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International Test Cricket


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Review by Computer Games Online.

Review by Eidolon Gamers' Society.

Review by GameBlitz.

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Demo 11.1 Mb
Commentary (optional) 7.1 Mb

v3.0 Patch 407 Kb from The Patches Scrolls.

International One Day Squads - Latest 2001 One Day Squads for all 10 Test playing nations + Kenya (updated 18/08/2001) by Arjun Menon.

1999 World Cup squads by Kieran O'Connor.

stat.97 has the normal teams - put this in the main directory. (Bangladesh), (Kenya), (Scotland) and (Zimbabwe) - put these in the teams sub-directory.

I think I have all the teams uniforms as accurate as you can get them. I am not sure about the positions and what type of bowler and batter in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Scotland. People can edit them using the C97 editor. (Holland) and (United Arab Emirates) squads (Updated 30/09/2001) by Anuj and Shubham Puranik. Put these in the teams sub-directory.

Feedback (my comments are in italics)

Send feedback about EA Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition.

Fadil Rahaman said on 1 January 2000

I would like to comment on David Johnson’s comment on C97ATE, dated 8th April 1999.

Johnson says how there are only 2 teams to choose from

WAKE UP!!!, the title is ASHES TOUR EDITION, ATE only deals with AUS. and ENG. Johnson also says C97ATE hasn’t changed much from C97. EA says how C97ATE is just an update from C97, which I really do believe. But Johnson says how the game hasn’t really changed much.

What does Mr. Johnson expects from EA? An update has very few changes, which the publisher forgot to put in the older version. The changes are the real players’ names, real stats, one more cam view, and players’ pics, the one stadium is larger than the one in C97

I disagree with you here as in the UK Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition was not marketed as an update but was priced and marketed as a brand new game. Paying full price for a game that offers just a few updates is not very fair.

Rajiv Mehta said on 23 September 1999

This is a pretty good game the graphics are okay it may not be visually stunning but it is one of my favourite games. Once you get the hang of it is pretty simple. I have even scored over a thousand runs on more than one occasion. If you just love cricket I think you should buy this game I promise you wont be disappointed.

David Johnson said on 8 April 1999

My review of Cricket 97 ATE:

To be honest this game has changed very little from the original Cricket 97 which in my opinion wasn't a bad game in it's time. I really wish I hadn't bothered buying the Ashes Tour Edition though, with only one stadium still to play in, dodgy commentary and a lack of competitions and only 2 squads to choose from, it isn't worth it. EA could have worked a lot harder to produce an all round better game instead they just stuck in a few nice pictures of the players, one new view cam and a replay facility which doesn't work on mine anyway.

Also there are still too many bugs in the game, it crashes far too often during the match. Save your money on this one chaps and go for the new Brian Lara instead.

Izzo said on 19 February 1999

Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition is a great game. I have had it since last Christmas and it entertained me for a long time. IT STILL DOES. In fact, for its time the game was exceptional. Now with Shane Warne's Cricket and World Cup Cricket 99 it isn't as good. But for the price it is being sold for these days (about Aus$ 29.95, 14.95 in UK) it is really worth it.

The game has at one dayer tri series tournament. The game has test match mode. The game has single one dayer mode.

Although it is now relatively old, the commentary, ball deliveries and shot selection are still exceptional. I believe the batting shot selection is the best around still, with 18 different shots including... Cut, Late Cut, On Drive, Off Drive, Straight Drive, Sweep, Reverse Sweep, Fend, Hook, Pull, Leave on the on side, Leave on the off side, Back Block, Front foot block, Leg Glance.. and a couple more.

The ball deliveries are also exceptional with (for a pace bowler) Yorker, Off Cutter, Leg Cutter, Inswinger, Outswinger and Straight Ball. While for a spinner balls bowled are Arm Ball, Off Spinner, Straight Ball, Leg Spinner, Flipper, Top Spinner.

Ultimately Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition is a great game and if your thinking of getting it... DO!!

Paul Foreman said on 4 January 1999

Your page shows the demo at 7.5Mb but it is about 9.0Mb. Oops my mistake, sorry it is actually 9.3Mb.


Fadil Rahaman says

To make the opponents score little runs, use a pace bowler (or fast) and bowl the ball straight and right up to the batsman, this will cause the opponent batsman to just play a defensive shot and no run will be scored, or the opponent batsman could be given out LBW.

Another way to make the opponents score little runs is to bowl outswingers. The outswingers will cause the opponent to ‘fish’ at the ball or the opponent batsman can play a cut shot and be caught at square or there can be a possibility of the opponent batsman getting an edge and the ball carrying to the ‘keeper to be out caught behind.

Rohan says - if you get really frustrsted bowling to those ultimate opposition batsmen, try this. First bring a speed bowler e.g. Donald etc. Then Bowl as short as you can; Result - The batsman usually ducks the ball and the 'keeper doesn't miss it! In this way I first made a score of around 290-300, then made the opposition duck every ball for a mere score of 29 in their full 50 overs! This is obviously only of use in a 1 day game.

NMA says - An easy way to limit opponent score is to put all of your fielders on the offside except for Silly Mid On and Short Mid-wicket, then bowl constant outswingers with pace bowlers and leg spins pitching on the off stump. DO NOT PITCH THE BALL SHORT OF LENGTH. The computer will hammer you through or over the Cover-Point and Gully area for definite boundaries.


To activate the following cheats pause the game and then type the key combination

132 - Ultimate Australian team. Type code in on the team selection screen, select Australia and you now have the ultimate team where every player on the side has 10 points for each one of their skill categories!

223 - Play a night match. Type code in on the match summary screen (the screen just before the game starts).

111 - Exploding stumps!

These cheats are the same as Cricket 97.

321 - Limited gravity, ball does weird bouncy stuff.
131 - Hit the ball harder.
323 - Run faster.
121 - FMV Duck cheat.


Daniel Flower's Cricket ATE Page - A good site including a big Cricket 98 wishlist and lots of cheats.

Chris Gins' Cricket 97 HomePage - Heaps of Cricket 97 utilities and a good Cricket 98 Wishlist.

Monroe's Cricket 97 ATE page - New site.


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