled at middle and leg. The ball should be a "slow" legspinner. The ball should be slow so that it appears as if it is being flighted in the air. It will not work on "fast" or "normal" mode. Most of the time the batsmen tries to play it on the legside and misses. A nice "thud" noise is heard when it hits his pads. Then appeal. He will be given out. It takes time to get the hang of it, and you must position the ball exactly. If you get the hang of it it is possible to get 6 wickets in an over.

Another technique is to switch on low gravity mode and bowl a spinner. Just pitch the ball as short as possible. The batsmen will give a catch. If you switch on the fast running mode then it is guaranteed you will get a wicket.


To activate the following cheats pause the game and then type the key combination

321 - Play cricket on the moon, limited gravity.
131 - Hit the ball harder.
323 - Run faster.
121 - FMV Duck cheat.


Daniel Flower's Cricket ATE Page - A good site including a big Cricket 98 wishlist and lots of cheats.

Chris Gins' Cricket 97 HomePage - Heaps of Cricket 97 utilities and a good Cricket 98 Wishlist.


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