Cricket 2002

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Allan Border Cricket
A.K. Googly C.C.
A.K. Googly C.Q.
A.K. Googly I.C.
A.K. Googly W.C.
A.K. Googly W.C. '97
Battle for the Ashes
Battle for the Ashes 97
Battle for the Ashes 98/99
Brian Lara Cricket
Brian Lara Cricket
Cricket 2000
Cricket 2002
Cricket 96
Cricket 97
Cricket 97 A.T.E.
Cricket Ashes Tour
Cricket World Cup 99
G.Gooch W.C. Cricket
G.V. U. Cricket Sim.
Howzat W. C. Quest.
I.Botham's Cricket
I.Botham's I.C. 96
I.C.C. 2
I.C.C. 2000
I.C.C. 2001
I.C.C. 2002
I.C.C. 2005
I.C.C. Ashes Edition
Int. Cricket Challenge
J.Rhodes W.C. Cricket
Lara '96
M.Vaughan's C.M.
Pavillion Cricket
P.C. Limited Overs
Shane Warne Cricket
S.Warne Cricket '99
Willow & Wicket
World Cricket
World Cricket 99
World Cricket 2000
World Cricket 2001

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International Test Cricket


Cricket 2002 Title

Cricket 2002 was released 28 June 2002.

Thursday, 18 July 2002

Added Reviews page - added reviews by John Clifford and Vineet Radhakrishnan.

Friday, 28 June 2002

Cricket 2002 was released in the UK today.

Wednesday, 26 June 2002

Cricket 2002 is due for release in the UK this Friday. It should already be available in Australia and New Zealand.

Updated Links page - added link to Cricket 2002 Online and Cricket Gaming Zone.

Friday, 14 June 2002

Added Downloads page - added links to 4 demos released by EA.

Thursday, 28 March 2002

After a few weeks of rumours and speculation on the EA section of the forum EA have officially announced that Cricket 2002 is being developed for the PC.

Added Features page - initial list of EA features. One feature that is lacking is any sort of network play. Also included PC requirements.

Added Feedback page.

Added Links page.

Added Screenshots page - initial 11 screenshots.

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