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International Test Cricket


Jonty Rhodes II:World Class Cricket Box Jonty Rhodes II: World Class Cricket by Audiogenic was the South African release of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket. Aside from a few screenshots the game is identical.

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Review of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket by Gamezone.


The demo that was previously linked here has had to be removed. It was in fact the full version (although it did not work as it had several needed files missing). Jonty Rhodes II: World Class Cricket is still a copyrighted commercial title and not freeware as the site the download was linked to claimed.

Demo of Allan Border Cricket from CricInfo.

Feedback received (my comments are in italics)

James Ashforth said on 16 October 1998

The above game was the first PC cricket game I ever played. For its time I believe it was an excellent game and it kept me entertained for hours on end. The problem I found was that bowling was to easy on "Amateur" Mode, i.e. I could get a side all out for under 20 runs. In "World Class" mode batting is virtually impossible; the only way I can get bat to ball is by playing defensively, and I struggled to get above 20 runs. The latest games, such as Cricket 97, also have the former weakness although not as bad.


Aroosh Sohi says

1) When a fast bowler is bowling at you and he pitches the ball short of length and the speed bar is less then half (half of the full strength) then try getting outside the leg stump with the bat in line with line of the ball and hit a straight drive (numpad - 1). The ball will most probably go for a six.

2) Again when a fast bowler bowls a short delivery but at full pace at the leg stump,then get outside the leg stump and try hitting a square cut (numpad - 7 for right hander and numpad - 9 for left hander). The ball will most probably go for a four. This can be used efficiently to score runs during the last few overs as in very rare cases you may be caught in the slips.

3) When spin bowlers are bowling and they bowl comparatively short of length, (in the centre of the pitch) no matter where he pitches the ball at the leg stump or at the off-stump the batsman must get in line with the ball and press the key 9 and 7 on the numpad for a right hander and a left hander respectively. The ball probably will go for 6 or a 4 if the batsman has stayed at the crease for at least two overs that he is well set. If you implement this method right from the first ball you face there are chances of you getting out.

When bowling use swing bowlers bowl short of a length well outside the off stump and swing (full strength bar) the ball in to the batsman who will regularly shoulder arms and be bowled.

Yaju Arya says - Select any type of bowler, bowl very short aiming straight at the Batsman with the lowest speed and lowest spin or swing. Most of the time the Batsman won't be able to hit or will be LBW or will be catched by the slips.

Amit Chand says - When playing against computer, put your fielders very close to the batsman. The computer seems to have very poor running decision making. Most of the time, you can make them run themsleves out.

Arijit Sen supplied the following hints.

To get the batsman in trouble with fast bowlers

1) Bowl a full toss at full speed. The batsman could be out bowled or L.B.W.
2) Keep all your fielders on the on side. Bowl at the pads of the batsman. The batsman might toss up the ball higher and your fielders could catch it!

To get the batsman in trouble with spinners

1) Bowl a yorker length delivery and spin it to the wicket. The batsman might get out.
2) Bowl a slow spin at the pads. Keep your all fielders on the on side. The batsman might get caught out.

To get slip catches

1) For swing bowlers - Place the ball right outside offstump of the batsman. Then bowl a medium speed outswing. The batsman could chase the ball and edge and your slip fielders could catch it.
2) For fast bowlers - Place the ball as the swing bowlers does. Then bowl a medium speed delivery.The same thing might happen as off swing bowlers.


Colin Bense supplied the following cheat. When the toss happens it doesn't matter if you choose heads or tails but as soon as the coin is flipped press 1 and you will automatically win the toss.

Vidyuth Srinivas supplied the following cheat. If when bowling the computer looks to have hit a 4 or when batting you are about to be run out press the Esc key and it will be ignored. You have to press the Esc key before the umpire signalling 4 or fielder running you out animation is shown for the result to be ignored.


Audiogenic - developers of Jonty Rhodes II: World Class Cricket.

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