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International Test Cricket


Australian Cricket Captain is the Australian/New Zealand release of Empire's impressive cricket management game International Cricket Captain.

The official release date for ACC was 16 March 1999 for Australian Residents.

If you have any news about Australian Cricket Captain, seen it previewed/reviewed in a magazine/web site please send me details (including magazine/web site and score if appropriate).

*NOTE* Australian Cricket Captain does not work with Windows XP. It complains about font size not being small but there is no way to set small fonts in XP. Some people have claimed to get it working with XP if you install XP as an upgrade over Window 98/Me.



ACC Editor by - editor specific to Australian Cricket Captain.

ACC Teams Update by - the latest release (13/06/2002) of the Australian Cricket Captain database by Andre Maddocks.

Demo from Play one Sheffield Shield and one Mercantile Mutual game (23.9 Mb). Please note this demo will not work with Windows 2000/XP.

The Ashes by ICC International. Saved game - After two surprise defeats in the first five games of the Ashes. The Aussies did pull it back to 2-2 thanks to the return of the old guard. In the final match of this test series the old guard are still there and must win. A defeat in Australia against England will not be accepted by the fans. Can Geoff Marsh pull it off or will England record an amazing series victory. You decide? Thanks to Tom Holmes.

ACC Fielding Positions by ICC International.

New Names submitted by Damian Gleeson. UNZip this file in the ACC directory. These file is used for surnames of new players. This file contains surnames of Test players, so standby for a new generation of Bradman's, Lillee's, Chappell's, Tendulkar's, etc.

Feedback (my comments are in italics)

Send feedback about Australian Cricket Captain.

Alex Walker said on 1 January 2001

I only bought Australian Cricket Captain a little while ago, and just wanted to give some feedback on it.

1) It says it supports Windows 98, but with the demo and Windows 95, I was able to run the highlights on my p133 nicely. Now with Windows 98SE, the highlights ALWAYS lock up. Its incredibly annoying, which brings me to my second point. I would suggest the normal - make sure you have the latest Windows 98 drivers for you graphics and sound card.

2) Thankfully, there seems to be no noticeable difference in running with or without highlights, unlike in ICC. However, in one of your previous tips, Victoria was mentioned as being crap in one-dayers and perfect at Sheffield Shield. Thankfully, this is complete bollocks, as I managed to win the Mercentile Mutual Cup and come last in the Sheffield Shield.

3) There has been mentioned that the influence is now further towards batting, but in my experience that is also bollocks and the emphasis is firmly on bowling. For example In the 2nd innings of Test or Sheffield Shield matches, you need to go on 2 aggression when they start otherwise you suffer a massive batting collapse with no remorse.

4) The field sets seem slightly changed and thankfully you can use fielding positions for ICC for ACC.

5) The tactics that can be used for ACC are definitely not as effective as in ICC. Whether this has anything to do with the shift of emphasis I don't know but I printed 15 pages of tips from you guys and I lost the Ashes & both series to Pakistan in the first year, I still can't win the Sheffield Shield, and its generally very annoying.

6) The lack of competitions is realistic, but nowhere near as fun.

7) Lack of teams is annoying as well, and being unable to play as ACT Comets is sad because playing as the underdog (and winning, too) is always fun.

8) Empire don't put out patches for Australian Cricket Captain, and the inability for scenarios and editors to be backwards compatible is crap from my point of view considering I can't buy ICC in Australia. ACC is totally different in structure from ICC which is why the two games can not be compatible.

Simon O'Donnell said on 10 June 1999

A couple of points worthy of note on Australian Cricket Captain.

A great game, and an improvement on International Cricket Captain. But here are a few mistakes.

bulletThe Sheffield Shield Final only goes for 4 days instead of 5.
bulletThe seems to be some faults in the domestic one day comp ladder in relation to net run rate.
bulletA few of the players abilities are questionable. i.e. Kasprowicz and Angel are fast whereas McGrath and Gillespie and Fast-Medium.
bulletI got the Australian job after only 70 Hall of Fame points.

Some cosmetic errors but I thought people would want to know.

Damian Gleeson said on 7 May 1999

Just a couple further points about ACC. I Have been playing playing for some time now and discovered some bugs.

1) Players can play domestic and international games at the same time.

2) After taking on Aussie job domestic results are not updated on club info page. After playing 3 seasons as Tassie and 1 complete season as Aus. I checked on the progress of Tassie but was not updated since 00/01 season end. The computer date was Nov 2002.

Damian Gleeson said on 17 April 1999

I recently purchased ACC and reckon its the best thing since sliced bread!

A couple of comments for you.

  1. Contract system completely different to ICC.
    No overseas players.
    No cash values only set numbers for squads (24).
    No bidding for new players / other domestic players.
    New talent comes from grade cricket.
    Other domestic players can move interstate for better opportunities. (I'm playing as Tasmania and I don't think anyone will move here!)
  2. Must score 100 hall of fame points to take on Aussie job. This might take 3-5 years.
  3. Finals System is better - NSW finished 4th in the one dayers and still made the final.

Received on 21 March 1999

Australian Cricket Captain is a an enjoyable game if you are a patient person. Sometimes it does feel like the computer cheats, but then most I think that about most games. The stats are pretty good but the limited teams does make it a little boring sometimes. Another problem is the lack of a 2 player game. Overall it is quite enjoyable but quite hard, especially when Victoria seem to be perfect at Sheffield Shield but are then totally crap in the One Dayers.

Geoff Quinn said on 13 March 1999

I recently bought Australian Cricket Captain. It is very very similar to ICC, but of course all australian players and teams. I am only worried that it will be easy to get bored of, with only 6 teams in the competitions. I like the ideas of players moving interstate, and also the ACB contracts. Did not think Australian Cricket Captain was out yet.


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