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A.K. Googly C.C.
A.K. Googly C.Q.
A.K. Googly I.C.
A.K. Googly W.C.
A.K. Googly W.C. '97
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Cricket Ashes Tour
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Howzat W. C. Quest.
I.Botham's Cricket
I.Botham's I.C. 96
I.C.C. 2
I.C.C. 2000
I.C.C. 2001
I.C.C. 2002
I.C.C. 2005
I.C.C. Ashes Edition
Int. Cricket Challenge
J.Rhodes W.C. Cricket
Lara '96
M.Vaughan's C.M.
Pavillion Cricket
P.C. Limited Overs
Shane Warne Cricket
S.Warne Cricket '99
Willow & Wicket
World Cricket
World Cricket 99
World Cricket 2000
World Cricket 2001

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Cricket Ashes Tour Box

Cricket Ashes Tour by EA Sports is an updated version of Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition with updated stats and players from the 1998/99 Ashes tour. It is not recommeded as a purchase if you already have Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition. Do not confuse it with EA Cricket 99 World Cup.



Demo 11.1 Mb
Commentary (optional) 7.1 Mb

v3.0 Patch 407 Kb


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To activate the following cheats pause the game and then type the key combination

132 - Ultimate Australian team. Type code in on the team selection screen, select Australia and you now have the ultimate team where every player on the side has 10 points for each one of their skill categories!

223 - Play a night match. Type code in on the match summary screen (the screen just before the game starts).

111 - Exploding stumps!

These cheats are the same as Cricket 97.

321 - Limited gravity, ball does weird bouncy stuff.
131 - Hit the ball harder.
323 - Run faster.
121 - FMV Duck cheat.


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